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In Fishermans Bay NSW on “104 Lot Subdivision - TT” at 21 Fishermans Bay Road Fishermans Bay NSW 2316:

E & S Samoilenko commented

We are just one of the very concerned families that live in Clonmeen Cct and that also object to this development. At the beginning of Clonmeen Cct it is already very narrow, having the entry point into this estate here is not safe.

We have 3 young kids that walk to school (SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY MUST COME FIRST) and in the future will also need to get their own cars. The increase in car ownership and car usage on the surrounding roads will put strain on the network.
Near misses already occur all the time on the narrow Essington Way.
Add to this the increase in cars from the new home owners on the new development site.

Simple math;
104 lots
2 cars per family
= 208 extra cars

What about the overwhelming numbers of trucks, service equipment, trades vehicles, construction vehicles and machinery that will be needed over a very long period of time until all is finally developed.
Why put so many lives at risk?
Why damage this area?

Anna Bay already lacks infrastructure at the best of times and doesn't even cope outside of school holidays.

Has anyone consulted with the Aboriginal Land council of Worimi about any possibility that the area might be a sacred site?

The proposed development area is well and truly loved and utilised in a very positive way by our local community including many families, youth and elders that frequent the area.

We also think that a major reconsideration of this proposed development would be a good idea.

Save the koalas!

delivered to the planning authority

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