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In Artarmon NSW on “DA for alts/adds to...” at 290 Mowbray Road, Artarmon NSW 2064.:

Liam Hudson commented

To Whom It May Concern

Tindale Road and Stafford Road already have excessive traffic levels from drivers using that route as a shortcut to bypass Mowbray Road (they transit between Artarmon station and the Mowbray Rd/Sydney St intersection). The traffic volume has become excessive in recent years. These are residential roads, not arterial, and are unsuited to high traffic volume due to their being narrow increasing risks of collision. Stafford Road also has visibility issues due to it's many hills/crests. Putting a massive day care center at the end of the street will significantly increase the traffic/risks to residents and their children (and make no mistake, 85 places is ridiculously large for a residential center. Most are 25-50).

85 places means a lot of cars in peak hours. I think the council should put the safety of residents and their children first and before the commercial interest of the person wanting to put a business in a street unsuited to the traffic it will generate. Then there's the parking issue. Where are the parents of the 85 children going to park exactly? I'd assume many will park their cars on Tindale Rd and catch the train to work. The 10 customer spaces in the DA is clearly inadequate.

Given there's already a Hubba Bubba daycare center on Stafford Rd (at the intersection of Sydney St) surely an alternative street is more reasonable rather than expecting residents having to contend with the traffic/parking issues caused by having two large centers on their street. I'm not against residential day care facilities. I myself have a child in day care. But it's simply not safe to put any more traffic on Tindale Road and Stafford Road and the safety of children in the neighbourhood should outweigh other factors.

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