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In Annandale NSW on “Use of Annandale back hall...” at Annandale Neighbourhood Centre 77-79 Johnston Street Annandale NSW 2038:

Gretchen Gamble commented

This suggested use of the ANC is totally inappropriate.
The area is re;actively small and has limited outdoor area. Y3-Y6 chn. need to be able to be active--certainly for part of their ASC time. There is a limit to how much time they can be positively engaged in in-door activities. It's unrealistic. If it's to be for K-Y2 chn. then I'd suggest beds would be more appropriate as the walk from ANPS will exhaust them! A shuttle bus would add to the cost thus negating the possible use of A C for some parents.
Lack of storage space for equipment, re-organisation of furniture, cleaning up to a standard appropriate for the 0-3 y o (this includes safety aspects of sandpits and other areas) and lack of adequate no. toilets etc. would also be a problem.
Then of course there'd additional difficulties with the p/u facilities for parents in an area already devoid of adequate spaces for residents nearby + businesses.

Would it be more reasonable to utilise the community house/facility in White St, adjoining the Creek, the gardens, wetlands, skate bowl, playground, basketball courts, tennis courts and Cohen Park? Stage 3 children can walk there from ANPS in about 5 mins, thus relieving positions on-site for K-Y4 chn. it's a perfect solutrionb.
Gretchen Gamble

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