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In Gymea Bay NSW on “Demolition of Existing...” at 203 Gymea Bay Rd Gymea Bay 2227:

Donna Halpin commented

I strongly recommend the application be DECLINED. I agree with all comments lodged to date. The area around Gymea Bay P/S is already congested with crazy traffic each school morning and afternoon. Traffic is normally banked back through both ends of Coonong Rd around the school, Avenel Ave, Gymea Bay Rd, June Place and 1st Ave during school drop off and pick up times. This would most likely be the busiest time for drop off / pick up at the proposed new Kindy site which would cause increased traffic to an already frustrating situation. I also agree that drivers are extremely frustrated with the already crazy traffic and crossing the road at the crossings particularly the crossing at Avenel Ave which is unpatrolled is already dangerous with most drivers not taking note of the crossing and not even stopping whilst children are trying to cross! I know of at least 3 accidents that have occurred just outside of the proposed new Kindy site, one only just recently around 9.20am on the corner of Gymea Bay Rd and Avenel Ave between a truck and a car - adding further delays. I have actually been involved in an accident whilst waiting to turn into Bay Road Kindy when a driver did not take notice of me stopped with brakes on and blinker flashing. So I already know accidents do and will continue to happen in the future. There are already 4 pre-school / kindys within the immediate area and I have also heard rumour of another proposal for a Kindy to be approved in Coonong Ave Gymea Bay. This also would be crazy ! Parking is also an issue at school drop off/ pick up times already. Parents park along Gymea Bay Rd, Avenel Ave, June Pl, both ends of Coonong Rd and 1st Ave with limited spaces already. To add a centre in such a busy traffic area is asking for trouble and a serious accident which could potentially kill a child sadly this may happen sooner than we think should the new proposal go ahead. An additional objection is noise control. I know that Bay Road Kindy are mindful of its neighbours and restrict outside play for the children already. To add an extra 45 children right next door to residents would restrict outdoor play again. Bay Road Kindy has worked hard and respects its neighbours - will the new Kindy also? Why should an already established Kindy of 20years + be restricted on outdoor play time hours? I say NO to the proposal and suggest the applicant look elsewhere in a more appropriate area for a child care centre. Although Childcare is needed it doesn't mean you can just build one anyone ! As a mother of 3 children who attend both Bay Road Kindy and also Gymea Bay P/S I will not have my childs safety jeopardised... I ask you - would you jeopardised your Childs safety? I think not !

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