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In Gymea Bay NSW on “Demolition of Existing...” at 203 Gymea Bay Rd Gymea Bay 2227:

Robyn Smith commented

I support the very real need for child care centres in Gymea Bay but the position of this one proposed is not good because of the already heavy traffic congestion. With more and more parents driving their children to school these days (maybe due to concerns for their safety) I have found as a resident of the Bay for more than 30 years that it has been getting progressively harder to get out of my own street in the mornings, and a lot more hazardous around the area of the school and Avenel Road.
Even should the Council not approve this new proposal, I feel that they need to look at the existing problems with traffic surrounding the school and Avenel Road. I have seen many near misses and a lot of frustration resulting in some people taking stupid risks to not only get a parking space outside the school, but also to get their "spot" in the line of traffic. One young driver the other day was obviously so enraged at having a hard time getting through the traffic congestion and then having to be stopped by the school crossing man with his flag, that he put his foot to the floor ignoring the 40kmh law and gunned it after the crossing, which could very easily have all gone wrong had he lost control of his car on the bend of Gymea Bay Road near the playing fields. I don't know what the solution can be, as a roundabout on the corner of Coonong and Gymea Bay Roads has already been in operation for some time. To approve the development proposal of another facility that will add to this traffic congestion is madness, and a serious accident is surely going to be the end result.

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