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In Morisset Park NSW on “Mixed Used Development...” at 71 Trinity Point Drive, Morisset Park NSW 2264:

Ann-Maree Mabbutt commented

Firstly, I ask the question why Mr Johnson needs to be so greedy, after gaining approval on a perfectly workable plan approved for Trinity Point some five (5) years ago, but now is asking to add another 100 villas and a 60 room hotel in addition to the 188 berth marina, and a heliport (give me strength).

As a Bonnells Bay resident, I am writing to you to strongly oppose the newly submitted Berth Marina being proposed for the Morisset peninsular, with the many extra berths and dwellings. I have many reasons why I would contest the validity of this Marina on this peninsular, but my main concerns are as follow:

Lack of Peninsular Infrastructure -

One of my major concerns is the lack of infrastructure and dangerous roads currently leading not only onto the Peninsular but also to this Marina area. There is currently one road in and out of this peninsular, which is tremendously inadequate as it stands, without a large marina being built in the vicinity.

These are simply suburban streets you are now proposing to have to deal with this increased traffic load. I would find it hard to believe that the developer would be concerned in relation to building an appropriate AND SAFE infrastructure to manage traffic in and out from the major connecting roads.

Helipad -

Public transport into and out of the Morisset area, both rail and bus services, is also unsatisfactory for the ever increasing peninsular population, hence why the developer is obviously again proposing a heliport as stated “A helipad provides additional accessibility to the site increasing its attractiveness within the Tourism market.”

I VEHEMENTLY OPPOSE THIS HELIPAD – Why should all of the suburbs on the Morisset peninsula and surrounding suburbs have to endure the noisiest of aircraft (being the helicopter) coming over their heads at all hours of the day. I do not want to hear how this will only be used minimally – as a resident who moved from aircraft noise in the past, I know once a heliport is built, we the residents will have to suffer, not the greedy Mr Johnson.

I love the Lake Macquarie area, but I am very much against the ludicrous growth of this suburban area (Trinity Point) without proper infrastructure to accommodate such a major marina development and as a resident also having to endure helicopters over my home.

Ann-Maree Mabbutt

delivered to the planning authority

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