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In Whitebridge NSW on “Multiple dwelling housing,...” at 142 Dudley Road, Whitebridge NSW 2290:

D. Naszka Ballardie commented

Dear General Manager,
I wish to express my objection of the updated proposal at Whitebridge, DA1774/2013.
142 Dudley Road, Whitebridge NSW 2290
I am a resident of the area, my 15 month old child has been on a wait-list at every Childcare centre between Adamstown Heights and Gateshead since I was pregnant and we are still waiting for childcare. With over a 2 year wait list on average the size of this development will severely impact the already limited resources which are available to the community. I am also concerned that the social impacts of this development have been overlooked and as a result the local and ‘new estate’ communities will be left to clean up the mess once the developer is out and Department of Housing/ affordable living moves in.
This development should be stopped because:
1. Developer is guilty of donating to a political party in the area that this development is in- this should be a criminal case and not just something that gets swept under the carpet. This developer nor any affiliate should be able to build in the area for the term of the government.
2. The type of buildings the developer wants are out of character with the surrounding houses and will detract from the area. The unnecessary removal of trees and vegetation and the use of public lands for the development should not per permitted. No other resident in the area could do this so why can this developer?
3. The visual impact of 3-4 storeys above ground will be imposing and change the character of the suburb. The developer doesn’t use best practice in design of the new dwellings and puts profit before people.
4. This type of over-development will degrade the community and the current way of life for locals with increase of traffic congestion, people, and the fight for limited resources such as parklands, car parking at our local shops, childcare and school places, queues at the local GP. No provisions have been made to ease such stresses.
5. Traffic is already congested at Whitebridge roundabout this development will make it worse, not to mention the parking for the increased number of new residence and their visitors.
6. Increase in traffic congestion put locals at risk –as it is children dodge the traffic to get to school, especially around the round-a about. Overcrowding leads to social problems and antisocial behaviour, increase crime, graffiti etc.
7. Safety concern for possibility of anti-social behaviour- as seen in “Affordable living” areas eg the Ghetto at Glebe Road Adamstown and Darby Street, Cooks Hills, Windale and Belmont Areas, research shows that “affordable living’ developments create an ‘Us and them” mentality, and lead to increased antisocial behaviour. Developments like this is not best practice in providing for ‘affordable living” leading to negative social impacts.
8. The developer arrogantly avoided addressing the concerns of the community which were raised in the initial application and now has further pushed the interpretation of the zoning intention.
9. There has been no community consultation regarding the local traffic congestion and the development will exacerbate the issues.
10.Council has not conducted a negative social impacts assessment for this development and as a result would not have a clear indication of the social impacts of this over development how it affects peoples way of life, how they work, play and interact with each other, social equality and personal property rights and fears for safety. Please consider how this development will impact this community.


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