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In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Infrastructure...” at 60 Avondale Road, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

Wesley and Lisa Thomson commented

To Whom It May Concern, Re: Cooranbong Lake Macquarie City Council DA 1844/2013

As long-term residents of Cooranbong, we oppose the DA for a privately owned and operated sewerage treatment facility/Utility Infrastructure Facility at 60 Avondale Rd, Cooranbong for the following reasons:

1) This DA flouts the NSW best practice guidelines for such a facility with regards to exclusion and buffer zones as they apply to numerous existing residences nearby that would be within a 400 metre exclusion zone. Our home would only be 600 metres away from the proposed facility.

2) By applying to locate the proposed facility (known to emit some poisonous gases) at 60 Avondale Rd, this DA presents the potential for unnecessary risk to the health and safety of many existing Cooranbong residents, including the 1000+ children who go to school nearby at 119 Avondale Rd.

3) There may be a detrimental impact on local flora and fauna and a watercourse that feeds into the existing Avondale Springs development, not to mention the drop in value of surrounding properties potentially affected by: odour, poisonous gases such as hydrogen sulphide, unsightly structures and any light or noise pollution associated with the operation of a sewerage treatment facility.

4) We ask Lake Macquarie City Council to consider the following options:

i) requiring the Developer locate the facility elsewhere within the Watagan Park Estate that it will service, complying with the NSW best practice guidelines for exclusion zones. Apply the guidelines to existing residences as well as proposed developments within the estate.
ii) requiring the Developer to organise sewerage connection to the Marconi Road facility, again complying with NSW best practice guidelines.

Thank you for your consideration.
Wesley and Lisa Thomson

delivered to the planning authority

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