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In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Infrastructure...” at 60 Avondale Road, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

Joan Helliker commented

Utility Infrastructure Facility. Is this a fancy name for a sewage treatment plant?
My grand children live within metres of this proposed development. Has any one considered the
potential exposure to the surrounding properties from sewer gases(rotten egg gas) that will be omitted from such a facility. The major components of sewer gas are, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Ammonia and other biological agents. Health effect of H2S are at.0-10ppm Low range= irritation of eyes, nose and throat. 10-50-ppm MOD range = Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea and vomiting, Coughing and breathing difficulty. 50-200ppm High range= Severe respiratory tract irritation, Eye irritation/ Acute conjunctivitis and Convulsions. Hydrogen Sulfide is 20% heavier than air so this invisible gas will collect in depressions in the ground. At 100ppm a persons ability to detect the gas is effected by rapid temporary paralysis of the olfactory nerves in the nose leading to loss of sense of smell.Prolonged exposure to lower concentrations can also result in simular effects.
I am not in favour of this development. I believe my grand children's health is a risk due to the close proximity of this proposed development.The fact that Hyrogen sulfide is a toxic gas.Why build such a facility so close to residential properties. There must be an alternate site that can be considered. council need to consider the residence already living in the area.

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