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In Whitebridge NSW on “Multiple dwelling housing,...” at 142 Dudley Road, Whitebridge NSW 2290:

Geoff Williams commented

My wife and I moved to Whitebridge almost 40 years ago when it was considered by many to be a “depressed” area. During the ensuing years we have seen many changes, e.g. the development of the industrial area at Metro Court and the residential area where the old drive-in used to be, the development of Dudley Beach Estate vicinity, the development of the Whitebridge Shopping precinct, the building of the medium density housing in the Hudson Street/Baroomba Street area, work on Bullsgarden Road, improvements and expansion of Whitebridge Cemetery, Central Leagues Club and associated playing fields, the Fernleigh Track and much more. All of these changes have enhanced the local area and made it a popular residentially

Changes to the zoning of properties along Dudley Road, whilst having no immediate or rapid effect on the area is seeing new developments begun. It is commonly believed that medium density housing is becoming more accepted and necessary. One particular development currently under construction on Dudley Road represents, in my view, the type of blight on the area that should be avoided. Whilst I am sure it meets all legal requirements its imposition on the neighbourhood is indisputable. It is surely the first example of unabashed developer greed which takes no account of the wishes and opinions of the local residents.

The plan submitted to LMCC to build 87, two, three and four bedroom units, two to three stories high on a 2.2 hectare site between Dudley Road and Kopa Street Whitebridge smacks of developer greed on a massive scale. This is a proposal which defies logic given the nature of the obvious safety concerns raised not only by the density of the dwellings but more so by the extreme limitations on access to and from the “compound”. Given that there is a very popular shopping precinct and preschool/day-care facility in very close proximity, a high school with really only one vehicular access road, the adjacent Bullsgarden Road/Dudley Road roundabout and all of the other cross streets etc. in a reasonably traffic busy area the addition of another 150 – 250 motor vehicles to the area is a nightmare waiting to happen. Government transport is dismal now, it has no hope of coping with the possible increase in patronage should the new residents be forced onto it. Many children and elderly citizens walk to and from schools and shops and the number of cyclists in the area has greatly increased with the presence of the Fernleigh Track. The marked increase in traffic volumes will in all likelihood see more pedestrian/cyclist and motor vehicle accidents.

The “elephant in the room” so to speak is the social problem which can be likely with a development such as this. Many examples of “ghetto” type developments are easily quoted. The close proximity of an alcohol outlet is in itself problematic if the housing contains significant numbers of “bored” young people.

We know that change is inevitable and in fact desirable. Change must be tempered with reason. Developers claim that they see the future however, it is notable that they are never around in the future. When they have made their money they are gone. Politicians are similarly placed. Their terms of office are limited. When the developers and the politicians are gone from the scene, the monstrosities and the social problems they leave remain as do the residents of the area who must abide with the leavings of others.

This planned development as it stands is entirely undesirable. It is not in keeping within the Whitebridge community. It will be a blight on the area.


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