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In Mount Louisa QLD on “Lot Creation - One (1) into...” at 2 Karanya Street Mount Louisa QLD 4814:

Sandra Hobden commented

ON: LOT 743 ON EP1456
APPLICATION NO; MI13/0042 & RC13/0096

Dear Sir

I am concerned of the social impact the Karanya Street development will impose on our existing community.

The Karanya Street development provides no open green space. With multiple dwellings proposed to be Villa, courtyard and dual occupancies. The estate provides nothing to promote getting outside and staying active.

The existing communities facilities will be put under enormous pressure due to the estate offering nothing but high residency.

In our vicinity we have 1 park with 1 covered table. Can council confirm our park will receive an upgrade to accommodate at least 4 covered eating tables and extra play equipment like other parks?

Furthermore, with the major changes proposed to Banfield Drive. The safety for pedestrians and cyclists will decrease significantly compared to how it is. I find it necessary the whole western side of Banfield Drive receives cemented pathways. The eastern side of Banfield Drive has an existing cemented pathway. The main entrance road of the new estate also has cemented pathways on both sides proposed.

With so many schools surrounding this area and heavy vehicles that use Banfield Drive, it is a priority for safety.

The cemented pathway will decrease the need for a lot of pedestrian traffic to cross Banfield Drive. It will give the western side residents a direct safe walk way to schools, day cares, park, soccer field and corner shops. This in turn will reduce the number of cars on the road and promote getting out and being active.

The current proposed plans is dangerous with pedestrian and cyclists needing to share the road with heavy vehicles turning into the new estate.

The increased traffic produced by this estate will make it harder for the west side to access the cement pathway. No provision has been proposed to add extra pedestrian refuge islands.

A lot of suburbs are already privileged to this safety. Kern Brothers Drive, Sandstone Drive, Burnda St, Thuringowa Drive, Lindeman Avenue, just to name a few.

Could you Please consider this with your highest priority.

Being able to get out and stay active along with my children getting to school safely concerns me greatly.

The increased traffic from the new estate and changed traffic conditions has disadvantage the west side immensely, but favoured the east. All residents should be entitled to the same safety.

Thank you for your time. A response is requested.

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