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In Whitebridge NSW on “Multiple dwelling housing,...” at 142 Dudley Road, Whitebridge NSW 2290:

Karina Currington commented

Has there been any traffic studies undertaken on the surrounding streets? I am wondering if the local members are actually aware of how heavy the traffic can get in peak school drop off hours, not to mention the complete gridlock in inclement weather. I fear this could lead to a disaster if there is an emergency in the proposed high density development at these peak times, there is NO OTHER WAY emergency services will be able to access the entrance/exit. I lived on Lonus Avenue for 25 years and witnessed first hand the dramatic increase of traffic over time including more high school teenagers on their P plates driving to and from school. There needs to be a suitable alternative put in place for the high amount of traffic that will be attempting to turn in and out of Kopa St.

Could it be considered that a lower density development would be more in keeping with the area, I feel there is really not enough infrastructure to support this great new influx of residents. There is only a public bus that runs once every hour at the moment, is this really adequate? How are the garbage/ recycling trucks able to manoeuver through the narrow streets? Where are the overflow of visitors cars expected to park? What does this mean for existing residents who find they are unable to enter and exit their own driveway safely? How are the sewerage and drainage/ runoff services going to cope? How will the local shopkeepers react when people are unable to find parking so decide to shop elsewhere?

The decision to approve this particular development impacts the Whitebridge and surrounding areas very deeply. I urge the members to listen to the residents concerns when making this decision. After all, they have to live with it.

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