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In Mount Louisa QLD on “Lot Creation - One (1) into...” at 2 Karanya Street Mount Louisa QLD 4814:

Sandra Hobden commented

ON: LOT 743 ON EP1456
APPLICATION NO; MI13/0042 & RC13/0096

Dear Sir,

As a long term resident of Mt Louisa and mother of 3 school aged children who use Banfield Drive as a cyclist and pedestrian. I am greatly concerned the proposed road changes to Banfield Drive to accommodate a new main entrance for the Karanya Street Precinct, will adversely affect the safety of pedestrians and cyclists who rely on Banfield Drive.

The development proposed for 2 Karanya St is closely surrounded by Mt Louisa's many schools and day cares.

Calvary Christian Early Learning Centre

Calvary Christian College

ABV Care Calvary

Mt Louisa Child Care

Mt Louisa Good Early Learning Centre A and B

Heatley Secondary College (zoned for Mt Louisa Area)

Heatley State Primary (zoned for Mt Louisa Area)

Banfield Drive is used as a main transit link for all these schools and day cares.

Furthermore, the developer has proposed the main entrance to be situated in very close vicinity of two public bus stops on this heavily used road.

With this development introducing 95 more lots. The pedestrian, cyclist and public transport traffic is going to increase considerably.

If there is multiple cars waiting to turn right into the new estate on Banfield Drive. A large bus at the Galway Court bus stop will have difficulty trying to enter back into traffic with cars starting to divert around the new entrance. A pedestrians safety is also put at risk as they have to try and gain access to the refuge island. I'm unsure and concerned where a cyclist is suppose go during all this??

If the western side of Banfield Drive side road is going to be incorporated into a channelised right hand turn, will a large bus, cement truck etc have enough room to divert around stationary traffic waiting to turn into the new estate? Where is a cyclist suppose go? If any error in driving or cycling is to occur I'm concerned it could be fatal.

How are Banfield Drive residents proposed to reverse out of their driveways and will this affect a cyclist?

The construction of a new refuge island at the Banara Court bus stop will be essential if a main entrance is to be located on Banfield Drive. The increased traffic and amount of new properties being introduced will have an effect on pedestrians safety trying to cross the road.

If a Lawn Mowing contractor were to service any 7 houses on the western side of Banfield Drive. Where are they expected to park their ute and trailer? Would this impede on pedestrian /cyclist safety?

In regards to the new car parks proposed on the eastern side of Banfield Drive. Can the developer assure that these parks will only be used by the 7 houses affected on Banfield Drive? The parks will be very inviting to be used by the new estate residents to park their work vehicles and trailers on. With the new estate being so squashed together the likeliness of this happening is very high and should not be assumed by the developer that it won't happen.

As a regular visitor to a Banfield Drive resident in the affected area, my car is going to be required to be parked a fair distance away. My car will be out of my clear sight for myself to monitor it's safety. I am extremely upset that the developer has such disregard for the safety of my car compared to the residents of his new estate. Can the developer assure that my car is safe parked so far away, and near a major public bus stop??

The increased cars due to be parked on the eastern side of Banfield Drive to compensate the removal of western street parking will impact pedestrian safety hugely!

The cars parked will be directly in front of the Galway Court Bus Stop and refuge island. Pedestrians will be forced to deal with a potentially opened car door as soon as they exit off the refuge island. Also, pedestrians will be forced to walk in the middle of cars trying to pull out of car parks. My children use this refuge island every school day. It is very congested at peak hours with buses and school traffic. Having cars parked here will provide no safe route for my children to get to school.

To insure traffic flow is maintained along Banfield Drive at the intersection of Banfield Drive and Galway Court. A turning lane will be needed. If not added, vehicles that are stationary waiting to turn right into Galway Court will block traffic from flowing as this is the exact spot the new eastern side car parks are proposed. Could I highlight the road is already narrowed here due to the refuge island. If the traffic backs up enough in peak hour it will furthermore block the entrance to the new estate. I am a resident of Galway Court and this intersection concerns me greatly as it is already difficult at peak hours to get in and out of our court. This court services Galway Court, Lewin Court, Gruner Court and Bancroft St.

The developer proposing to take parking away from long term residents is disappointing especially when he privileges his new estate residents with it. This breaks community spirit and it should not be allowed.

If all entry and exit roads to the new estate were to be placed opposite existing courts or streets. This estate could be introduced without disrupting any existing properties in the already established area.

I fail to see any plans to alleviate my concerns regarding pedestrian, cyclist and public transport user safety on Banfield Drive. When will the public be entitled to further detailed plans? Will this be before council approval is granted? The on site plans fail to highlight major changes needed and I feel the communities rights have been neglected.

A response with answers to my concerns is requested. Thank you for your time.

delivered to the planning authority

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