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In Whitebridge NSW on “Multiple dwelling housing,...” at 142 Dudley Road, Whitebridge NSW 2290:

S.Grant commented

Hello please kindly take the following onboard

1. How will council address the inadequate parking for the extra business that are proposed for influx of customers and staff?

2. it is of a huge concern that if parking is not exteneded that the business that the local community rely apon will lose out with less trade thus losing jobs and giving less opertunity to locals to stay within the area for work. How will council be ensuring that this does not happen?

3. pedestrian saftey - whitebridge shops already have an extremly busy center which will only get worse if proper walk ways are not provided within the area. what plan is in place to provide a safer shopping precient within it and surrounding it? extra zebra crossings linking both sides of dudley rd.

4. lighting at dusk and at night is already comprimised within the parking allotment, will council be looking at this and what measures will be taken?

5. access to fernleigh track is limited by the new tempory fence that has been errected, busineses are already being affected, as the usual route to the center has been modified without notice from the track. SNL seem to have a complete disregard for this area. I have noticed that the fence has missing panels, is this creating a saftey issue?

6. staff are having to park on an unsealed, un lighted and undulating patch of dirt at the moment I call for this situation to be looked at as soon as possible, since all business owners are responisble for staff as they leave there place of work and also on their arrival, this puts them at a high risk and this should be assesd.

7. entry and exit from the shopping center should be upgraded, line of vision is comprimised now let alone when new commercial buildings are put in place, a safer option should be considerd

8. parking on dudley road across from the buss stop should also be looked at with possible painting parking lines and changing or adding a parking zone with times of 15-20mins. This would help the business that have in and out customers freeing up some of the congestion

9. with the shopping precient as a whole becomming busier with hopefully better parking attracting even more customers to the area, public toilets should also be considerd, the toilets at the childrens park are un sanitary and look like a prison toilet that are also not very private making them feel like a slum not very inviting and also very intimidating, are there any rules for shopping center size and public toilet ammenites?

10. what measures will be taken to help minimise the inpact to the parking for staff and customers when the area becomes a construction zone?

11. who is responisble for maintaing the green zone allocated to the back of the development and is there a roster/routine in place to ensure that the green zone is safe for people who wish to use it.

12. the area is zoned 22? medium? is this development that is proposed classed as dense?

13. the facias of the development look like storage containers how can this be inproved and is there a ratio for garage door to facia surface area is this complying?

14. The road surface on dudley rd towards the bridge is in need of repair as the road has dropped away leaving a step/drop off the side creating a hazard for bike riders and pedestrians potentially causing to cars and motorcycles, the traffic is so heavy at times that motorists leave the shopping center turning left then doing a u - turn which is easier and faster than trying to turn right onto dudley rd running the gauntlet of crossing the road, when the buss stop is full a severe blind spot is created. Traffic lights should be considerd to help with traffic flow on dudley road

15. concerns to the amount of traffic in peak times along kopa st, can this road handle this amount of new traffic during and after construction

16. have the roads been designed wide enough for waste and recycling trucks to gain access? with regard to waste has council considerd the implications to extra waste generated at awaba at its current rate we are almost at 80% full.

17. land value is of grave concern to all residents, have council made any evaluations in respect to the rate payers losing land value?

19. Fire evacuation - the area is a high risk fire zone - if a mass evacuation of the residents within the development is required is a one way in one way out road practical and will it provide a fast and easy access/exit . Have or will the RFS provide the report? will fire engine/s be able to gain access to the area and are water hydrants for engine connection provided with in the development

20. with lake mac being an excellent enviroment leader are there rules/regulations in place for new large scale dense developments to help reduce carbon emmisions in the effect of water power and gas consumption and of course the removal of waste. This could be an ecellent opertunity to create an eco village are there any thoughts in this area. I would find it contradictory to lake mac if there was not a standard in place to let a development like this go through without checks in place. There dosent seem to be any provisions of rain water collection in the plans, greywater recycling would also add to the eco aspect as with building design to reduce cooling and heating. and community meeting places that could provide comunial activites like gardening and social activites like eating together in a central location. Are there companies that will be engaged to advise on these types of issues?

21. with extra commercial properties being added have provisions been made for delivery vehicles?

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns.

delivered to the planning authority

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