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In Woongarrah NSW on “Residential strata flats...” at 147-169 Mataram Road Woongarrah NSW 2259:

James Reginald Fisher commented

Regarding the development of 147 Mataram Road Woongarrah.

I am the owner of 135 Mataram Road (Lot 64) Woongarrah which neighbours the proposed development on its east side. I strongly support this development because:

- it is far more aesthetically appealing than the two previous very large institutional type developments that Council have already DA approved along this side of Mataram Road on neighbouring Lots 61 & 65.

- This proposal better than that oppressive looking 'seniors living' development that Council has already DA approved to occur on the neighbouring land immediately on my east side. That complex has DA approval but is so obviously large, ugly, and gaol like in appearance.

- By contrast, this current DA for the land on my west side appears to be relatively low density in comparison.

- The townhouses they are proposing appear to have much more open space around them in comparison to other medium density townhouse developments.

-From the site plan received, it is obvious that this town house estate is of relatively low density for this category of development, because of the large landscaped and open space areas proposed in it.

- The development of this type of townhouses fronting onto this side of Mataram Road, will also solve the current security problem being experienced along this side of the street, which is caused by the mess children and vagrants are creating by dragging debris into the bush beside the road to form humpies and the like. The rubbish they leave which even includes discarded shopping trolleys etc is an eyesore.

- the proposed development will also not negatively affect our property. Also, considering that across the road has been developed in a similar fashion I see no issue with this areas ongoing development, as both these properties have been flagged for this type of development for over 10 years.

I am disappointed at the other residents reaction to this development as it has been zoned to allow medium density residential development for such an extensive period of time. Considering that the expanse of homes opposite our site on the south side of Mataram Rd dramatically impeded our rural outlook when their homes were developed and we did not complain as we viewed this as a necessary progression for the development of the area. The impact on flora and fauna in this area due to this development will be no greater than the impact their homes had on these aspects, and the development has met the council requirements for these issues.
Thank you
James Reginald Fisher

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