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In Parrearra QLD on “24 Hour Fitness Centre” at 6 / 26 Nicklin Way, Parrearra, QLD:

Daryll Leabourn commented

I have been involved in the 24 hours gym industry for the past 5 years, during that time I have worked in these facilities in various capacities, one of which was Floor manager. In this role I learnt a lot about the mechanics of the 24-hour model. The rule of thumb for any 24-hour Franchise is to aim for 3.5 to 4 members per square metre.

For a gym of 576 m2 the best possible economic result would be to have capacity membership which in this case would be around 2020 or so members. 24 hour facilities also work very hard to get to their break even membership numbers in the first few months of presales and opening the gym doors, typically a gym of size 576 m2 the break even membership would be around half of the capacity membership, which in this case would around the 1000 membership mark.

On the data that Anytime has produced to support their application they have modeled a gym in Victoria that has membership numbers of 750, stating an average door check in rate of 111 per day. On a break-even membership level the average check ins using Anytime’s data would be closer to 150 check ins, however as the membership base grows, this will increase and most likely double.

Anytime’s Fitness gym model also runs Fitness classes morning and afternoons (typically these classes are run in the mornings to enable people with school age children to attend after school drop off and before midday and in the afternoons when most people are knocking off from their day job), this floor plan has rooms available for such classes, this would mean at peak traffic times on the Nicklin way 10 to 20 people will be looking for parking to attend these classes, as well as the other members who just use the gym facilities.

In brief, my opinion is that in the event of vehicles waiting for car spaces to become available within the centre, it would only take a matter of two or three vehicles to back up and block the entrance to the site. With delivery trucks also utilising the car park, the situation is compounded. As these vehicles back up onto the Nicklin Way, the shoulder of the roadway is not wide enough for those other vehicles behind to manoeuvre out of the flow of traffic coming from behind on the corner of this stretch of the Nicklin Way. Another factor to this is vehicles attempting to either negotiate a park on the shoulder of the road, or enter back onto the Nicklin way from those car parks. Being that the speed limit is 70km/hr. further exacerbates the situation. This would certainly cause further congestion on the Nicklin way and quite likely regular accidents. The shoulder of the road here is only one car width and not wide enough to angle out to enable a better view of traffic.
In the event of these members not being able to get a park they will then try to re-enter the traffic and maneuver across to the centre of the Nicklin way to be able to perform a U turn, at the Jessica Boulevard intersection (which in the current traffic situation is almost impossible), so they can park in the car parks opposite, which then carries the added concern of these vehicles waiting at the driveway and banking up the traffic behind them to re-enter the traffic to travel across 3 lanes to perform the U turn, and when finding car parking in the Private car parks opposite then trying to cross 6 lanes of Traffic to get the gym.

As Council does take some responsibility in relation to traffic management with sites that have some impact on traffic safety, it would seem that this situation also warrants the same attention. “

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