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In Kulnura NSW on “Extension to existing...” at 351 Greta Road Kulnura NSW 2250:

Christina Nicholas commented


My name is Christina Nicholas; my parents are the owners of the property at 344, Greta Road, Kulnura - 2250.

I am presently writing this email from Seoul, Korea, where I am studying abroad, completing my final month of 6 months study - very much looking forward to returning to Australia, and our beautiful home in Kulnura.

I am writing in regards to the proposed extension to & plans to further develop the poultry farm, located at 351 Greta Road.

Although I am currently overseas, upon hearing about the plans to develop the poultry farm, I felt it was a matter of sincere urgency that I pose some form of objection.

My reasons for doing so are related directly to my own personal experiences of the poultry farm, which I have personally never visited, but have had the unfortunate experience of SMELLING - whilst on our own property, blocks away- more times than I would care to recall.

Even mentioned to us by the previous owners, who obviously noted it as a pertinent enough detail to disclose during the purchase of the property - several times a month, if not week - a thick, rancid, sour odour permeates our property, often forcing everyone outside, to rush inside, & close windows, doors, and so on.

Most notably, this occurred on my 21st birthday (18.01.13). A group of approximately 10 girl-friends, all enchanted by the location and natural beauty within Kulnura, simultaneously - upon the changing of the breeze and infection of the property with the smell from the poultry farm - ran indoors, secured doors and windows, and quizzed me about the origin of the demon-smell that was permeating my property.

To sum up, I understand the poultry farm serves a purpose, but when the side-effects of fulfilling that purpose cross the line into becoming, what I would classify as more-than unpleasant; and an inescapable nuisance to the senses (lasting, on some occasions, for more than several hours), then perhaps, a little more consideration to the comfort and well-being of other residents is in order - and most certainly, no further development of such a place should be undertaken.

Thank you very much, and I hope you will consider some of the opinions I have expressed.

delivered to the planning authority

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