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In Parrearra QLD on “24 Hour Fitness Centre” at 6 / 26 Nicklin Way, Parrearra, QLD:

Anthony Provenza commented

I would just like to add an opinion to this discussion. I was under the belief that a Town planner/ council department was given guidelines and information prepared by numerous official government departments (e.g Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)) for the approval process of town planning and or permits and permissions.

With this in mind I thought we were all paying to the council to ensure that we were not just legally permitted to build and meeting all requirements but also within the guidelines of Acts such as "Purpose of the Fair Trading Act 1989 (Qld)" where I would imagine recommendations on fair trade would be legally binding.

The point I'm building to here is that I believe there must be a requirement to look into statistics released from the ABS on what is feasible within the general population and if those figures would show a disadvantage to already operating local businesses then the responsibility and duty of care should rest with the appropriate authorities on whether similar business models can enter the area.

With this in mind there has been released figures showing that as an industry standard we know that we can effect serviceability to 16-18% of a population within a 8-12 minute drive of our locations.

Would this not be a factor in the town planning?

Should I give up on my dreams of owning a Health club as an owner operator because a company with more money then me can afford to setup beside me and wait out my eventual collapse?

I know the points I'm raising here are best suited for the office of fair trading but I would just like anyone from council whom may be reading this to know a concerned - born and breed - local business owners opinion.

delivered to the planning authority

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