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In Glen Iris VIC on “Construction of residential...” at 1483-1487 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC:

Brightman Pty Ltd is the owner of 30 Staunton Lane. I, John Allen Brent, am a director commented

Ref : Planning Application 0314/13 1483 -1487 Malvern Road, Glen Iris

I object to this proposal on several grounds but firstly point out that the notice advising this application was only attached to the rear of the building ( Staunton Lane ) on Friday July 12. I have been told by a neighbour that the notice had been found face down on the ground and presumably attached at some time before. I consider this grounds for an extension to the deadline for objections.

Staunton Lane is a narrow traditional Melbourne ROW and was never designed to take the traffic that it now has to carry. It services several business premises plus a number of more recent residential developments. We are the owner of 30 Staunton Lane , situated at the end, adjacent to the panel beater and Indian restaurant, plus a number of other businesses, shops. There is an existing problem with waste disposal that obviously Stonnington Council has never worried about. All bins from Staunton Lane are taken to the end of the lane where it joins Creswick Street on Wednsday evening where they remain for collection on Thursday morning. Where are the 60 odd bins from this proposed development going to be left ????? The cafe ( Mr Fox ) already has an objection to the current practice as having a dozen or so bins left at their back door creates an unsightly look, are smelly in hot weather and congest this area. What's it going to be like when it's 70 or so bins ? Just a small thing you might say, but of importance to local residents.
The height of this proposal is 5 levels above ground which is higher than the other recent residential buildings situated nearby ( Creswick Street and around the corner into Malvern Road ) which are 4 levels.

Traffic up and down the lane is already heavy and there are existing delays whilst trucks unload behind the shops ( hardware store as an example ). This lane was not designed to take the extra traffic from 30 or so apartments, plus the three shops proposed. Car stackers are a last resort option for cities like New York, Tokyo, Taipei not a suburb such as Glen Iris. How can one waiting space service this number of car stackers where it would take approximately 5 minutes to change cars. Not enough car spaces have been provided for the number of apartments , plus the three shops, proposed. Is it really realistic to presume that 32 people will have bikes as their prime form of transportation ? The area where Staunton Lane joins Creswick Street is potentially dangerous to pedestrians as the lane has almost no side vision to Creswick Street at this junction. A normal street as set backs so that a driver can see either side before they enter an intersection - not the case at Staunton Lane. If this proposal proceeds , Staunton Lane will carry as much traffic as many wider, better planned suburban streets. It will only be a matter of time before a pedestrian is hit by a car entering Creswick Street from Staunton Lane and increasing the traffic by 100 % or so just increases the risk.

Car parking is already a problem in this area , due to proximity to several businesses, recent additions to residential units and a lack of parking for the railway station. To presume that most residents of this proposal will ride a bike to work or catch the tram is not realistic and parking will become even more of a problem.

Have I been polite, as requested ? If so, I don't think that the developer has shown any politeness or concern for the existing residents or users of the already congested and over used narrow, one way only at a time Staunton Lane or has any understanding of existing conditions within this area.

delivered to the planning authority

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