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In Rockdale NSW on “Alterations to existing...” at 2 Frederick Street, Rockdale NSW 2216:

Concealed Identity commented

SUBMISSION FOR Application Number: DA-2013/167
Property Address: 2 Frederick Street, Rockdale, NSW 2216

I object to this proposed development on the following grounds:
* Increased noise and vehicle traffic. This section of Rockdale already "severely" lacks parking facilities for local residents.
* Nearby residential apartments already under construction in Rockdale which will already add to worsening traffic conditions, parking, noise and littering.
* Places of worship are abundant in the area (for various denominations) including adjacent suburbs, there is no requirement to construct additional places of worship. This particular space would be better utilised to cater for all residents regardless of religion/denomination
* Operating hours between 5.30 am until 9.30 pm, 7 days a week is completely unwarranted & unreasonable and will impede on the quality of life of nearby residents. It's difficult to fathom why these proposed operating hours are so long. Which nearby resident wants to be disturbed at the early hour of 5.30am up until 9.30pm? whether its vehicles parking, doors slamming, horns tooting, people conversing etc not to mention the added problem of parking throughout the entire operating hours.
* Motorists may also breach the use of the proposed driveway/carpark area as a shortcut to bypass traffic lights resulting in traffic accidents.
* Increased traffic and loitering, specifically during religious gatherings etc.

I have chosen to conceal my identity and address. I pass this particular section of Rockdale on a daily basis as part of my work commute and live nearby.

Kind Regards

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