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In Chatswood NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 Freeman Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.:

Seyed Ali Khoshbin commented

My wife and I don't believe the new proposed Boarding house at 18-20 Freeman Rd should be approved for construction, here are a summary of our reasons:

1) Noise
We have all been students and youngsters and know how inconsiderate we were at that age. Having those many students away from their families will definitely affect the peaceful and quiet environment we all have now, that has been the main reason I am sure, for many residents of this area.

2) Safety of the Area
We already have a lot of graffiti and break-ins and majority of them happens in School Holidays where the kids are bored and have nothing better to do. Having these many students around, fond of drinking and find it fun and cool to do these stuff will for sure bring lots of trouble to this neighborhood.

3) Too Many Boarding Houses in Chatswood
Apparently there will be another 12 storey Boarding house, just in Albert St. Having only 2 schools and no Unis in Chatswood, what is the necessity in building these many Boarding Houses in this area which will change the atmosphere of the whole suburb. If there's a need for more of these accommodations, why not make it in Macquarie or another area with already student environment.

4) Parking Space
Living in Chatswood and Freeman Rd/Eddy Rd for over 4 years now, off street parking is such a big issue here already. Adding such a big Boarding house, will only make this worse.

5) Value of properties in the area
We don't find it fair to any of the residents, who made their choices at the time to move to this quite street(s), to impose such big change which will affect the value of our properties and leaving us with not many options. Property values are already tough in Australia, so please don't make it harder on us for paying off the mortgage and ending with a lower priced property.
In fact if this plan is going ahead with Council, we should all consider relocating from this lovely area.

Overall, we find it a very bad decision to build such Boarding House in our vicinity and a dead end and quiet Street like this. We really hope Willoughby Council reconsiders this decision.


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