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In Chatswood NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 Freeman Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.:

Lilly commented

I am the owner of a unit in 14-16 Freeman Road Chatswood and I am extremely against this application to the extent of which I am very annoyed due to the following reasons-

1.) Pranks/littering-

As my unit is among the lower levels of the apartment, my balcony is exposed to the general public located above the entrance to the carpark. As such, it is extremely vulnerable to people throwing rubbish etc. inside and that kind of behavior is appealing to high school/University students.

2.) Noise Pollution-

As my apartment is very close to the applicated position of the boarding house, it is subject to massive amounts of noise pollution at night. I want to have a peaceful night's rest after a tiring day of work and I'm sure that this is true for everyone in the vicinity.

3.) Bad Influence-

The students attending the boarding house may mostly be good fellows, but there is bound to be a few that like to "fool" around. As a parent, I wish for my child to grow up in a peaceful and gentle environment and I do not want him to mimic what the boarders do. I am sure that every loving parent would agree with me.

4.) Increased Parking problems-

As of right now, the people who I invite to my unit are already in strife of valid parking positions and sometimes have to park at the carpark next to the train station. Should this application be approved, i fear that the situation with visitor parking may worsen many times over.

5.) Property and Rent Cost will drastically drop-

I purchased this unit for a lot of money and I feel outraged at the application because should it be approved, the amount that my unit is worth will certainly drop. I do not feel that it is fair to me or anyone in Freeman, Oliver and Eddy Road that we should lose money for the sake of some students that will only ever cause us trouble.

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