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In Darlinghurst NSW on “Section 82A Review to use...” at 122-124 Flinders Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010:

Ivan van Tonder commented

I recently saw a development proposal for The Local Taphouse at 122-124 Flinders street Darlinghurst. This request seems to be to extend the trading hours of the roof top terrace to midnight from Monday to Saturday.

I own and live in a unit in the building directly opposite, 99 -115 Flinders St. My living room window is that the same level as the rooftop bar and my upstairs balcony and bedrooms are one level higher.

I strongly oppose the request to extend the rooftop bar operating hours. When this bar was proposed we were advised that noise levels would be kept to reasonable levels and that we should not even notice the operation of the rooftop bar. However living directly opposite the bar this is not the case at all and the noise levels from the rooftop bar are certainly noticeable and at times very disruptive, this is mainly when there are patrons of the bar yelling and screaming both from the street (smoking or waiting for taxis) over and above the music from the bar.

We were advised that the extension into the rooftop bar would result in less street level noise from patrons as they would most likely remain in the rooftop bar when smoking. This has certainly not been the case. There have been many incidents when there has been loud yelling, screaming, laughing and even violent fights at street level. The staff do not seem to be making many attempts to keep the noise down and keep the patrons inside.

The opening of the Taphouse has increased the levels of noise to the area. The rooftop bar has increased this noise level further as it has brought it up to the same level as the living area and also affects the balcony and bedrooms. With the current reasonable closing time of the roof top bar, the impact to living across the street has been mainly acceptable apart from some weekends. But I have no doubt that if the opening hours were to increase this would result in more noise and therefore complaints from those living in the surrounding area. Therefore with this in mind I would request that you refuse this application.

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