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In Chatswood NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 Freeman Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.:

Kelson Ren commented

I do not think boarding house application in 18 Freeman Road should be approved because the below reasons.

1. My personal story: I have lived in Chatswood and been in the State electorate of Willoughby for two years. I like Chatswood and always call here my home since moving here. And, recently I made one of biggest decision in my life - bought my first home in 14-16 Freemand road. The key reason that urges me to settle in there is because my wife and I plan to have our first child in 2013, and we think Freeman Road is a peace and quite place for us to have our new born baby and raise him/her there in following years. However, I just heard the news from my friends that there is an application to build boarding house in 18 Freeman Road. Honestly, after heard about this, both my wife and I have been hard to fall into a sleep for a couple of nights. Because both of us studied in USYD and had visited our friends who lived in boarding house before. We have seen how it looks like. Music in night, parties in weekends, alcohol drinking and alcohol-related unruly behaviour… all of them waked us up in night. I don't want our babies loses peaceful and quite night in their childhood, so if this application is approved we may have to consider selling the new bought property and have a re-purchase in next year. It will really be a big strike for our family. I know all residences lived in Freeman, Oliver and Eddy road may have the different situations, but I quite believe that someone may share the stories as similar as my wife and me.

2. Drinking problem: In our uni experience, we have seen some students (even in campus) tried finding a hidden place to drink alcohol in night, so it really worries us that sports ground of Chatswood high school and the small garden of Oliver Road will become a secret alcohol-drinking place for students. If really happens, it will give a big negative impact to peaceful life of more families who live in this area.

3. Property value: I feel that it is also unfair for our residences lived in Freeman road to get potential loss of property from this building project, which has given a quite big impacts already. From, we have seen more than five properties of 14-16 Freeman road have been sold since Oct. And, we believe that it will have more similar sells coming if this application is approved.

4. Parking problem: in the last two years when I lived in Chatswood, I often have a problem to find a visitor parking place when visiting my friend who live in 5 Freeman road. Having a boarding house at the end of Freeman road will make the current extreme shortage of parking in that area even worse.

5. Noise: That planned boarding house is so close to our building that noise will give us a big problem in their construction period, and we even think it may not only impact our neighbour residences, but also studies of Chatswood High School.

6. From student perspective: for those students studying in university, no matter in Macquarie Uni, USYD or UTS, they have got 400 accommodations next to Chatswood station. I can't see a obvious reason that they may need another 50 rooms in another place - 10 mins walking to Chatswood station. It is not convenient for them.

In general, I can't see a benefit to Chatswood residence from building this boarding house in Freeman Road, but we believe that it will give big negative impacts (such as noise levels, parking problem, unruly behaviour, potential loss of our property value…) to a large number of residences lived in Oliver, Freeman and Eddy road. So, it's why I think this application should not be approved.

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