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In Epping NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 73 Kent Street, Epping NSW 2121:

Steve commented

Dear All,
Please see the most recent new about boarding house:

and Parramatta Council's Local Housing Strategy:
at page 22, it declares: "not including boarding house rooms or secondary dwellings as these are not guaranteed to be affordable".

In this Developer's Social Impact Assessment (SIA) at page 10, it admits: “affordable” is based on a presumption, because of lower planning costs under boarding house policy. On the other hand, the developer made no promise at all to pass on the lower planning costs.

Further, the SIA admits at page 48: “It is likely that the [renters] profile could be more similar to those living in studio and one-bedroom dwellings in Epping – North Epping Statistical Area Level 2 due to the rent levels proposed for this new generational boarding house”.

In other words, the Developer is building a mini apartment and competing directly with studio and 1-bedroom apartments in R4 zone. This is purely a for-profit, commercial mini apartment, therefore not an "affordable housing".

From the above and other admissions, it becomes clear what the developer’s true intent is, whatever it is, it is unlikely for an affordable housing.

The question then becomes: whether the developer is taking advantage of planning concession under the Boarding House policy (ARH SEPP), to build a mini apartment with lower planning costs, to compete with studios and one-bedroom apartments already on the market from R4 and higher zones, and for a larger profit margin?

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