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In Epping NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 73 Kent Street, Epping NSW 2121:

Glenn M. commented

Thanks Steve for your request to add more comments to this DA.
Steve asks: "1st, why is a boarding house address secretive?":
A.It is not a big deal to me, but as I am not the neighbour myself, it is not my address to publish. "Secretive' is a bit too tabloid Steve. Why is the address relevant to you Steve. Do you think it doesn't exist? Or perhaps hinting I am being untruthful?

Q. "2nd, how did you know boarding house rent in Epping "will be $350 for a single person"?
A. A House will advertise vacancies so the rents are public. The single rooms in Rydalmere/Dundas were $350pw pre-Covid, now the remaining one or two $300pw. An Epping House will have higher rents, with the station, Macquarie Uni & Macquarie Park so close, in my opinion, especially post-Covid (whenever that is). See the SMH article linked below, how if the planning intention was to provide low rent housing the reality is that Houses are not that.

Q. "new gen" boarding house in Epping at $350 will not help housing affordability": A. You misquoted me, I said "will not help housing affordability directly", referring to that $350 for a single person is not that affordable. Granny flat rooms or share house rooms go for about $180 to $220 in eg Dundas/Rydalmere, I think.

Q. "(but may do so marginally indirectly by increasing overall supply)." what is your "overall supply" definition?"
A. Overall supply of housing in Sydney. Things like these Houses and granny flats increase housing supply in Sydney, meaning more of Sydney can remain low-rise, which I gather is actually what commenters to this DA probably want. In theory more supply means less pressure for rents to become even more unaffordable for the unlucky portion of us who do not own our homes.

Q. "what is the difference between Boarding house in R2 low density zone and Apartments in R4 and higher" :
A. Yes the House does mean more people get to have a home in your street. The House will be a low rise, medium density house but the overall density of the R2 street will still be quite low density. Whereas an R4 zone is medium or high rise and medium or high density and a clearly different streetscape.

"are you equating Boarding House in R2 low density with Apartments in R4 zone and higher?". No I am not. It is totally different. The streetscape will remain low rise, the character of your street will be very same as now.

"3rd, you are the only person who uses the term "new generation" boarding house, why are you using and emphasizing "new generation"?" "what is your definition of "new generation"?
"Didn't you use the term "new generation" boarding house?": It is not my term, your state government's term in the planning laws, not the best name invented by some spin doctor, expect they will re-name them. I am not emphasizing the term, just using the official name, Steve.

"you nevertheless continue to advocate for a boarding house in Epping,": Steve, I posted a comment sharing my personal experience. The intention was not to advocate, just to somewhat balance the previous negative comments, which imho indicated little or no experience. Your continued requests for me to add further comments is an interesting tactic to force me to put more pro comments, so I may sound like an advocate but am just answering or commenting on your direct questions.

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