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In Noosaville QLD on “Detached House - Short Term...” at 5 The Promontory Noosaville QLD 4566:

John Lee commented

Short Term (ie holiday) Accommodation is incompatible with the character of Low Density Residential zoning of the Noosa Waters estate since:
1. occupancy levels in properties often exceed the usual residential levels;
2. vehicle ratios are higher, with spill-over onto the narrow streets with cars, trailers, boats, etc. causing issues with accessibility;
3. noisy behaviour of tenants, often extending past midnight and without consideration for neighbours; noise travels readily across the water of the canals so the nuisance is imposed on many tens of permanent residents around the water body;
4. STA tenants too often use the canal waterways without any knowledge of or consideration for the speed limits or the nuisance and potential damage they impose on all waterfront owners; these people mostly ignore the residents who attempt to explain the need for speed limits.
5. One factor that gives Noosa Waters much appeal is the quiet lifestyle provided by the Low Density Residential zoning. For this reason, any activity amounting to a commercial "function centre" is disallowed under the current rules. Allowing STA invites and allows the use of such properties as venues for bucks parties, hen's parties, graduation celebrations and similar activities, which are properly described as "function centre activities".
6. Council would be in breach of its obligations to the community if it prohibits commercial function centres in Noosa Waters, but opens the door (literally and metaphorically) to such activities by allowing the operators to wrongly describe their function centres as "short term accommodation".
7. Council restricts the number of levels a building can have as part of the overall plan to preserve the "village atmosphere" which so much defines and characterises Noosa. If STA is allowed (and de facto function centres follow), Council may as well allow the developers to have unlimited levels of development in residential buildings. The result will be the same. The very thing that makes the area attractive and valuable (its village atmosphere) will be milked by the commercial operators for their personal benefit, and thereby destroyed to the detriment of the permanent residents.

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