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In Epping NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 73 Kent Street, Epping NSW 2121:

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I have experience living next door to a “new generation” boarding house. In my experience such boarding houses pose no problems to middle class neighbours as the high rent that will no doubt be charged will mean all the boarders are employed, middle-class people as well.

The 2-storey building itself will be no bigger than the largest single-family house that could be built on the site for one family. The DA will give a home to numerous single people and help enliven & enrich Epping and other local businesses.

It is understandable that there is fear about a housing type new to an area. Reasons for fear at this stage probably include fear of something new, the connotations of the term “boarding house”, wrong thinking that a new Epping boarding house will have the same type of tenant as cheap rent old boarding houses, plus of course nimbyism and possibly some xenophobia.

The one true negative effect is potentially more pressure on street parking. But in this case street parking is already scarce - prospective tenants will know this so if they have a car the car will be a disincentive to them renting at 73 Kent as they don’t want the hassle of inadequate parking for themselves. So likely tenants will tend to not have a car especially with the proximity to trains and other good public transport. A minority will have cars eg tradies but it is likely the number will have a ceiling equal to the number of off street spaces inside the property.

Cheers, G. - owner property in Epping end of Carlingford Road

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