Recent comments on applications from City of Wagga Wagga, NSW

  1. In Cartwrights Hill NSW on “Recreation Facility (Major)...” at Wagga Wagga Harness Racing Association 92 Cooramin St Cartwrights Hill NSW 2650:

    Joanne punch commented

    The south west & Riverina harness racing association support the application to extend the number of race meetings and the extension of opening hour for the riverina pacewayand Wagga harness racing club. Clubs from a wide area of nsw travel to Wagga regularly to compete at this wonderful venue. This will bring more revenue into the Wagga region

  2. In Wagga Wagga NSW on “Alterations & Additions to...” at Sheriffs Office Court House 57 Fitzmaurice St Wagga Wagga NSW 2650:

    Jane Cale commented

    The Sherrif's Cottage was occupied by WAAAF officers during WW2 as accommodation. I am writing about this at the moment and am planning a trip to Wagga to have a look at it. Can you consider not knocking it down please? It's important to retain what history we have.

  3. In Ashmont NSW on “Construction of RFS Shed...” at Umbango Rural Fire Service 1275 Humula Rd Tarcutta NSW 2652:

    Sarah Blackmore commented

    Can you please advise where this application is up to. This is a vital structure for the local area.

  4. In Ashmont NSW on “PartB5 - Stormwater (Private)” at Mens Shed Wagga Wagga 11 Ashmont Ave Ashmont NSW 2650:

    Karen James commented

    Hi Mr Coincillor /Men's Shed
    Do you think it would be a good idea to make some street library for donated books to swap an also have a draw underneath for donated plant seeds for people to grow .
    1 for each suburb
    Street library can be made out of any unwanted cupboard which can be donated from anyone .It would really do well near retirement/ old age communities an country towns like Ganmain The Rock Forest Hill plus manty more

  5. In Tatton NSW on “Notified” at 44A Plumpton Rd Tatton NSW 2650:

    colleen webb commented

    From what I can see this application won't affect me greatly however a large shed has been erected on the same block which has greatly impaired the beautiful landscape I used to have. Why was i not advised about this building?

  6. In Wagga Wagga NSW on “Minor Domestic Additions &...” at 199 Gurwood St Wagga Wagga NSW 2650:

    Simon and Sally Longmore commented

    18 May, 2016
    The General Manager
    Wagga Wagga City Council
    PO Box 20
    Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

    Dear Sir/Madam
    RE: DA16/0212 Change of Use to a Transitional Group Home, New Front Fence and Rear Pergola.
    199 Gurwood Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650.
    We are writing to express our concern and opposition of the Development Application to change the current Boarding House in Gurwood Street into a Transitional Group Home. In no way do we object to the provision of such a service in Wagga Wagga, and agree that this is a very necessary part of the rehabilitation of ‘at risk’ members of our community. We do, however, have a number of concerns that we would ask be addressed:
    1. Suitability of location
    • The model that this proposal is based on is a ‘sanctuary’ in Byron Bay, an out of town setting that offers resort style living away from the stresses and temptations of city life.
    • Gurwood Street has a number of temptations including pubs and clubs just a short stroll from the proposed site.

    2. Safety and vulnerability issues-for both parties
    • Gurwood Street is an old, quiet street largely occupied by elderly retirees and young families.
    • This central Wagga area, is also home to many services that may be adversely affected by such a proposal, including two aged care facilities, an early year’s childcare centre and a Public Primary School.
    • The site is adjacent to large open parkland and as mentioned earlier close proximity to public amenities such as pubs, restaurants and clubs.
    • What safeguards are in place to prevent ‘at risk’ individuals and their families and friends from falling victim to such temptations and posing a very real danger to themselves and the residents of this area?
    • Research shows that many individuals require several attempts at rehabilitation, and the road to recovery is a long, and for some never ending, journey, punctuated by positive and negative events. Is it fair for these individuals, their families and friends, and our community, filled as it is with children and elderly folk, to be placed in a setting where they may be adversely affected by such setbacks.

    3. Effect on the community
    • The placement of a service like this in a central part of our city will have a profound effect on ratepayers in this area.
    • Already we have seen potential buyers turn away from the opportunity to buy in a highly sought after area, after notification of the proposed development.
    • We have lived in Gurwood Street for over 20 years and have a young family. We are both home owners and investors in this area and are concerned about the impact of the proposal on our lifestyle and livelihoods.
    o As homeowners we ask: What effect will this establishment have on land values in this area, especially if there are serious incidents as a result of the development?
    o As investors we ask: Will this affect property sale prices, or in fact the availability of tenants wanting to rent in this area?

    Despite some heated opinions being spread widely regarding this proposal, many questions remain unanswered. We would like the opportunity to learn more about the proposal and have our questions answered. Some of the terminology surrounding this proposal is vague and unclear; What exactly does Transitional Home mean? Who does it include? How long/short is temporary? Does the term institution include jail? What does ‘suitably detoxed’ mean?
    We also request information regarding the supervision of these vulnerable individuals and what safeguards and security are in place to protect them and members of the community. Many families in the area go to work and school during the day leaving the temptation for theft and property damage by ‘desperate individuals’, whilst others home alone are elderly and vulnerable. What happens when someone can’t ‘manage’ the distractions and temptations offered by central city living?
    Similar proposals have been opposed successfully in other Wagga Wagga areas for similar reasons, why not this one?
    We seek consideration and discussion around these areas and recommend a public forum to discuss the concerns of many local individuals and families.
    We declare that we have made no political donations of any amount during the previous 2 years, or for that matter, ever.
    Yours sincerely,

    Simon and Sally Longmore

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