Recent comments on applications from Tweed Shire Council, NSW

  1. In Tweed Heads NSW on “Temporary installation of...” at 60 Boundary Street, Tweed Heads NSW 2485:

    Robyn foldi commented

    No thanks. Leave Jack Evans Boat Harbour alone . No one needs an observation wheel cluttering up the few open spaces left in Tweed heads

  2. In Tweed Heads NSW on “Temporary installation of...” at 60 Boundary Street, Tweed Heads NSW 2485:

    Gary Griffiths commented

    This is bad idea. Local businesses are having trouble keeping afloat, don't bring ousider businesses in that will take money from the local sources.
    Crime, littering, vandalism and vagrancy are rife and uncontrolled in Tweed Heads townsite now and this will only add to the problem.
    Until the Tweed Shire learn to manage the townsite and surrounding areas they should not venture into areas they cannot manage.
    Look at the difference from one side of boundary to the other (Qld vs NSW) Ask Gold Coast Council how to do it so well if you get a chance.

  3. In Tweed Heads West NSW on “Amendment to Development...” at Hakea Drive, Tweed Heads West NSW 2485:

    N commented

    Kennedy Drive is already a traffic jam and with all the other developments Tweed has approved going to get worse.
    Unless council opens up their depot as a through way to the road out to the motorway or finds alternate roads it will be grid lock every peak hour to allow this.
    I have already had issues trying to get to the hospital in a hurry with the traffic.

  4. In Kingscliff NSW on “Amendment to Development...” at 74 - 76 Pearl Street, Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Debra Maclean commented

    What is the amendment please.

  5. In Kingscliff NSW on “Amendment to Development...” at 1 / 30 Pearl Street, Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    George Burson commented

    Great to have more parking but are there any plans to upgrade or build a new centre?
    I think it would be well received by people living in the area.

  6. In Bilambil Heights NSW on “Private access road for...” at Marana Street, Bilambil Heights NSW 2486:

    J Macpherson commented

    I would hope that under this new development, traffic and roads will be taken into account around the area. I understand that the main road for this development will be off Marana, i would suggest that the intersection of McAllisters Rd and Marana, there be a roundabout put there at the least. McAllisters Rd as it is now is a race track, we are always worried about coming out of our concealed driveways and the walkers with animals and children getting hit by cars. As there are more property developments being built on McAllisters Rd at this present stage, the number of cars are going to increase on this narrow road. The comings and goings of traffic from Marana/McAllisters Rd needs to be addressed for this development

  7. In Tweed Heads West NSW on “Amendment to Development...” at Hakea Drive, Tweed Heads West NSW 2485:

    Barry McDonald commented

    Greetings, With Kennedy drive already extremely busy with current traffic, not to mention future housing approvals using Kennedy Drive, with additional traffic from large industrial/commercial area as proposed will make Kennedy Drive a traffic jam - is there another proposed access road for this application as access to Kennedy drive is already very stretched at peak times ?

  8. In Kingscliff NSW on “Notified Development -...” at 27 Drift Court Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Tracy Barrell commented

    How can anyone assume it's for holiday intended use. Kingscliff is a very sought after area to live with limited housing stock available. I also agree with the second comment that the first complainant would impact others when they potentially park and holiday in other area's.

  9. In Kingscliff NSW on “Notified Development -...” at 27 Drift Court Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Kirk Caldwell commented

    I have an opposing view in that I support the application especially if the intended use is to boost tourism in Kingy. It sounds like the complainant is in the same situation as the potential holiday makers; has a vehicle which adds to the parking problem, is employed suggesting a disposable income which may be used to holiday and has children similar to the typical holiday-maker demographic. As easy as it is to discriminate, I don't believe your [complainant] position can be distinguished from those whom you aim to discourage.

  10. In Bilambil Heights NSW on “Private access road for...” at Marana Street, Bilambil Heights NSW 2486:

    lee e commented

    Looking at this proposal it will increase traffic from Mountain View into Marana up to the current proposed access; would it not be better and more feasible to have the access straight off McAlisters Rd.

    This way you drive straight into the proposed new development; Mountain View and Marana Streets have a lot of families and kids and the proposed will not increase traffic but also increase risk.

  11. In Tweed Heads South NSW on “Integrated Development -...” at 136 - 150 Dry Dock Road Tweed Heads South NSW 2486:

    Kevin Leane commented

    What is the proposed development.

  12. In Chinderah NSW on “Integrated Development -...” at 14 River Street Chinderah NSW 2487:

    ichael Hilton Smethurst commented

    Hi I live at 138 Chinderah Bay Drive and really don't want the Pub moving closer to my Property as where the Pub is now we still get a lot of noise from the bands they have on weekends and according to development the Pub is moving closer to my Property and that is unacceptable owing to the noise factor

  13. In Tweed Heads South NSW on “Not Notified Development -...” at 10 - 20 Minjungbal Drive Tweed Heads South NSW 2486:

    Sue Perin commented

    What exactly is a free standing pylon tower,& how will this affect me at 13 Megan St,Tweed Hds Sth?

  14. In Kingscliff NSW on “Notified Development -...” at 27 Drift Court Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Marcelle Connell commented

    I am concerned that this property is going to be used for Airbnb/holiday bookings purposes. If this is the case the impact on our lovely quiet street will be massive.

    Increased noise as holidaymakers don't have to work the next day as many of us have to and also traffic and parking will be greatly impacted as we have very little off street parking.

    We have several young families in our street with small children so this development is extremely unsuitable for the location.

  15. In Uki NSW on “Integrated Development -...” at 1470 Kyogle Road Uki NSW 2484:

    Rosie Evans commented

    This will be a great improvement to the current property-which appears to have no heritage significance. Uki enjoys increasing visitors and further shops (with residence) next to the existing shops will only add to our town. If sensitively designed to enhance the heritage listed bank beside this property, I fully support this development.

  16. In Kingscliff NSW on “Notified Development -...” at 178 Marine Parade Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Kathryn Meggitt commented

    This is not in keeping with current Kingscliff height guidelines and should not be allowed. The beauty of Kingscliff is that buildings don't tower over each other, or cast shadows over the beach, and differentiates us from the ugly Gold Coast. Allowing one extra level would create a precedent and lead to further height violations. This would also restrict the breezes which currently flow through to the streets behind.

  17. In Tweed Heads NSW on “S96 (1) Modification -...” at 40 Enid Street Tweed Heads NSW 2485:

    Robyn foldi commented

    HIw high will this be

  18. In Pottsville NSW on “Integrated Development - 72...” at Seabreeze Boulevard Pottsville NSW 2489:

    Julie Fyfe commented

    We don’t think there is the need for a high school ATM and 18a and 18 B should be used for housing

  19. In Chinderah NSW on “Integrated Development -...” at 14 River Street Chinderah NSW 2487:

    Lee alach commented

    My family and I live in rutile st a few streets back from the river. With respect of all close residents/locals views of this proposed project us personally (being a few streets back) would love to see this go ahead.

  20. In Dungay NSW on “Integrated Development -...” at 355 Tomewin Road Dungay NSW 2484:

    Lynnette McKeown commented

    In regards to Development Application No. DA/ 0383
    I am going to open by saying what an appalling idea this is.
    A small community will be destroyed by such an onslaught of destruction of farmland,
    pollution caused by machinery and building waste.
    Bore water has supplied the Village of Dungay in times of hardship and will be drained dry by the added demand of such a large community entering the area.
    There is not enough Police Services to cope with Murwillumbah and outlying areas as it is let alone bringing more people into the demand. And whilst on the subject of Services , there is our poor disappearing hospital! For Shame !
    How much thought has gone into public transport ????? Not that we want it.
    Is this a place for Retiries who need medical facilities , or is it a place of cheap rent open to who knows ???
    If you need added housing, put it next to town, closer to shops, transport and what little Police and Medical services we have, not out in a possible flood zone, in a small community that doesn't want it.

    Lynnette McKeown

  21. In Burringbar NSW on “Integrated Development -...” at 67 Howards Road Burringbar NSW 2483:

    Sharon Marshall commented

    I am a resident of Howard's Rd Burringbar and I have found having the herb farm up our residential road has been annoying quit often I have been blocked of by large trucks accessing the front of there property and had to wait quit some time to get through to go to the bus with my children in the morning.It has also increased the number of cars and trucks going in and out of our road. The noise that our fellow residents have to put up with of a night time when they are trying to sleep is wrong. I have heard it for myself and I cant even imagine how they can get to sleep.This is with only one shed up and running so far, imagine how it will be when the other shed is fully working.

  22. In Chinderah NSW on “Integrated Development -...” at 14 River Street Chinderah NSW 2487:

    P. MacGillivray commented

    As a resident I have some reservations and objections to certain aspects of the DA:

    1- Filling the site to 2.2m: any filling shouldn't be allowed. The recent floods in Chinderah would have been made even worse should the proposed site have been filled. The buidlings should be constructed on pillars (like the BP Beenleigh South/Yatala) with flood water free to move under the buildings. Residents are not allowed to fill their site, so why should this be allowed for the proposed development?

    2- The addition of units on Terrace street is not in-keeping with the style of the area. The residents of Chinderah are in a low density zone, and the traditional country roots of the area are important to the local community. This is the attraction of living here despite the flood risk.

    3- The addition of a supermarket is the proposal that I object to the most for many reasons:

    a) On a site of this quality, locally owned and operated speciality shops, bakery, cafes, newsagent or anything tourist orientated would not only be appropriate, but well supported and received by the community . A supermarket cheapens the whole project with additional noise, traffic, and rubbish associated with the operation and utilisation of a such a commercial venture. Given that currently, there are supermarkets within a five minute drive of Chinderah, the potential impact of a supermarket in this location outweighs the benefits.

    b) The "scenic quality" that we currently enjoy as residents, with glimpses of the river between nice mature trees, would disappear for those of us who live behind the proposed supermarket: River Street and Terrace Street in particular.

    c) the site being active "day and night" would destroy the peaceful quality of life that we now have, and we would experience a drastic increase in noise: eg. delivery trucks for the supermarket - the loading bays are directly in sight of our home, increased traffic with two entrances from River Street (and over 200 car parking spots) and increased general activity in a previously quiet residential street. Also we have to consider light pollution from this 24/7 activity, and the impact that this has not just on residents, but on birdlife as well.

    d) the proposed building height is excessive for the area : 11.5m (plus the fill height in some areas), it is signicantly higher than the existing buildings, and greatly out of proportion with the residential homes surrounding it.

    4) the addition of angled parking on Chinderah bay drive, in my opinion, is not desirable and could be dangerous as this road is becoming increasingly busy. Cars reversing into traffic could be dangerous for all involved, including pedestrians crossing the road.

    5) The Chinderah Pub is an iconic building and should be retained (not demolished). It could be used as a tourism information center, community building/Hall etc not just for a temporary duration , but as a permanent building to benefit the community.

    The project does have some merit, however it shouldn't be destroying the quality of life of the surrounding residents. It would need to be scaled down and present an increased focus on tourism by having quality in its commercial ambitions.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns, and I hope that we can all work together to create a proposal that benefits everyone in the community.

    8 Terrace Street

    Chinderah NSW 2487

  23. In Kingscliff NSW on “S96 (1A) Modification -...” at 37 Kingscliff Street Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Cathryn Suzanne Cole commented

    I, Cathryn Cole, wish to lodge a formal complaint and oppose the application lodged with the Tweed Heads Council by Planit Consulting for Consent DA07/0361 Lot 1 Section 4 on DP758571 – 37 Kingscliff Street Kingscliff NSW

    I purchased 4/37 Kingscliff Street Kingscliff NSW and the property has not settled. I have numerous issues raised with the developers that have not been fully addressed. One of my major issues is I was told by the developers and the Real Estate Agent the fence would be as per the wording on page 2 of 58. [Operational Works Landscaping Plan was submitted and approved in February 2015, to satisfy Condition 11 of DA07/0361 in relation to the submission of a detailed landscaping plan. The materials detailed for the wall/fencing treatment included rendered block work and feature stone cladding (see Appendix 3).] I was shown images by all parties of the finished product. I have been misled and told untruths as to why the product is different to what I purchased. Until this matter has been resolved I urge the Tweed Coast Council not to grant the DA that will not only devalue my property but other owners that purchase in Pacific Terraces 37 Kingscliff Street Kingscliff.

    Please note that upon legal advice, my solicitor is in the process of lodging a formal complaint to not allow this DA to proceed.

  24. In Kingscliff NSW on “Notified Development -...” at 8 Zephyr Street Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Claire Prickett commented

    Urgent Attention please! I am the current owner of 4/13 Beach Street Kingscliff. I am writing to you to draw attention to this development which i believe to be illegal! My husband and myself have been away for the last month and returned to building work that is going on towards the rear of our property. I cannot believe that these plans have been passed! The main issue here is that there is literally only a meter between our rear fence and the new build! There should be at least a 4 meter gap between buildings for legal/ fire regulations. Also our neighbour Peggy Stok has spoken to the owners regarding aspects of the building that she was not happy about.. upon which they seem to have changed the layout/design of the building!! How is it possible to do that?! She also has concerns over the correct removal of asbestos from the pre-existing shed roof which is being converted to the new building. Also the new building is being built on stilts which means it is not on the same level as the ofiginal dwelling! I would like someone to please get back to me asap to discuss this matter and for the building work to be inspected before things go any further. I will also be speaking to my solicitor today about this matter as we do not believe it to be legal! Thank you, I look forward to your promt response. Also, it is very strange that our neighbour Peggy and ourselves never received a letter regarding planning applications for this property. We are the two properties most effected by this! Kindest regards, Claire Prickett. mobile: 0468464673

  25. In Bilambil Heights NSW on “Notified Development -...” at 76 Lakeview Terrace Bilambil Heights NSW 2486:

    Ray and Christine Warner commented

    Question? We are purchasing Property 74 Lakeview Terrace Bilambil Heights and wish to know how it will effect our views and is it likely to reduce the amount of natural light on our property? Please advise at your earliest convenience.

  26. In Kingscliff NSW on “Council CDC - demolition of...” at 18 Boomerang Street Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Christine Evans commented

    I am concerned about the size of this proposed construction in a busy through street and the additional traffic generated by a dual occupancy The application is for a dual occupancy building in what I assumed was a residential area zoned for single dwellings. The scale of the building is very imposing and will block light and air flow to the adjoining homes. The owners of the existing homes are keen gardeners and are very concerned as to the affect of such a large building right on their fence line and the ambience they currently value.I would urge council to consider the residents living nearby and the precedence being set if this building is approved.

  27. In Kingscliff NSW on “Not Notified Development -...” at 81 Marine Parade Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Gaida Macs commented

    I'm trying to obtain details off DAY 17/0066 which is described as "demolition of Kingscliff Community Hall" . The documents seemingly available on the TSC website all relate to DAs for Banora Point??

    I would appreciate you advice as to how and where I can obtain the relevant information.

    Yours sincerely
    Gaida Macs

    Ph 6674 5239

  28. In Tweed Heads NSW on “Not Notified Development -...” at Terranora Terrace Tweed Heads NSW 2485:

    Susy Perin commented

    Parry St development already built. Regards, Susy Perin.

  29. In Tweed Heads NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 24 McGregor Crescent Tweed Heads NSW 2485:

    Scott Miner commented

    I am quite concerned about the substantial increase in Floor Space being sought above the permitted FSR:
    "Clause 4.4 – Floor Space Ratio
    The site is mapped with a maximum 1.8:1 Floor Space Ratio (FSR). The proposal provides a floor space ratio of 2.3:1"

    There doesn't seem to be any reason for or justification for the additional (2.3 -1.8) = 0.5 of FSR or (771.4m2 site area x 0.5 FSR) = 385.7m2. The application could easily remove a typical building level (approx. 300m2 of Floor Space) and still be in excess of the permissible FSR.

    I would urge Tweed Shire council to not support such a large increase in FSR given that it is resulting in a built form that is taller (constrained only by a height limit and not an FSR) and with lesser setbacks and articulation (built to minimum setbacks rather than a limiting FSR control) than may have otherwise been the case.

  30. In Kingscliff NSW on “Staged mixed use...” at 0 Cylinders Drive Kingscliff NSW 2487:

    Therese Navratil commented

    Can you send me a layout of the proposed building plan for Seaside at Casuarina as we are lpossibly ooking at buying a house at 34 Avoca st Casuarina .
    We are concerned about what will be seen from the back of our property from the whole expanse of these new developments.
    How high will the units or any of the proposed 7 commercial dwellings be? & exactly which lots can we expect to see them on?
    Your assistance is appreciated

    Kind Regards
    Therese & Glen Navratil

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