Recent comments on applications from City of Stirling, WA

  1. In Balcatta WA on “Development Assessment...” at Northlands Shopping Centre 377 Wanneroo Road Balcatta WA 6021:

    Jessica Jones commented

    I'm not quite sure why another service station is needed - there's one 200m away on the other side of the shops.
    I'd really love to see development that adds to the community - a nice cafe or something that starts to lift the atmosphere and gives pleasant amenities. A nice place to get brunch on the weekend would improve the community and real estate value more.

  2. In Balcatta WA on “Development Assessment...” at Northlands Shopping Centre 377 Wanneroo Road Balcatta WA 6021:

    YiShan Li commented

    As a resident of Balcatta who lives on the Main Street for years, I must say we don’t need another patrol station here. There’s a lot of patrol station nearby already and also Main Street and Amelia Street both are not a big road, if build a patrol station there it will bring a lot of traffic to this area. It’s gonna cause lots of inconvenience to the residential house near by. We strongly disagree to this development.

  3. In Balcatta WA on “Development Assessment...” at Northlands Shopping Centre 377 Wanneroo Road Balcatta WA 6021:

    Evelyn Petters commented

    I totally agree with everything said by David Price and others. There is already a Caltex service station on Wanneroo Road by Northlands, with another service station close by opposite Big Rock Toyota. The proposed location of this new service station will cause endless traffic problems. Entrances/Exits will be on Main Street, just 30 yards north from the Amelia Street/Main Street traffic lights, where already there is regular traffic build up and congestion many times throughout the day. There is no right turn driving north up Main Street into the Northlands site due to the hard centre island. All traffic using this proposed service station will need to drive down from the top junction of Wanneroo Road/Main Street to enter the facility. This will add more traffic to Main Street. As a resident here for many years, I consider the area is already well served with service stations and liquor outlets and we strongly object to this unnecessary proposal.

  4. In Balcatta WA on “Development Assessment...” at Northlands Shopping Centre 377 Wanneroo Road Balcatta WA 6021:

    Sonia Scordo commented

    Completely agree with David Price. We don’t need another service station, nor do we need a liquor store!

  5. In Balcatta WA on “Development Assessment...” at Northlands Shopping Centre 377 Wanneroo Road Balcatta WA 6021:

    David Price commented

    I learnt today that Northlands Shopping Centre is to hav a Service Station and Liquor Store. I find it surprising that a service station is going to be placed in such a dangerous situation. Also we have enough service stations in the area. This would also be true of liquor stores. There is one fairly near on Main Street and a new one is opening on Karrinyup Road shortly. With all this proposed development it is hoped that the car park at Northlands West end will be upgraded. Parking bays are too small and the surface is awful. Elderly people find it hard to control a shopping trolley. One hopes centre management will learn from Stirling Shopping Centre, Westminster.

    David Price

  6. In Innaloo WA on “Department of Housing -...” at 7 Morris Road Innaloo WA 6018:

    Tom commented

    Hi ,
    there is already a lot of high density homes in the immediate area adjoining 7 Morris st innaloo .
    Yaluma primary school is only around the corner and the streets get extremely busy around school drop off/ pick up time which can be quite a hazard for kids and parents and general public at these peak times.
    On weekends the Pub(Saint George)opposite 7 Morris st gets very busy with pub patrons.
    14 extra high density dwellings will only add to the increase traffic activity in this already very populated area due to its zoning.
    Apart from the increase both to traffic and population to the immediate area these public houses will be opposite a pub(Saint George) which in itself at times can be a hazardous area for pedestrians or people who live in the area .
    Late night noise but mainly the ejection of intoxicated patrons on the st directly opposite 7 Morris st innaloo is can make for very unsafe situations for rd users and local residents.
    I think the development of the block is a good idea as it’s a derelict block at the moment . However I think 14 dwellings opposite a pub with an already very populated area near a school would add increased stress to all who already live in the area and also for those who would move into the proposed 14 dwellings.



  7. In Trigg WA on “Development Assessment...” at 331 West Coast Drive Trigg WA 6029:

    Roy Burton commented

    This proposed development exceeds every limit, but strangely the City of Stirling supports it. Plot ratio is 25% over, overshadowing is nearly 100% in excess, 47% instead own 25%, setbacks are almost non-existent, there is NO parking for the casual customer and no ACROD bay, building height is almost double that of the residence next door. Yet in every aspect except parking the City supports the proposal. There was a huge response to the Public Comments, with 85% of respondants who live within 200 metres, being against the development. All these people seem to have been ignored. It stinks.

  8. In Trigg WA on “Development Assessment...” at 331 West Coast Drive Trigg WA 6029:

    Andy Freeman commented

    Parking has always ben an issue.As a person building directly behind this location I door knocked before buying on Mettam Street. the neighbours said Yelo was an issue due to its popularity as it is now in its current format - let alone the proposed reduction (elimination) in Public Car bays that currently exist, the increased in-out traffic of the proposed vertical development, the increased visitors to the tenant abodes, as well as the all day dining offering on ground floor - its not practical.

    The height will block some of our north western view, as it exceeds the permitted plot ration / building height - this is an issue for someone who has just bought, designed and almost completed a build in the vicinity. This is another huge issue for me!
    Overshadowing was an issue I had to abide by when designing our house. I would be offended if another development disregarded this with their neighbours.

    the design is interesting - but very large in relation to the area also. I dont think its reasonable.

  9. In Balcatta WA on “Residential - Three Grouped...” at 3 Arkana Way Balcatta WA 6021:

    Kevan Barrett commented

    We are concerned that 3 dwellings will not be practical on this non symmetrical site.

    We think 2 dwellings are more appropriate.

    What ever is decided the most important aspect is the provision of
    adequate parking space, either by garage facilities or hard standing,
    within the development boundary.
    This last comment is based upon the close proximity to Main Street
    whereby new residents may park dangerously close to the junction.

  10. In North Beach WA on “Department of Communities -...” at 28 Mundford Street North Beach WA 6020:

    Alex Gregory commented

    Hi when does this approval expire? Thanks

  11. In Scarborough WA on “Development WA - Twelve...” at 5 Brighton Road Scarborough WA 6019:

    Enrico Pennacini commented

    Brilliant...even better than previous approval

  12. In Stirling WA on “Change of Use - Residential...” at 3 Spoonbill Road Stirling WA 6021:

    Flavia Pinfold commented

    My concern is how a childcare centre with extended hours will provide adequate parking with minimal impact on the homes and community surrounding this place of business?

  13. In Innaloo WA on “Residential - Minor...” at 40 Donar Street Innaloo WA 6018:

    Jody Ballard commented

    Hi Team, I contacted you in relation to this application but you were unable to provided any further information. On the assumption that it is the conversion of the garage to internal living space at this property, as this has already commenced, I am concerned about the loss of off-road parking at this property. The property is strata titled with only space for one vehicle off-road when the garage is removed, the property is adjacent to an intersection making on-road parking a hazard. With the increase of multi-unit strata development in the area off-road parking is essential and should not be lost forcing on-road and verge parking to the detriment of others in the vicinity.

  14. In Trigg WA on “Development Assessment...” at 4/18 Ozone Parade Trigg WA 6029:

    marco pinesi commented

    It needs to be made clear where exactly this large pool and ablutions is actually being relocated to . as it impacts all the surrounding existing residences , a pool this size including toilets , needs to be clearly explained.

  15. In Scarborough WA on “Scarborough MRA - Change of...” at West Beach Lagoon 251 West Coast Highway Scarborough WA 6019:

    Melanie Tutavaha commented

    I am in full support of the proposed change of use of West Beach Lagoon, 251 West Coast Highway Scarborough. I believe it will be a positive upgrade that will promote residential infill in the revamped Scarborough foreshore.

  16. In Scarborough WA on “Scarborough MRA - Change of...” at West Beach Lagoon 251 West Coast Highway Scarborough WA 6019:

    Enrico Pennacini commented

    Great idea! Totally support this request of change.

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