Recent comments on applications from Shoalhaven City Council, NSW

  1. In Erowal Bay NSW on “Demolition of Existing...” at 42 Naval Pde, Erowal Bay, NSW:

    Vicki Balaouras commented

    I am surprised to see such a dwelling be proposed and even considered to be built in such a peaceful and beautiful village that is surrounded by native fauna, birds and protected wildlife that roam around the streets as part of the community. Such a dwelling has no place in Erowal Bay and totally object to seeing a unsightly dwelling as I drive thru Naval Parade that does not fit in with the serenity of the community where we feel protected, and safe walking the streets without high traffic. By allowing such a dwelling to be built for personal profit, that would be best suited in a cosmopolitan area such as Huskinsson, If this DA is approved, then what's to say this will be the beginning of what's to come to our village in the near future?

    I've seen what's happened to Hyams Beach in the last 2 years compared to 10 years ago whereby we as locals can't even go for a swim these days at the closest beach due to the increase of tourists and not to mention the traffic congestion and road closures on Jervis Bay road.

  2. In Nowra NSW on “Proposed Demolition of...” at 47 Bridge Rd, Nowra, NSW:

    Julia Burke commented

    Yet another 100 year + piece of Nowra history to be reduced to rubble thanks to an uncaring council more concerned with appeasing developers than it's own rate payers and residents concerned with retaining character buildings.

    What monstrous piece of garbage will be replacing this beautiful weatherboard ?

  3. In Berry Mountain NSW on “Micro-brewery” at 466 Kangaroo Valley Rd, Berry Mountain, NSW:

    Michaela Packer commented

    I strongly object to the proposed development of a brewery on Berry Mountain due to the state of the roads accessing the property and the large imposition this development will have on the surrounding farmland and residents.
    The roads accessing the property, being Kangaroo Valley Road and Tourist Rd, are narrow and winding country roads with no road markings, length and load restrictions and significant and persistent maintenance issues. These conditions will be further exacerbated by visitors unfamiliar with the roads and conditions, and due to the nature of the business, under the influence of alcohol.

    I also object to this development on the grounds that it is completely incongruous to the area, with the surrounding land offering peaceful rural living as well as small scale farming. A development of this nature would cause significant disruption to the surrounding area, disturbing the peaceful rural ambiance of the mountain through the increased traffic, noise, truck access and the impact on local wildlife and the environment.

  4. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1 Princess Av South, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Tony Rolfe commented

    As a former owner of Edgewater (1993 - 2004), I want to Express my admiration for this development. This 4-star location deserves a 4-star development.

    Concern for the land immediately in front of the existing log wall is misplaced. This area has been used as a footpath since before we bought the motel and no one had any concern then.

    This development will be the gem in Burrill Lake and I urge Council to approve it.

  5. In Shoalhaven Heads NSW on “Commercial Additions-...” at 40 Shoalhaven Heads Rd, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW:

    Sandy barnes commented

    I object to this DA, for the following reasons. Rubbish collection, Rosella st is only 4m wide it is not wide enough for the truck to come in. The poor maintenance man empty the large bins by hand which is discusting it shows the level of concern for safety this company has especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Flooding, during the floods I sat in horror and watched the only staff member that was around ( the then manager, please note we have not had a manager for months) try and move all the boats and caravans from down the back due to the rapidly rising flood waters. He was not successful and some floated away. I also could not exit the caravan park as the only exit was also flooded, it was quite scary. Noise, as there are people who have brought these permanent homes who are under 50 years old with the homes being so high the noise travels and keeps me awake at night. Car parking, you are only allowed 1 vehicle per site and there are only 4 available car spots in the car park I was told to park on Shoalhaven heads rd. Sometimes it's full and I have to park on Jerry Bailey rd. Fire, when the fires hit the Shoalhaven I was fearful that if the adjacent bushland caught alight we would be in trouble especially as the fire trucks would have trouble accessing this street because of the width of the rd. The two permanent residents on the street are elderly and have lived here for years for them to lose there little homes would be very un Australian of council. So for these reasons and for the safety of new and current residents of the caravan park I strongly oppose this DA.

  6. In Manyana NSW on “New Urban Dwelling” at 162 Sunset Strip, Manyana, NSW:

    Karel Cermak commented

    Sory as far as we are a concern (previous resident of Sunset Strip for 19 years) we have to point out that this development in a subdivision is going on for longer than 30 years. Always somebody is thinking about making big "killing" and make a fortune. There is always one big problem. There is nothing to do than go fishing and swimming atd. Nothing else. majority of those few permanent people are permanent costumers of Centrelink. And they will be regardless of any development. Only the number of Centrelink customers will become much longer. Why? there is no smallest opportunity of employment. Nowra is 45 km to the left from Bendalong Rd, and Mollymook, Uladulla 35 km Obviously public transport 3x a day Kids trip to school takes longer than an hour. Nearest shop at Bendalong or Cunjerong with limited supplyes. Shops are oriented to provide feed for "vaxheads" mostly or for caravanpark and so on. Manyana means exactly what is is a place of nothing happened now, everythink tomorrow. Just leave it as it is!

  7. In Bomaderry NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 2 Lynburn Av, Bomaderry, NSW:

    anne mullen commented

    The walls of this entire building are asbestos fibro

  8. In Ulladulla NSW on “Home Activity - Production...” at 48 Royal Mantle Dr, Ulladulla, NSW:

    Charmaine Robson commented

    Excellent I support completely

  9. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Demolish Existing Dwelling...” at 56 McDonald Pde, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    J Wilkes commented

    Another cottage gone and with it the history and character of Burrill Lake.
    Flood zone classification now means it will be replaced by a 2 storey block obstructing any feeling of lakeside living for other residents.
    Please be sure to insist on the correct removal of all asbestos!!

  10. In Shoalhaven Heads NSW on “Urban Dwelling Additions -...” at 37 River Rd, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW:

    Lynda Gordon-Squire commented

    I am concerned by the number of trees being removed. Over the past 4 years that I have lived in the area, there has been an alarming number of trees removed from this small town, apparently with Council's approval.

  11. In on “Modification of conditions...” at 123 Forster Dr, Bawley POINT132 Forster Dr, Bawley Point, NSW:

    james commented

    This is an absolute joke. As it is now theres enough noise pollution coming from willinga park.

  12. In on “Modification of conditions...” at 123 Forster Dr, Bawley POINT132 Forster Dr, Bawley Point, NSW:

    Martin commented

    I strongly object to Willinga parks development application put forth. More traffic noise, more cars, more PA noise, more rubbish, more wildlife hit. Enough is enough!
    Our lovely peaceful hamlet is being ruined right under our noses.

  13. In Lake Conjola NSW on “Sec 4.55 Modification -...” at 1 Norman St, Lake Conjola, NSW:

    S.Williams commented

    I strongly object to this expansion of what is currently mostly short term ie holiday periods and weekend stays.
    Lake Conjola is a rural Village with a small number of permanent long term resident who had been told over and over for years that there would be no more housing developments here, that there was no more land available. That is one of the main reasons residents move here and long term residents have stayed here. It is exactly the quiet peaceful village atmosphere that caused us to move here in the first place also knowing that a little 'excitement' would be had in the holiday periods with the influx of tourists. Ingenia has already burdened our village with hundreds of permanent houses, and I can speak for many other residents that a lot of people are not happy that this development was allowed to go ahead, nor the manner in which it was largely kept quiet from residents until it was too late to object, and they will not be happy that Ingenia now wants to further expand on this. We want our village to retain the quiet quaint charm that caused us to move here in the first place.

    There is no public transport in Lake Conjola, so this will mean another 119 private vehicles in the town at a minimum. Lake Conjola does not have the infrastructure to cope with a few hundred more residents that will potentially be here year round with their family and friends potentially staying on a regular basis. If you look at a minimum 2 people per unit that is another 236 people and then we are also looking at their children, friends and family so this could amount to hundreds more people and cars in the village on a year round long term basis.!

    There is only one two lane Rd in and out of this village and the provision of another 119 long term housing units will be extremely dangerous in the event of a sudden evacuation being necessary especially in light of the recent bushfires and floods. 119 more units is a potential 119 more cars on this road or if there are two cars to each property 236 more vehicles to add to the residents cars already here, and then there will be potentially hundreds more when these peoples family and friends come to visit - I cant imagine the nightmare this would be for all of us trying to evacuate and leave on a one lane Road!

    Lake Conjola Entrance Rd is never in an excellent condition, we have continuous pot holes and patched up roads as it is and more cars are only going to make this road a lot worse than it is - is council going to build a new road that will be able to cope with an increase of a minimum of 119 cars that will be here on a long term basis, or are the permanent residents going to be subjected to more damage to our cars from this shocking road that is not properly maintained as it is? Then are the residents here going to be expecting another rate rise to accommodate Ingenias new residents cars?

    As much as Ingenia purports to be a part of our village they are not - this was evidenced in the recent bushfires where by Ingenia organised their own 'fire marshalls' so to speak who were keeping Ingenia residents informed of what was happening but none of that information was passed on to the other residents outside of Ingenias property. Ingenias residents were assisted with evacuation but none of this assistance was offered to other residents, nor were any of Ingenias staff or otherwise instrumental in assisting other residents in fighting these fires. As usual they kept to themselves, which is totally the opposite of what the residents outside of Ingenia are like - we all band together and help each other out. Ingenia looks after Ingenia only and shows no care or regard for the other residents in the village - they are like an Island unto themselves and this is NOT how Lake Conjola residents have or will ever treat each other. Ingenia has already caused a 'seperation' in this town - it is 'us' and 'them'.

    Is this addition is Ingenia going to cause more barricades crossings and barriers on the main road so that their residents have more and easier access to the Bowling Club - again at the expense of local traffic? Or will they apply to have an unsightly overpass built for their residents to access the Bowling Club. Rumour has it that they wanted that upon building their permanent housing.

    And what about the mail situation? At present parcels are delivered to the local store as the postman is not allowed access inside Ingenias 'gated community" - this will put further pressure on the small local post office/general store where mail is currently housed in a very small shed. The amount of extra parcels has increased dramatically with the inclusion of Ingenias permanent housing project, which has also increased the wait time for customers and the workload of staff at the shop who are taken away from other duties such as serving customers buying produce or ordering food, just to handle what are frequently heavy parcels to the extra residents already in Ingenia. And again this often causes a lot of cars to block the surrounding area around the general store as mail is to be picked up after 4pm. From what is known the owners of the store are in no position to expand to be able to accommodate a few hundred more residents let alone deliver their mail.
    Is Ingenia prepared to build along with their swimming pools and clubhouses a mail storage area so residents can collect their own mail straight from the postman, or will they allow the postman access through their gates?

    The only people who will benefit from this is the company of Ingenia itself. It is disgusting that this lovely village and its long term residents should be disadvantaged and put in further danger for the sole purpose of this company making more money. How much more wildlife will be put in danger from the extra vehicles that will be travelling the main road - how many of the now scarce kangaroos, echidnas and other wildlife are going to be slaughtered by their cars on the main road?

    Further more I myself and many others who live close to Ingenia have, for the last few years been subjected to constant building noise and worse constant black dust entering our houses due to the building of their few hundred permanent houses and this is continuing to this very day as they have not even completed that aspect of their expansion. Are we to be subjected to more years of filthy dust in our homes and constant building noise?
    These permanent dwellings were only enabled to be built due to Shoalhaven Councils reckless land rezoning of which Ingenia has taken full advantage. This rezoning should never have been put in place!

    I ask that council not allow this to go ahead. The Van park should be left as it is now with no further unwanted (by the local residents) development.
    Thank You

  14. In Shoalhaven Heads NSW on “Commercial Additions-...” at 40 Shoalhaven Heads Rd, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW:

    eJames Andrew Thomas commented

    I am an owner of a two bedroom mobile home. (11yrs in June 20) My home is one of the 20 annual sites slated for "redevelopement" During this period I have spent many thousands improving my "bonneydoon". I wish to strongly object to this proposal, including but not limited too # During the floods we could not enter or exit the park thru the combined in/ out driveway.(Shoalhaven Heads road is the only entrance/exit available to the entire park) Provision was made to exit on Jerry Bailey road. Corporate greed surfaced and a dwelling was constructed on the exit land at 15 Jerry Bailey rd. Drastically putting an end to the proposed exit option.??? #Vehicle parking is a big issue. 4 spots are available only out the front. At present the 20 annual sites are set 3+ meters from the existing roadway. Leaving enough room to park dirrectly in front of your van/cabin. With the "proposal" this will be impossible with only 1meter of land from the road.??? # The RFS could not access some streets because of the tightness of the placing of new mobile homes.??? # This holiday park will resemble a "Retirement Village" and it is not strictly over 55's. My "new" neighbours across the road (good people) are 3 yrs older than me. I am turning 51 this year.??? These are issues that have to be addressed! I know this is a struggle comparative to "David & Goliath" but please consider my argument. I have been a resident of Shoalhaven Heads since 1991. Yours sincerley James.

  15. In Bomaderry NSW on “Commercial Additions - Two...” at 13 Dalwah St, Bomaderry, NSW:

    Stephen Rodwas commented

    Great to see developments put in place at a time and place of need. Cheaper rent which are close to amenities are hard to find. Community needs more affordable accomodation like this one will provide. Hopefully it’s a sign of others to come around the area also.

  16. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1 Princess Av South, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Carolyn Clatworthy commented

    The very idea of a 3 storey waterfront development on Burrill Lake estuary is so wrong.This building will be a blight on the landscape.How is it even possible that a development of this magnitude can be approved on such a heavily floodprone site?
    Also I fear for the survival of delicate aquatic species across the mud flats in the estuary which are already heavily impacted by increasing human interference and polluted stormwater runoff from the existing development around the lake.
    I would not object to a more modest development of this site.

  17. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1 Princess Av South, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Yvonne Perrin commented

    I am absolutely devastated that people believe this development is a good idea. Having resided in Burrill Lake and Milton for over 30 years I have been witness to much development, some good some bad. This is one of the bad ones. Burrill Lake is still a beautiful environment ,with natural appeal to everyone. Including the wildlife. Ecologically this development would be a disaster. The tranquility of Burrill would be shattered. This is a unique estuary and is extremely fragile .The shifting sands home to so much marine and birdlife. The reason this building application has been submitted is pure and simple. Money. We all have to start taking responsibility for our future and preserve at least a few coastal towns to a minimum . It also seems the development will be built to the waterline? There should be a buffer of at least 7mt, or so I thought ,for foreshore developments? We really don't need Noosa style in Burrill Lake, keep it for the next generation, people will come just for the beauty. What of climate change and rising sea levels? I've noticed severe erosion on the bank of the dune to the south ,at least 5 meters has washed into the water in the last 3 years. Nothing further should be built on the waters edge.

  18. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1 Princess Av South, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Stephen Hoggett commented

    What a brilliant initiative!! It is great to have developers looking at giving back to the locals through facilities such as these. This proposal looks to be well designed, and I'll be looking forward to the positive impact this facility will provide to the local community.

  19. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Joe butler commented

    As much as I like progress. This is not acceptable.
    1/ It will not beautify the area, but instead will detract from tranquility and lay back atmosphere of the area.
    2/ it will needlessly intensify the strain on infrastructure especially during peak times.
    3/ Will not benefit the local community in any way. The benefit will only go to the investors who may not even be residents of Australia.

  20. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Jacqui Oliver commented

    I strongly oppose this application.
    When is Council going to stop thinking about their bank balance and think about 1. The Environment first and foremost,
    2. The impact that it has knocking down everything in it's path to develope with absolute no regard to the environment or wildlife. The development in The Dairy is proof of this.
    3. The impact on the serenity is slowly but surely already happening in the so called sea side town we used to love it for.
    4. Why are we building more and more houses, yet there is no new infrastructure no new jobs ( apart from building theses houses and all that comes with it )
    5. This town is going to end up just like Shellharbour ... Greed will always win over wildlife, environment and serenity.
    Sad :(

  21. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Greg Lewis commented

    I am entirely opposed to this proposal.
    Squeezing any, let alone 16 dwellings into such a small area seems purely development for the sake of development, and quite frankly, Burrill Lake and Dolphin Point has had more than it's fair share over the last decade. A line needs to be drawn, especially as this proposal for
    3 storeys is utterly unacceptable and will potentially see more of the same kind of development around the area. This must not be allowed to happen.
    I would also be very concerned as to the environmental impact as it sits adjacent to wetlands.

  22. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Leonie Higgins commented

    I oppose this development with it being three storey high this totally wrong for the surroundings also with all the housing developments in the area we don’t need it the road which it is on is not built to take this type of traffic congestion it bad enough at holiday time let alone a construction of this sort the environmental impact on the area and lake would be catastrophic I am wonder how our council could even consider a construction of this sort I thought it was park land we don’t hv the infrastructure in surrounding area for this schools full medical centre busy hospital not a full functioning hospital no parking as if we need this sort of high rise it wil only be an eyesore on our lake forshore

  23. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Tracy commented

    Burrill Lake is a small village and we need to keep it this way. I am against this going ahead. It will affect our local environment and native fauna and flora and animal habitat. The amount of traffic we have now from the development on Dingley's farm is excess and we don't have the infrastructure for more. Keep these developments to the big end of town Ulladulla. We need to keep our lake pristine. Developments like this will effect our lake and Beautiful Burrill. We don't want to be like North NSW and the Gold Coast.

  24. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Karen commented

    I am totally against this development as 3 storeys is not in line with the feel of the area. There is already too many new dwellings that will cause huge traffic changes. This does not support the natural beauty. Look at the destruction of other coastal towns once these types of developments go in. People come to the south coast to get away from the city and this changes the whole view of such a pristine place let alone the pollution and other issues this will cause. It is not suitable for such development.

  25. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Lynette McCall commented

    We will have more problems with the lake entrance, with people . And the lake would have more traffic , our serenity will be be lost, also traffic going into and out of Dolphin Point would be worse than it is now. Already since the new bridges and 3 roundabouts In such a short space. Has caused many problems, I.e.near misses and more traffic would add more to this problem

  26. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Dianne Stonestreet commented

    Can someone explain please exactly where this is going to be. Can’t follow the map.

  27. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Corrine commented

    There are so many developments currently undertaken & too much vegetation including mature trees cleared.
    This needs to stop!
    Stop the developments until infrastructure has been upgraded to accommodate the current disaster on our highway.
    The bypass needs to go ahead to relieve the situation created by the mass developments already approved.

  28. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Ron rutter commented

    The extra traffic from the huge slum at the old dairy is already creating its own peak hour in Ulladulla with normal daily traffic much like holiday traffic in the past. For goodness sake how much more will be destroyed in the name of progress.? It also will increase the stress load on nearby national parks with more domestic pets etc. please stop allowing the south coast to become the next southern suburb of Sydney.

  29. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Removal of vegetation and...” at Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Carolyn Clatworthy commented

    No no this development must not go ahead.
    3 stories is just too high and the number of dwellings is excessive.Burrill Lake residents do not want this sort of development especially being so close to the Lake entrance.I am very concerned about the obvious negative environmental impact on the waterway and adjacent bushland. A development such as this will most certainly detract from the natural beauty of the area which must be preserved. There are enough dwellings in the vicinity already.I suggest council consider conserving what is left of any bushland near the entrance of the lake for obvious reasons. This development must be down scaled significantly. If approved in its current form this DA will set a dangerous precedent for future developments in the area.

  30. In Burrill Lake NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1 Princess Av South, Burrill Lake, NSW:

    Luke Stewart commented

    So excited for this. It’s perfect timing too. This area needs something apart from Mollymook. Looking forward to a day on the lake and dinner and drinks over looking the water at the end of the day.

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