Recent comments on applications from Shellharbour City Council, NSW

  1. In Albion Park NSW on “Consolidation Of Two Lots,...” at 227 Tongarra Road Albion Park NSW 2527:

    Nathan commented

    What going on here obviously no consultation I’ve already started work on the place how can this be allowed I’ve got nothing in the mail saying this was approved to start typical Shellharbour council

  2. In Warilla NSW on “Two Townhouses And Two Lot...” at 168 Osborne Parade Warilla NSW 2528:

    David Kennedy commented

    The resadent next door at 166 Osborne parade Warilla is permanently working nights. Am already under a lot of stress and fatigue from the lact of sleep due to the work being done.

  3. In Blackbutt NSW on “Multi Dwelling Housing...” at 2 Kite Place Blackbutt NSW 2529:

    Jamie Stevoski commented

    Building on this land will create land slippage issues to those properties around it. Not only this but it will create privacy issues into those who have backyards in the local area. This is appalling management by Shellharbour Council!

  4. In Albion Park NSW on “Use Of Shop As Cafe With...” at 136-140 Terry Street Albion Park NSW 2527:

    Kim Bassett commented

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am the owner/operator of DropnGo Laundry which I have owned for 11 years.

    I am writing in concern over the parking issue at Terry Street Shops. This car park is to accommodate 9 shops (was 10 but one has since closed due to lack of parking)

    Approximately 12 months ago a small cafe by the name of Three Flamingos Cafe opened their doors at the northern end of the small shopping complex which has seating for approx 26 patrons. This cafe is now expanding into the vacant shop which will have seating for approx 90 patrons (both shops combined). The parking around the Terry Street shops will become a nightmare for all the other shops due to no parking being available for our customers (which is happening now with just the smaller cafe). My shop is a drop off/ pick up shop with people bringing in & picking up their laundry. My customers are in my shop for no longer than 5 minutes. Some of my customers are elderly & would not manage to carry their items long distance from their vehicles (I often go out & get their items for them or take items out to their cars as they are too heavy for them to carry). Other customers carry large washing/ ironing baskets into my shop. If there is no parking available, my customers will go elsewhere which would put my shop in jeopardy of closing its doors like the Pet shop.
    Maybe if the southern end of the car park (Simpson Parade end) was designated for 10 car spaces for the shops that are also pick up/drop off (there are two other businesses in the same boat as mine) & sign posted for "10 to 15 minute parking only" for our customers. I do not have an issue with the cafe trading nor expanding but parking has become a big issue & will only get worse in the near future with the expansion of the cafe. Please remember this car park is to serve eight other businesses.

    I hope you consider my concern on the parking issue.

    Thank you

    Kim Bassett

  5. In Shell Cove NSW on “Alterations and Additions...” at 28 Torres Circuit Shell Cove NSW 2529:

    Amanda Fletcher commented

    The traffic this would bring to an already small street would cause major congestion.
    The street is not wide enough to allow for parking and 2 cars can barely pass each other on this street as it is. Expecially when residents have their cars parked half on the council strip and half on the road due to an already existing lack of space.
    Also being in a confined residential area this will cause the street to be less safe for our children to play on (with increased traffic) and the noise at early morning hours and late hours would highly disrupt surrounding houses.
    There is already 3 daycare centres in the shell cove area plus the addition of a large centre being built on the land aside to the shellharbour club.
    This presents more issues than positives for the residents of Torres Circuit.

  6. In Albion Park NSW on “Demolition Of Existing Shed...” at 30 Taylor Road Albion Park NSW 2527:

    Wayne commented

    The owner mentioned that he wuld submit plans for a shed. We have no objections to th proposed shed as it will not affect us.

  7. In Shellharbour NSW on “Carnival from Boxing Day...” at Addison Street Shellharbour NSW 2529:

    Mel Benson commented

    We live on the street. We had our mail stolen, our garden trashed and people trespassing on our property. We now have a post office box. We need more security and police presence during this period. Teenagers are getting drunk in the school grounds and walking to the carnival. Please support the local residents by having security. Last year during the carnival we lost our power about 6 times - due to power outage. Unsure if this is connected but long term residents said this has occurred before when the oval is being used for an event. Please look into this matter. Thank you

  8. In Albion Park NSW on “Multi Dwelling Development...” at 32-52 Taylor Road Albion Park NSW 2527:

    Kyle commented

    The proposal in general is pleasing. As i am one of the very few affected residents of this project i would hope that my voice can be heard. The proposal states that the western boundary fence (bounding number 32 to number 30) is already of acceptable heght and construction.

    Whilst it is true this fence is in good condition. The height is not as stated in this application. This fence is 1500mm high at its highest and drops down to around 700-800mm at the front of my property. I would hope that the council would enforce replacement of this fence at the developers cost due to inadequate privacy being provided from the adjoining development proposal. I would even like consideration to be given to perhaps a taller fence (2000mm) to provide privacy from the elevated aspect of the proposed units (RL is much higher than my site)

    I would also like to know how the developer has overcome the flooding issues of Taylor road itself. if the council is to refer to notes made against my plans for development. in pre lodgment advice PR0038/2017

    it is clearly stated as below:

    The DCP stipulates that for Subdivision of Land (Strata or Torrens Title), the applicant is to demonstrate that there is timely, safe and reliable access for emergency personnel to the site, during a flood. Therefore, the proposal could not be supported by Council, unless an
    alternative means of access to the site was available (other than from Taylor Road). This
    could be in the form of an easement or right of way over neighbouring properties for
    emergency personnel and their vehicles.

    The development in its current form does not provide this so my question is why am i being told council will not support my application when the proposal on the adjoining lot intends to do the same thing.

    It would be great to see the developer make contact with myself as the adjoining and therefore burdened lot in regards to an understanding of the construction activity proposed to take place.

  9. In Calderwood NSW on “Demolition of Existing...” at 532 Calderwood Road Calderwood NSW 2527:

    Andrew Knowlson commented

    Dear General Manager
    I support the Calderwood Golf Course Tourist Development DA0541/2016 for the following reasons:
    1) The proposal has a visual appearance and scale suitable to the location.
    2) A variety of accommodation is proposed supported by other facilities which will benefit the attractiveness of the proposal in the tourism market.
    3) New employment opportunities will become available should the development proceed.

    The following concerns are raised in relation to the proposal which could be addressed by appropriate conditions should the application be approved:
    a) Ensuring that the effluent disposal system will protect the water quality of Marshall Mount Creek, Macquarie Rivulet and Lake Illawarra for their continued recreational purposes including swimming and fishing.
    b) Ensuring that no sediment leaves the construction site protecting downstream waterways and Lake Illawarra.
    c) Ensuring that the golf course and the associated accommodation and facilities are available to the local community and not restricted.

    My final concern is that the Statement of Environmental Effects purports not to include the whole of Lot 6 as part of the site north of Marshall Mount Creek is within Wollongong City Council. Should the application be approved however then it will apply to the whole of the land and therefore the Development Application and its supporting documentation should recognise this and identify the future use of the lands north of Marshall Mount Creek. As these lands are steep and well vegetated and partly zoned E2 Environmental Conservation and RU2 Rural Landscape the intensification of uses on the whole of Lot 6 is an appropriate time to consider the future conservation and enhancement of these steep and vegetated lands. In this regard I request that Shellharbour City Council in consultation with Wollongong City Council and the Applicant/Owner support a condition of Consent, should the subject application be approved, which requires the conservation and enhancement of the lands on the North side of Marshall Mount Creek in perpetuity. Such an approach would benefit the amenity and landscape of the subject tourism development and the future urban area community. In addition such an approach would provide an opportunity to extend a vegetation and wildlife corridor further east from the Illawarra Escarpment.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this exciting proposal and raise concerns which I seek to be addressed by appropriate conditions.

    Yours sincerely
    Andrew Knowlson

  10. In Mount Warrigal NSW on “Demolition of Existing...” at 389 Reddall Parade Mount Warrigal NSW 2528:

    Brian McCormack commented

    We have not received any letter about the eight town houses we live at 96 Madigan Blvd we have only herd about this from our neighbors could you pleas send us a letter about this thank you, Brian McCormack.

  11. In Albion Park NSW on “Commercial Development...” at 132 Burdekin Drive Albion Park NSW 2527:

    Anonymous commented

    I believe that they should have to substitute this loss of landscaped area elsewhere. as there is a requirement for a minimum landscaped area and this development is starting to look more and more like a concrete jungle.

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