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Recent comments on applications from City of Perth, WA

  1. In Northbridge WA on “Proposed 84 Multiple...” at 233-239 James Street Northbridge WA 6003:

    Gabrielle Calleja commented

    I strongly oppose this application. As a property owner and resident of 226 James street I ask that the City of Perth acts to preserve the unique cultural landscape of the Northbridge precinct. Rowe, James, Francis and Aberdeen streets should be protected from high rise developments that would impinge on the cultural aesthetic which Northbridge is known and loved for. There are already too many vacant high rise apartment buildings in Northbridge, East Perth and Perth City. Please preserve our unique cultural hub beloved for its art, hospitality, entertainment and retail by opposing yet another residential development that would erode the character of Northbridge and kill another opportunity for hospitality and entertainment to flourish.

  2. In East Perth WA on “Temporary ETP - Shape Bar $0” at Unit 1/237 Hay Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Peter Paoliello commented

    Is there any further update to the future of this building? It has been derelict for many years now.

  3. In Crawley WA on “Total Site Clearance” at 13 The Avenue Crawley WA 6009:

    Neil McKinnon commented

    I am looking forward to the demolition of the deserted and derelict house and welcome the new development

  4. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Dave Daniels commented

    Living on Brown Street is already bad enough with noise from inconsiderate neighbours playing music with their doors wide open, others sitting in their cars with 'doof doof' bass noise, people on their balconies smoking etc. Parking is severely limited, inspectors are all over you if you err 5 minutes over. Just imagine the impact a tavern will have, perish the thought.

  5. In East Perth WA on “Amendment -65 Apartments...” at 29-31 Wellington Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Jennifer Prince commented

    Please could we be advised of the progress of this development? It has come to our notice that the apartment buildings on the other side of Wellington Street have been notified that the development will commence soon and photos have been taken for reference if building damage should occur once construction commences.

    Our building, 47 Forrest Avenue is directly behind the development. (Tall white building in photo). We have not been notified of the commencement or building assessment made.

    When the building to the right of this development was constructed, incorrect common walls were demolished and considerable damage occurred on our property to the grounds, a wall and the cottage that is located immediately behind the block.

    Please can this matter be addressed immediately and a response sent in acknowledgement of receipt of this communication.

    Kind regards
    Jennifer Prince
    City Towers Council of Owners

  6. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    David Horner commented

    When we submitted our letter we had naively assumed that property owners in the area had received communication from the council concerning the change of property use. Since speaking with a number of our neighbours, it appears that only a small number were actually informed. The council has therefore not only excluded tenants from the process but the majority of owners as well! This to me suggests that the council is attempting to push through the change of use "under the radar" hoping that the local owners/residents would not notice. Well, we have noticed!

  7. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Leonie Walker commented

    I too object to this proposed development for all the reasons that have already been put forward. On all sides of the proposed development there are residential apartments with no available buffer zone from the inevitable noise and busyness of people coming and going, not to mention the noise pollution and litter/odour type pollution that would be generated from a bar/restaurant/entertainment environment, and late into the nights. Where are people going to park? Already parking is limited and often problematic for residents in the street. As already noted, Brown St and surrounding streets are narrow and in peak periods the area can already become congested. As already noted, the current mix of commercial and residential co-exist without negative impact, allowing the residents quality of life and quiet after work hours and on weekends.
    It is of great concern that only a few local residents had been made aware of this proposed development or of the re-zoning of the address in question to allow for such a development. Why is this so? Also of great concern is the possibility that there has been a lack of due process and a possible conflict of interest with one of the planning committee members having some connection to the proposed development. There appears to be a lack of transparency combined with a disregard of the interest of the local residents.

  8. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Janice Calcei commented

    We have been owners in Brown St since 2000. Contrary to what one of the respondents has said above, not all property owners in Brown St were notified of this development. Most information was received by word of mouth and community email only a few days ago.

    Our concerns are similar to those expressed above:
    1. In the past we have been notified by the Council of proposed change in the area but this has not been the case with the plans for 98 -100 Brown St. This would be a significant change in what is now mainly a residential street and it deserves wider community consultation. The communication seems to have been ad hoc with some residents/owners being contacted but not others. How was this decided?
    2. Parking has always been very restricted in this street. Finding enough parking for residents and visitors at nights and weekends has become more and more difficult.
    3. The blend of fairly low key commercial activity and residential premises that we bought into has worked well, busy during the week but quiet on the weekends. As many respondents have already suggested, there are other locations already developed and more suited to hospitality activity.
    4. It doesn't seem to make commercial sense for a hospitality business to set up in a largely residential location. Are there plans to rezone and redevelop other sites near this location?

  9. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    T White commented

    I wish to express my concern over the proposed micro wine brewery / restaurant and voice my disagreement with this proposal going ahead.

    I am a local resident of Brown Street and feel the location of this micro wine brewery / restaurant is not suited to this quiet residential street where the additional pedestrian & vehicle movements would significantly increase the noise during the day & night.

    Additional to this, if the brewery / restaurant was to go ahead there would be additional stress on the already limited parking in the vicinity.

  10. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Vince Oliveri commented

    Great idea. The suburb needs more activation and I believe bars and restaurants in the area will actually make it safer. Currently there's nothing open at night nearby so the only people around are generally unsavory. Personally I moved to the central area thinking it'd be a much more lively area. I've been a bit disappointed with the lack of activities and options in the Claisebrook area. Dense suburbs and "quiet neighborhoods" have no place being in the same sentence. As for car spaces, people would probably be less concerned with driving if there was more to do around here!

  11. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    David Horner commented

    Below is a copy of our letter posted to the council.

    Below are our comments and objections to the proposed change of use of this property.
    • Quality of life - Changing the use of the property, that is wedged between people’s homes, to one serving food and alcohol will unduly affect the lifestyle of the people already living close by and shows a lack of respect for their quality of life.
    • Residential area with young children - Brown and Glyde Street are predominantly residential and are not suited to a venue serving alcohol. The serving of alcohol can also lead to offensive and anti-social behaviour.
    • Noise levels - Local residents will be disturbed by customers entering and leaving the venue during the day and particularly evenings and night time when sleep will be disturbed. There will also be disruption from commercial vehicles delivering to the venue.
    • Entertainment – The proposed change of use includes entertainment. This implies that there will also be music coming from the venue which will result in further disturbance to us and our neighbours.
    • Smoking - Presumably it will be a non-smoking venue. Customers will therefore congregate on the footpaths outside our home and our neighbour’s homes. This will lead to environmental pollution in the form of
    o Cigarette smoke penetrating our homes.
    o Noise and disturbance from the smokers.
    o Litter in the form of discarded cigarette packets and cigarette butts on the footpaths.
    • Smells/odours – There is the potential that our homes will be penetrated by the smell of cooking from the restaurant and other odours from the micro-brewery.
    • Traffic volumes - Local streets, Glyde Street in particular, are too narrow to cope with an increase in traffic volume and are already congested during peak hours.
    • Parking for customers - There is already limited parking on Brown and Glyde Streets. During the evening and weekends the majority of the parking bays are occupied by local residents.
    • Communication - We understand that the letter regarding the proposed change of use has not been sent to all residents on Brown and Glyde Streets, only property owners. Tenants should also have been informed as this proposal also impacts them and they are entitled to an opportunity to comment. Not only have local residents been excluded but those who have been informed have been given an extremely short time frame to respond i.e. we received the letter on Friday 3rd February and the closing date for responding is Tuesday 14th February. We are sure that the change of use application was not subject to such a restrictive deadline.

  12. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Sithy Rafeek commented

    Please consider our neighbourhood it's going to be a nightmare a bar opened right next door to me I thought u could relax when I retire but now I have to live with stress thinking who's going to knock on my door in the middle of the night when you reach 65 you don't deserve to be living under stress. As tenants of 90 brown street we were not informed. There are little children young as five going to school we don't need a bar next door with loud music. So please consider this matter seriously and help us to lead a peaceful life in our neighbourhood. Thank you. Sithy

  13. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Sithy Rafeek commented

    Please consider our neighbourhood it's going to be a nightmare a bar opened right next door to me I thought u could relax when I retire but now I have to live with stress thinking who's going to knock on my door in the middle of the night when you reach 65 you don't deserve to be living under stress. As tenants of 90 brown street we were not informed. There are little children young as five going to school we don't need a bar next door with loud music. So please consider this matter seriously and help us to lead a peaceful life in our neighbourhood. Thank you. Sithy

  14. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Clinton Edwards commented

    We think the Brown Street neighbours should have been consulted about this decision. The parking and noise is anticipated to be a great concern, and if the council and owners of the business can show us how they have planned to manage these issues we would love to know.

  15. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Irene Peart commented

    We have lived in this street for almost fourteen years, and seen lots of changes, but they have all been residential and light industry. My comments will echo those already made.
    We are very stretched for parking spaces
    The area is residential, and as such a development that would operate late into the evening will not sit comfortably with the residents of this area.
    I am extremely surprised and disappointed that no information of this proposed development has been passed onto the residents.
    If we had been looking for the mix that is proposed we would have chosen Northbridge.
    There has been no community consultation.

  16. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Juliann Lloyd-Smith commented

    We have only recently moved into Brown St, East Perth. We chose this immediate area for although it represented a mix of uses, the existing commercial and light industrial properties operated primarily during business hours leaving the largely residential nature of the street unaffected after hours.
    We chose not to buy in the Royal Street area because of the noise and congestion caused by the shops, restaurants and the Royal hotel.
    To approve the proposed change of use of 98-100 Brown St to include restaurant and tavern would be to significantly reduce the amenity value of this largely residential area by introducing additional late night noise from the entertainment, the patrons and from their vehicles. in addition, there will also be further pressure on the street parking in which is already struggling as a result of the very significant increase in residential density in recent times.
    Where will the patrons park? A visit to Brown St and surrounding streets after 6pm, will clearly demonstrate that there is no spare parking. Patrons to this new venue will have to park significant distances from the venue, putting pressure on other streets in the area and increasing the noise in the late evening as patrons return to their vehicles.
    It concerns me also that although I live less than 110m from the site of this proposed tavern and restaurant, there has been no notification to or consultation with residents associated with this building and development application that was received by council on 15th December.
    in summary, I am objecting to the proposal on the grounds that
    -The current mix of residential and commercial properties coexist without significantly impacting on each others amenity.
    -There will be an unacceptable increase in pressure on the street parking in the area.
    -There will noise from the development that will reduce the quality of life for the residents who live in the area and chose Brown St because it is primarily residential and quiet after hours.

  17. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Andrew Pratt commented

    Andrew Pratt

    Having lived in this street for 10 years, I was originally aware that current warehouse usages over time would become residential buildings and light industrial may remain. If one refers to Town Planning Scheme No 26 which covers the East Perth Redevelopment, what was preferred uses for the "Boans" precinct was Culture and Creative Industry and Residential. These preferred usages did not include dining and entertainment and the sale of the land was on the premise that the area would remain as these preferred uses.

    To now introduce a Micro Brewery/Restaurant/function centre in an area already struggling with on street parking issues in a predominantly residential area without formal advisement of the neighbouring properties that I am aware of, flouts the very reason for community consultation when such land uses are contemplated for change.

    We strongly object to the introduction of a noisy late night entertainment venue in a quiet predominantly residential precinct. If we bought in Northbridge, we would know what we where getting, but we did not; we bought into the East Perth Redevelopment vision where restaurants, retail, residential and light industry were clearly identified. Any contemplation of this type of land use should only be considered with proper community consultation, and this has been non evident thus far.

  18. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Merrilyn Elkington commented

    Merrilyn Elkington

    My concerns are mostly identical to those expressed above. The residents in the apartment building in which I live have had no notification regarding the change from warehouse to restaurant tavern in Brown Street.

    We strongly object to this development on a number of grounds:- there is a definite lack of parking and what street parking is available is generally occupied by resident parking permit vehicles: the increase in pedestrian traffic with the consequent increase in noise, rubbish and offensive behaviour which we already suffer at all hours due to pedestrian traffic to Claisebrook Rail Station: and the fact that there are a number of premises in the Claisebrook Lake area which could be used. I believe that this site has no outward and situation appeal whatsoever and would be totally out of place in this predominantly residential area.

    I would also appreciate being advised as to when this development is to go before council so that I can express my objections.

  19. In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

    Vicki Lee commented

    It has been brought to my attention that there is a proposed micro wine brewery/restaurant and function centre to be situated 100 metres from my home, I am objecting strongly to this as the street is now mainly residential and the noise from such a venue would impact on the noise in our street.

    Parking at the moment is of a premium, in particular after hours once the two hour parking restriction is lifted. There already needs to be residential parking permit only parking in designated areas and this new development will only exasperate the issue.

    I have lived there for over 14 years and I am fully aware of the ongoing apartment developments but this has not impacted on the noise in our street it is still very quiet at night, one of my main concerns is the noise factor of patrons walking to and from the bar.

    There is already a micro whiskey bar in the next street (Kensington) but this does not impact on residents as it overlooks the railway line and is not close to residents and there is more on street parking available on that street and is normally not open in evenings.

    As stated on your website I am fully aware that the Perth City council has implemented an economic development strategy to increase direct employment, opportunity or wealth creation.

    Success is only possible through increased engagement with residents, local businesses, all levels of government and the global business community in order to firmly establish our city, both regionally and globally.

    I am requesting that the City of Perth reconsider the development as there are vacant premises in the Claisebrook area near the brook street Lake/Pond that offers room for restaurants and bars.

    I also feel once the stadium is opened then this will encourage more foot traffic and noise in our area.

    I would like to be advise when the meeting will be held to attend the meeting so I can put forth my objections.

    I am concerned that the City of Perth did not write to inform us of the proposed change to light restaurant tavern, we are rate payers within 100 meters of the site and should have been informed before this was approved. None of my neighbours have been informed or advised of the change of use. It is interesting that our rates can be posted without hesitation but no contact advising something that will have a huge impact on our lives.

  20. In West Perth WA on “Amendment to approval...” at 16 Prowse Street West Perth WA 6005:

    David Cloughley commented

    If this application does not have a request to reduce the height of the complex while reducing the number of units, it should NOT proceed and the previous application should lapse. I live on the 5th Floor of the LIDA Apartments and the previously proposed complex will obstruct my view. I therefore request the City of Perth NOT to grant this application and allow the previous one to lapse.

  21. In Perth WA on “Proposed 2-8 Storey Mixed...” at 131 Newcastle Street Perth WA 6000:

    Mark Butler commented

    Will the character of this corner be retained?Or will it be just another cheap looking box like the ones Psaros has been throwing up all over Northbridge?

  22. In Perth WA on “Change of use from cinema...” at "greater Union" 133-141 Murray Street Perth WA 6000:

    Viktor Ko commented

    There are so many hotels popping up in Perth...

    I have seen the proposed pictures for the new hotel and it looks out of place and should have never been approved by the council.

  23. In West Perth WA on “Proposed Multi Storey...” at 31 Malcolm Street West Perth WA 6005:

    Connagh Hopkins commented

    Time and again, property with historical significance in Perth prove to be attractions. Inherent value of property is increased because of it. Please consider the development of this property carefully. It has the potential to enhance the commercial value of any development if it is kept intact.

  24. In West Perth WA on “Installation of Acoustic...” at 1 Altona Street West Perth WA 6005:

    Greg P commented

    Dear. City of Perth. I think further work on noise pollution is required for 1 altona street. The low vibration noise is 24hr a day 7 days a week it never stops. it is still so loud at night that even with ear plugs I still hear it and I'm at 34 kings park road. There must be a problem with this aircon unit as other buildings in west perth do not seem to have this problem. I think maybe some sort of acoustic dampening is required. Rubber ? As a resident it is already causing me stress and is an unreasonable constant annoyance. Greg P Kings park road

  25. In East Perth WA on “79 Residential Apartments...” at 9 Tully Road East Perth WA 6004:

    Felicity commented

    Reject this submission.

    Huge concerns over the increase of traffic. Tully Road will not support an increase without major adjustments to road infrastructure.

    With an already increase of traffic due to the recent developments on the railway (working through the night being heard) and replacing this with 93 potential cars by residents plus the approx. 71 apartments going up on Kensington Street and East Parade. Tully Road is already very busy for current residents and business.

    Currently many have witnessed daily near misses both on Tully Road turning onto Kensington, Kensington turning onto East Parade - currently the road capacity would not allow for the increase of traffic.

  26. In Northbridge WA on “Karaoke Bar/Restaurant $0” at "point 88" 88 James Street Northbridge WA 6003:

    Wayne Tjhung commented

    Perth CBD and Northbridge areas is missing a higher end level of entertainment suitable for Corporate that offers controlled and safe environment for the executives to unwind with colleagues and clients, to hold small private gathering instead of public bars amongst loud and brash patrons.
    The burgeoning small bars and lounges does cater for the masses and does not require much financial investment.
    A professionally operated high end Karaoke Bar and Restaurant trains and employs teams of professional service providers in the catering hospitality industry from the kitchen to the customer services and customer management, which may also benefit the local economy.
    This application should be encouraged as it may elevate the level of entertainment offered in Perth to the Asian tourists who are very familiar with this level of entertainment.

  27. In Northbridge WA on “Temporary change of use to...” at "roe St Carpark" 68A Roe Street Northbridge WA 6003:

    Alan Wolfe commented

    Fantastic to see carparks used for innovative purposes such as this.

  28. In Northbridge WA on “Shop Fitout - Maya Masala...” at 283-291 William Street:

    John Smith commented

    Application should not be approved.

    Maya Masala's owner is not an ethical business man.

    He has taken money from international students with the hope that he will provide them permanent residency. This money is now being used to develop this store.

    He does not pay his staff correctly and many staff still have unpaid superannuation and taxes.

    Bob in the past and currently is in legal battles with ATO and former business partners and Landlords from doing the wrong thing.

    It is disgusting how a man like this is still able to operate. Maya Masala is a detriment to 'upcoming' Northbridge.


  29. In Perth WA on “Serviced Apartments 18 levels” at 176 Adelaide Terrace:

    C Mertz commented

    Dear Sirs,

    We bought a unit at I-spire a year ago off the plan. It was sold to us as an apartment complex. We are very disturbed by the fact that the application is now for a service apartment complex.
    We do not agree with this.

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