Recent comments on applications from The City of Newcastle, NSW

  1. In Adamstown NSW on “ADAMSTOWNDemolition of dwel...” at 106 Gosford Road, NSW:

    Adam Vincent Knoblauch commented

    Please do not approve this application.
    I moved into this house at 102 Gosford Rd with my family to be on a quiet, low density residential street near to a good school. My house currently has a backyard which receives enough sun to support a vegetable garden and enough light for a game of football in the afternoon but this development will completely block our afternoon sun, especially in the winter months.
    There is already a hassle to park on this street despite it being low density residential. Every Sunday, I see the churchgoers at the Catholic Ukranian church struggle to find parks and many of them are elderly. Putting this townhouse block in almost directly across the road will add a huge number of cars to the street when there is already not enough parking.
    I understand there is a need for more housing in Newcastle but this application is for a main road style development on a small residential street. Please don't let it go ahead.

  2. In Umina Beach NSW on “BIRMINGHAM GARDENSRelocatio...” at 4 Morris Street , NSW:

    Lesley Harvey commented

    Can the owners work around the trees they have instead of the builders taking everything out for access?
    The Peninsula is now rated 4 degrees hotter in summer than other areas because of urban heat island effect (with Warnervale and Long Jetty) because too many trees haven't been replaced over the years from in-fill development.

  3. In Glebe NSW on “STOCKTONGarage / Workshop” at 62 Hereford Street, NSW:

    Carole Knight commented

    Is this in Glebe NSW 2037 or Stockton, Newcastle?

  4. In Forest Lodge NSW on “WICKHAMSingle storey additi...” at 25 Albert Street, NSW:

    Carole Knight commented

    Is this in Glebe NSW 2037 or Newcastle?

  5. In Newtown NSW on “HAMILTONDemolition of dwell...” at 181 Denison Street, NSW:

    Carole Knight commented

    Is this in Glebe NSW 2037 or Newcastle?

  6. In Redfern NSW on “HAMILTONDemolition of outbu...” at 150 Lawson Street, NSW:

    Carole Knight commented

    Is this in Glebe NSW 2037 or Newcastle?

  7. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Ben Richards commented

    Sorry, i posted the wrong info in my last comment, the new DA for an 18 lot sub division to be added to Nerigai / Robinia is:

    Staged development for 18 lot community title subdivision

  8. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Ben Richards commented

    Heads up to the residents of Nerigai and Robinia, looks like there is another 18 lot sub division about to be squeezed into your area:

    Description Erection of twenty five attached two storey dwellings, associated site works and twenty six lot strata subdivision (Amended plans include a 5.5 metre wide roadway with a 1.2 metre wide footpath that will connect Kerry Avenue to Nerigai Close)

  9. In Maryville NSW on “MARYVILLEDemolition of outb...” at 2 Lott Street, NSW:

    Rick Williams commented

    I would like to congratulate the owner for upgrading their home ,my concern is the diminishing of green space .this section of maryville is a recognised heat sink so planting in shared amenity ( backyard/ front yard /verge) with vegetation would be very welcome.

  10. In Newcastle West NSW on “Alterations and additions t...” at  564-566 Hunter Street Newcastle west, NSW:

    Ginni commented

    Sufficient parking and alternative methods of transport would be great / cycling garage etc
    Ginni / Draftsman Newcastle

  11. In The Hill NSW on “Alterations and additions t...” at  9 High Street The hill, NSW:

    Ginni / Draftsman in Newcastle commented

    The current street frontage should preserved and/or improved
    Ginni -

  12. In Lambton NSW on “Change of use to recreation...” at  36-38 Wyong Road Lambton, NSW:

    Ginni, Draftsman commented

    A better solution for parking may be required
    Ginni, Newcastle -

  13. In Lambton NSW on “Change of use to recreation...” at  36-38 Wyong Road Lambton, NSW:

    Jackson whipps commented

    As a resident of wyong road, the parking in the street is already strained enough due to the businesses in the area, and to propose a gym where there are little to no parking spaces will strain this even further. To be notified of this work this week by mail when construction of the gym has been going on for more than a month is just ridiculous. Patrons of the gym will be coming and going at all hours of the day and night adding to the traffic in the street, adding noise at night due to music, and disrupting parking even further.

  14. In Maryville NSW on “Change of use from industri...” at  19 Downie Street Maryville, NSW:

    Rick Williams commented

    I find it difficult to reward the application with approval ,the property was purchased as an light industrial site 4a urban services .during the time of the applicants ownership the premises has by the owners renovation became a residence . This is nonconformist as the zone doesn't allow new residences ,please note the total re build was done without a development approval .the owner has for many years rented this premise as a residence . To conclude I find this non compliance should not be rewarded because a change to IN2 zone allows home industry .i must mention the adjoining property also a light industrial site employes over 40 people . 19 downie street has always be an place of employment until the new owner decommissioned the site for he's sole beneficiary .

  15. In Mayfield NSW on “Demolition of existing gara...” at  42 Braye Street Mayfield, NSW:

    Andrew Barnard commented

    Dear officer

    I am hoping you may be able to help me out by passing on htis message to the developer of the above property.

    I am currently looking to obtain some second hand timber for the construciton of a treehouse for my children. I see that the demolition of a garage is planned and woudl like to be able to disucss how the waste framing from the old garage willl be disposed of.

    If you are able to pass along my detail that would be appriciated.

    Andrew Barnard
    0426 238 132
    6 Dulling St Waratah

  16. In Tarro NSW on “Demolition of hotel, motel ...” at  133 Anderson Drive Tarro, NSW:

    Newcastle Rate Payer wrote to local councillor Michael Osborne

    What's the go with this development application to demolish the Tarro Hotel. The Planning Alert landed in my emails on 19th May 2016. The Tarro Hotel is flat to the ground. There is nothing left of it. Is this a Council, Planning or NSW Police issue?

    Delivered to local councillor Michael Osborne. They are yet to respond.

  17. In Waratah NSW on “Modification:  Change to fl...” at 16 Oxley Road Waratah, NSW:

    Kathryn Lambkin commented

    Unfortunately I was not able to write a submission regarding this development during the required timeframe as I was a new resident and unaware of the issues I am about to discuss.

    There's nothing wrong with the development. However, the strata property in which I reside, at 12 Oxley Rd, next door, has a problem with an illegal width driveway, barely wide enough for a car to fit down. Many residents have scratched their vehicles multiple times trying to use the driveway.

    We would appreciate if the owners of #16 would consider, in the process of their development, lowering the height of the section of their driveway that is next to our building, to level with our driveway, so we could utilise part of it as an easement to resolve our issue.
    We may even be able to raise our driveway if that is considered more appropriate, although that would result in it being above floor level in the adjoining building, which could cause a drainage problem.

  18. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Lloyd Turner commented

    This development looks absolutely awful.

    I was just getting serious about purchasing 22 Robinia, but with this possibility just over the back fence, there is no way i would consider going ahead. I have no problem with a back fence neighbour, but this proposal is for a back fence ghetto.

  19. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Justine commented

    I think small compacted homes in this area will cause massive issues with car spaces and traffic in and out if the area.
    Justine Harris

  20. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Andrew Bailey commented

    I am totally against the proposed development. These are not houses but eyesores that not only destroy the environment but also lower the standard of our beautiful area.
    These so called 'houses' back on to our family home. We will have absolutely no privacy, noise will be unbearable (squashing families in so close together just over our fence) and the northern aspect sun will be blocked out.
    One of the highlights of elermore vale is the beautiful leafy environment we have. I can't believe a development like this could even be considered.
    Traffic and parking will become a major issue and where children would be play is a mystery. This development would cause major social issues.
    Surely less houses of quality with yards and trees left for screening and would be a much better option for all.

  21. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Ludmilla Sneesby commented

    I am strongly against this proposed development for various reasons.
    For a start the proposed buildings are MONSTROSITIES, complete eyesores, an assault on the environment, an assault on our suburb. Environmentally, there are many species of native animals living in the area and this insult is threatening their very existence.

    Its extremely inappropriate to develop high density housing in this area which already has traffic problems, parking issues, garbage collection problems, access to emergency vehicles and so on

    As a resident of Elermore Vale for over 50 years it saddens me to see our beautiful, leafy suburb turn into a concrete jungle. Where are the planners? do they not look into the future and the preservation of our beautiful world for generations to come? Do we as residents have a voice?

  22. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    josie bailey commented

    We are formally objecting to the development proposal for the construction of 25 two story dwellings at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore Vale. I am a resident of Robina Close Elermore Vale (which backs onto the development) and I strongly object to this new proposal. On the council website it outlines the reasons for objections and we feel the proposal does in fact breech all the areas outlined including:

    1. Obstruction of Views, Privacy, Noise and Sun issues
    My back fence will be only a few metres from these new dwellings (with absolutely no trees left in between). This will totally destroy the aspect we now have. We of course knew there was the possibility of buildings going up in this area but always thought council would ensure the homes would be aesthetically in line with current properties and with integrity for the environment. These do not even look like homes but more like ‘storage boxes.’ We are also outranged by the number of dwellings planned in such a small area and the fact they will be double storey- basically peering over our back fence, into the back of my home (which is all glass) and blocking the northerly sun. Our privacy will be greatly invaded and noise a major issue with so many houses so close together and adjacent to the back of my home.

    Looking at other local developments (around the corner at Paddock Close for example) many trees have been left as screening and for wildlife, between existing homes and new dwellings. I would have expected the same considerations for this development. Also all homes being built locally are quality homes fitting in with the integrity and character of our area.

    2. Environmental Issues
    I am also devastated at the prospects of the impact on the beautiful environment, home to many types of wildlife including the rare eastern bandicoot and black cockatoos. We also have an abundance of other native birds as well as lizards, goannas and possums. I am also concerned about the size of the development in such a confined space to
    accommodate so many residents.

    3. Parking Issues
    There is lack lack of adequate garaging and parking. Two/Three-bedroom housing with only a single garage is going to lead to parking problems in local streets. Most families these days have at least 2 cars or in many cases they don't garage the car and use it for storage. In addition, if this housing is rented and there are three or more people sharing a house, then there could be up to 3 cars. This could potentially lead to 1‐2 cars per dwelling parked on the neighbouring streets.

    4. Traffic Issues
    With the proposed development adjoining onto Nerigai Close, this will created more traffic in an already congested street, without an added 50 extra car movements. I suggest council look in peak hours to assess what the traffic is like before approving this development. Council really need to re-think where the access road comes from as Nerigai Close and Melinda Avenue are already overloaded with cars.

    5. Development Damage
    We are also very concerned at the potential damage caused by the development with large machinery so close to our home. I have already had two large windows broken during initial clearing for recent surveying. My son sitting next to one of the windows was very lucky not to be seriously hurt.

    I am also very disappointed at the lack of community consultation regarding this development to residents in Robina Close and Nerigai Close and surrounding streets is appealing considering how the proposed development would impact on this community significantly. From our family point of view it would be totally unacceptable to continue living in this area if the proposal is to go ahead. We would appreciate any consideration in this matter and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the development at a forum with you.

  23. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Peter Dunn commented

    Development Application No: DA 2015/540

    As a concerned resident residing in Melinda Avenue for the past 13 years, after viewing the plans for the proposed residential development at the south western end of Nerigai Close I have some genuine concerns.

    First of all I strongly object to the size and the scale of this development and the lack of off and on street car parking. The plans I have viewed are for 25 two storey dwellings with each only having a single garage. This is totally inadequate and is a major flaw in the design which raises safety concerns in regards to amount of vehicles that will more than likely be parked on the street in such a confined area.

    It is fair to say that in most cases today the average household consists of at least 3-4 people and regardless of age, gender or employment capacities, in most situations there are at least 2 people per household that have or own a car. As for this proposal, there is the potential to generate over 100 more vehicular movements along Nerigai Close, Melinda Avenue and through to Kerry Avenue each day. This extra traffic alone would have an adverse effect on the quiet amenity of the neighbourhood given the only access is via Nerigai Close.

    Not only does this development ignore the importance of off street parking in such a clustered and confined space, it also creates a major hazard for any emergency services due to only having access via Nerigai Close. Kerrry Avenue was never completed as a cul-de-sac and I was led to believe that it would eventually be continued for any further development. So therefore the question has to be asked as to why this is not the case with this proposed development.

    Kerry Avenue is significantly wider then Nerigai Close and in my opinion and from what I have observed with service vehicles such as large garbage trucks travelling along Nerigai Close, Kerry Avenue should be the preferred connection for any new smaller development. If it was to be retained at its current width it would be better suited to cater for safe on street parking along with the expected increase in traffic flow and allow for a quick response time for any emergency situations should they arise .

    While I accept progress and that things don't stay the same forever, I am totally against this irresponsible development and the ramifications to the surrounding neighbourhood.

    Peter & Merryn Dunn

    Melinda Avenue,
    Elermore Vale

  24. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Meredith Harris commented


    I am writing to you to raise my concerns regarding this proposed development. I have lived in the area for my whole life and have seen many changes within the subdivision behind my house. I live at 29 Watkins Road, Elermore Vale on the corner of Kerry Avenue, the only entrance in and out of the subdivision. When Newcastle City Council approved the first development within this subdivision all those years ago (when my parents were the owners of my house) they gave a guarantee to concerned residents that they would not extend the subdivision beyond that development without first making a second entrance and exit. Yet some years down the track and many additions onto the subdivision this issue has not been addressed and a second entrance and exit to this subdivision has not been forthcoming.

    My concerns regarding this proposed extension of the subdivision are as follows:

    • The Traffic flow is a major concern as there has been nothing done to the infrastructure to cope with the large traffic flow coming along Watkins Road and turning into Kerry Avenue the only entrance and exit from the subdivision. If you take a look at your plans Kerry Avenue the main entrance into this subdivision is not wide enough to cope with the traffic already produced with the existing houses. There have been many accidents along this road when there are cars parked either side of the road as there is only enough room for one car and with the bend in the middle of the road it is very hard to see what is coming the other way hence the danger. There have also been near misses with young children from within the subdivision darting across the road between cars and nearly being hit. The volume of traffic would increase by at least 50 cars a day along this already dangerously narrow road and would exasperate the dangers. This is not the only narrow street which your intended extension will be using Melinda and Nerigai are very narrow streets and are already over flowing with cars on these narrow road ways. When you plan to develop a parcel of land you need to provide ample parking within the complex to house the vehicles of the people who will be living in this complex as well as having parking available for anyone who wants to visit and this proposal falls very short on both counts.
    • My second major concern is the water run off from these Units the infrastructure that exists for this subdivision does not cope with the run off of the existing houses and has caused major flooding concerns (including the need for council to buy to houses on Croudace Road that flooded in previous floods because the creek broke its banks and caused major problems). Can you please show me where on this plan they have created any kind of holding bays for water run off for this proposal. Because if you cannot then this proposal falls short in the planning process the last time a developer wanted to extend this subdivision this was a main reason the plans were rejected because this issue was not addressed and the fact that Newcastle City Council has done nothing to improve the water run off situation. The proposal does not make any effort to regulate the run off without it going straight into the drainage system which will cause all sorts of problems including I would expect the flooding of the houses in Cheryl Close and Watkins Road that are built close to the creek which would carry the run off. You cannot keep extending and extending to subdivisions without improving infrastructure problems first because it will just lead to a disaster. I have lived in Watkins Road all my life and have seen the problem which the water run off has caused one of the resident at 20 Watkins Road he has lost quite a substantial part of his land due to the creek running through his property and his land was classed as a flood zone which prevented him from selling his property. When he purchased his property this was not the case and because of the over development already of the existing subdivisions in the area and the increased storm water run off now his land is affect because there has not been the infrastructure put in place to cope with the extra water run off.
    • Another concern for myself and the residents already residing in the subdivision is if there is an emergency within the subdivision (which we have experienced) can you please explain how they will all be able to exit in time down this one narrow road? The fire brigade did an inspection when the last proposed subdivision was submitted and it failed completely as there is no second entrance and exit needed to get the residents out should there be such an emergency. The safety of the residents living within this subdivision should be considered.
    • There is also the question of the southern brown bandicoot which is near extinction that lives in the bush and cannot be relocated from its natural habitat what will happen to it?
    • I would like to know if you are aware of the amount of traffic that actually uses Watkins Road which is the only access road to the subdivision because when a road count was done years ago there were at least 5,000 cars a day using this suburban street as a main through way and with all the development that has happened in the area I can only imagine the traffic flow now.

    Before this proposal goes any further there are a few things that I would like either the council or the developer to carry out.

    These are as follows:

    • I would request that a road count be conducted in Kerry Avenue and a proposal put in place for this road to cope with the increased traffic volume.
    • I would also ask that a report be done regarding what the developer is willing to do to combat the water run off that his development would produce (or when the area floods is the council going to be responsible for the residents houses that get flooded because the infrastructure was not adequate). Is the council willing to pay compensation to the owner of 20 Watkins Road for the damage that the water run off has done to his property because the infrastructure has not been improved to cope with the run off.
    • I am also very concerned that the only people notified about this development were only in the immediate proximity to the development and the wider community was not informed. Do you not think that this proposal will affect everyone living within this subdivision and the only way into and out of this subdivision eg Watkins Road? I would therefore request that the submission time for rejections to the development be extended so the wider community can have there say and this would give the developer the time to get the reports that I have requested and time to come up with some strategies to cope with the traffic and the volume of water from the development (council cannot keep approving extension after extension without putting into action plans to the existing infrastructure to cope with these developments and whether they are at the expense of the developer or the council a long term strategy needs to be put in place)
    • I would also request that a report needs to be carried out by the Fire Brigade in relation to the existing infrastructure to ascertain whether one entrance and exit is able to cope in the case of an emergency (which we all know it will not)
    • I also think the council should be working on a plan to have a second entrance and exit for this subdivision before it even looks at any more plans to the proposed subdivision as it had guaranteed the residents when the first 20 – 30 homes were built (which was originally proposed to come out on Cardiff Road)
    • Can you please tell me where the developer thinks they should make the sanctuary within the development for the southern brown bandicoots that are unable to be relocated and near extinction.
    • I would also like a please explain how when this proposal is extending onto an existing subdivision why the same covenants and conditions do not seem to apply to this extension? The people who built in Nerigai Close all had to sign the covenant and keep there buildings within the guidelines of these covenants so how is this possible when it is an extension of this subdivision that these guidelines do not seem to apply to this proposed development?

    These are just a few of the reasons that this proposal should not go ahead not only does this complex not fit within the existing lay out of the subdivision the proposed two storey buildings will create a wide range of problems for the residents backing onto and adjoining this complex in regard to their privacy, blocking their natural sunlight and let alone the headache you will be creating for your garbage truck driver who already has trouble picking up the bins from the end of Nerigai Close as it is.

    This development would put a major strain on the already heavily burden infrastructure of the existing subdivision and I feel that council would be negligent if they let this proposal proceed without making any changes to the already failing infrastructure of the existing subdivision.

    Meredith Harris

  25. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Q. Robertson commented

    Our concerns are valid and require your attention. As a young family, we are objecting the current proposal due to:
    • Street Safety and Increased Volume of Traffic
    • Parking and Wheelchair access
    • The Garbage Bins and Council Pick up of additional waste.
    • Environmental Issues, Natural Causeway
    • Visual Issues
    • Overcrowding

    Street Safety and Increased Volume of Traffic
    Nerigai Close is a quiet dead end street, which houses many families. This is the reason we purchased here less than 2 years ago. My children (5yrs and 6yrs) play safely in the street, this would not be able to continue with the mass increase of 25 houses- which could be over 100 new residents on a single block of land. The cars travelling into this new complex would make it very difficult for children to play safely, with the increase in car volume and the streets capacity to deal with constant cars entering and exiting from one driveway. My children’s safety is paramount and the enormity of this development proposal for traffic alone- is a major concern.

    Parking and Wheelchair Access
    There is inadequate parking/garage space in the proposed development application, with excess cars being forced to park on the existing street. Most dwellings have 2 cars these days, and this could see an increase of over 50 cars in the existing small street. Parking is already an issue, as the width of the road only allows for a single car to go through, if cars are parked on either side of the road.

    I am a respite carer for my brother with a severe physical disability, who requires wheelchair access and ability to get a wheelchair out of a cars rear boot. There are already occasions when this is an issue, with limited disabled access for him entering/exiting a vehicle on Nerigai close, when regular parking is an issue. The increased cars parking on the road would further impede his ability to safely access our house.

    Garbage Bins and Councils Ability to collect street waste
    The increased garbage bins of 50 will congest the end of the street, making it a visual eye sore and a disgusting waste area. The council garbage truck already requires us to place our bins on one side of the road due to the inability for collection on both sides by council waste services. Additionally, the waste trucks have to reverse out of the street due to its width- which causes issues with cars entering and exiting their driveways. If a waste truck needs to turn around, they are forced to complete a 7 point turn (sometimes even getting bogged on people’s lawn space) in an attempt to drive out of the small street. Collection of an additional 50 bins is not practical.

    Environmental Issues and Natural Causeway
    18 Nerigai Close is currently an environmental oasis for animals. This area houses a variety of native animals and the proposal does not take into consideration any of the loss of vegetation or wildlife. The natural causeway supports natural water flow from the top of the hill. This may also be affected and we are concerned about issues such as drainage and possible flooding.

    Visual Issues
    The proposal does not take into consideration the area in which it is being developed. The proposed 25 two storey units are visually displeasing and make no attempt to integrate with the other properties or environmental features.

    The 25 two storey dwellings is simply too large. The development is not practical and it is clearly a mass money making venture by the company. No consideration has been taken into the practicalities of the proposal nor does the proposal compliment the houses and the community that surround it.

    To use the City of Newcastle’s words “Great Place, Great Lifestyle, Great Future”, the development proposal DA 2015/540, does not follow this mission statement in any way! Instead detrimentally affecting the street and neighbouring streets, the children who live here, the community we are and the environment we live in.

    Thank you. Q. Robertson

  26. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Todd and Kelly CAMERON commented

    We are formally objecting to the proposed development of 18 Nerigai Close Elermore Vale (NCC DA 2015/540. Lot:7 DP:842408) based on the following reasons as listed in this notice of objection.

    1) ENVIRONMENT (Native Flora and Fauna).
    > In the local area has many endangered and rare native flora and fauna, which, if the local 'pockets' of native bush land are removed/reduced/damaged will adversely affect the population of these species.
    These species include [but NOT limited to]
    • Southern brown bandicoot
    • Ring tail possum, Brush tail possum, Glider possums
    • Kingfisher
    • Wallaby
    • Reptiles
    • Insects
    • Birds
    > The removal and/or reduction of the native bush land will not fit in with the local environment that is native Australian bush land, which residents (including myself) have established in their own properties.

    Therefore, I would expect there would be a FULL Environmental Impact Study completed by an independent company and made publicly available for all the local area residences BEFORE these 'SAFE HAVENS' for these endangered and rare native flora and fauna are destroyed.

    2) TRAFFIC (Increased Heavy vehicles during construction, Increased residential vehicles, Increased Heavy Residential Services vehicles).
    > The proposed ONLY access to the development is via Nerigai Close. This is a narrow 'dead-ended' street that if 2x cars are parked opposite on either side of the road, only 1x car can pass between. The street is NOT straight and has poor vision of children playing, oncoming traffic etc.
    > Nerigai Close already suffers from water damage (not known if mine subsidence is an issue). Extra traffic plus Heavy Construction and Delivery Vehicles may cause damage the road.
    > Nerigai Close is NOT of suitable design construction and dimensions for Heavy construction and delivery vehicles. The feeder streets to Nerigai Close are also NOT suitable. There will be significant SAFETY issues with the size and frequency of these vehicles.
    > The increase of residential vehicles will also cause significant SAFETY issues for Nerigai Close and the feeder streets.
    > NCC waste services vehicles already struggle with the street conditions as they must reverse the whole way out of the street after collecting the waste bins from 1x side of the street then reverse the whole way back down the street to collect the other side, dodging oncoming traffic, dodging parked vehicles, navigating around bends with poor visibility.

    Traffic is already a dangerous situation for these streets. Heavy vehicle movements and the extra residential traffic volume is NOT acceptable as SAFETY to drivers and residents WILL be compromised.

    Therefore, I would expect there would be a FULL Traffic Study completed by an independent company and made publicly available for all the local area residences.

    > The proposed development has NOT satisfactorily addressed the access of Emergency Services with only 1x access through a completely inadequate street and feeder streets. Should there be a need for Fire services to enter the development (for example), multiple fire units would NOT be able to enter effectively, efficiently and SAFELY.
    > Should there be a need to evacuate the area because of an emergency (e.g.: bush fire, flooding etc), the inadequate street network would NOT be able to cope.

    4) DRAINAGE (Storm water run off).
    > The Natural water course for the whole area surrounding 18 Nerigai Close is through the proposed development site.
    > During heavy and extreme weather events, this natural water course, which flows through 18 Nerigai Close, floods and over flows. The whole site acts as a 'buffer' area where water can collect and drain away at a slower rate reducing flooding lower downstream. If this site is developed, flooding may occur further downstream causing property damage and a risk to residents/public SAFETY.

    This is NOT acceptable!

    5) VISUAL IMPACT (Doesn't fit in with established area).
    > The clearing of native Australian bush land does not fit in with the local established area.
    > The 'High Density' design of the proposed development does NOT fit in with the local established area.

    6) PARKING (Inadequate allocation and location of).
    > With the proposed development of 25x two storey multi bedroom dwellings, the design has NOT adequately addressed the number of parking needed on site. Only 1x parking space is provided for each multi bedroom dwelling, with 11x parking spaces for visitors to the whole complex.
    > These numbers are completely UNNACCEPTABLE! (even though they meet NCC's policies). On average, each dwelling will have more than one vehicle (noting that there is no public transport servicing the complex). Therefore the 11x visitor parking spaces will be occupied by the residents of the complex and any visitors and/or resident's extra vehicles will be in Nerigai close which has already been shown to be inadequate to cope with the extra vehicles causing major SAFETY issues (refer to items 2 & 3).

    > The height of the development and location to property boundaries will adversely affect the neighbouring residents by a number of ways:
    • Lack of privacy
    • Noise
    • Shadowing
    > The height and design of the proposed development will have major visual impacts on the local established area as it does not fit in with the local established area

    8) REFUSE/WASTE COLLECTION (Location of and servicing vehicle access).
    > The location of the waste collection area is too close to established residences.
    > The smell/odour from the waste collection area WILL impact adversely on the lives of those residents.
    > The noise from the waste collection area WILL impact adversely on the lives of those residents.
    > The access of Heavy vehicles to service the waste collection facility will cause major SAFETY issues (refer to item 2).

    In closing, this proposed development DOES NOT / IS NOT fitting or suitable to the area due to the above items of objections. I urge NCC to REJECT the development application for 18 Nerigai Close, Elermore Vale based on those items listed and any results from independent studies and assessments that should be obtained prior to any decision for the approval of the development being made by NCC.
    This development WILL drastically adversely affect the local area's aesthetics, flora & fauna, existing property valuations and traffic.
    Residents SAFETY will be compromised by the proposed development (refer to items 2, 3 & 4).

  27. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    John and Heather Stephens commented

    We are writing to strongly object to the proposed development of lot 7 DP 842408 18 Nerigai Close Elermore Vale.

    1. This development is highly inappropriate in the area proposed. It is to sit on a wedge of land at the very end of a 700 metre long narrow winding, series of three of no through roads (Kerry Ave, Melinda Ave and Nerigai Close). It abuts but is not connected by road to Robinia Close. This development consists of 25 tightly packed attached units either side of a narrow connecting road. At the Nerigai end sits what we can only assume is a refuse dump. It is not clear from the plans provided but it appears to be either a storage area for we assume is either 75 wheelie bins (normal, recycle and green) or, as has been suggested, several large skips. This repository is in very close proximity to the end houses of Nerigai Close and Kerry Avenue. This is a health risk!

    2. Both the Melinda Estate (as was the development name of Melinda Ave and Nerigai Close area) and more recently Robinia Close had legally binding covenants on the land we built on. This limited us to non attached single story brick and tile construction. I believe the Melinda covenants have lapsed however all the houses have adhered to this standard. Robinia covenants still apply. The proposal is to wedge between these two estates a totally different style of multi story terraced construction. The diagram's provided are reminiscent of a tarted up 19th century English mill town. We the people of this area believe that the development of 18 Nerigai Close should comply if not legally then ethically and morally to the standards we have worked to. As proposed this development is totally out of step with the look and feel of the rest of Melinda, Nerigai and Robinia.

    3. The land this is proposed to be built on has drainage problems. It is set between two watercourses. It is in effect a flood plain. One is an established retention basin and the one at the end of Nerigai is usually dry but floods easily after heavy rain. Considerable drainage work will have to be done once this is converted to a concrete desert. We believe the existing flooding problems in Croudace Road, Cheryl Close & Watkins Road will be exacerbated.

    4. This development is an over development. With the current 25 units we can expect a population of probably 100 persons. This makes it as big as the total Melinda estate. This is an isolated area with the only access a 700 metre drive up Nerigai Cl, down Melinda and along Kerry to the one and only exit from this entire area, the junction of Kerry Ave and Watkins Road. Feeding this intersection are six dead-end roads namely Nerigai Close, Melinda Ave, Willow Close, Cheryl Close, Max Street and Duncan Close with a total of over 200 homes. Twenty years ago I had reason to address the full Newcastle council on another matter. As an aside, I had discussion with the then lord mayor John McNaughton, Councillor Sutton and several other councillors, in respect to this limited road access. It was agreed at that time that no further large scale development should be considered by Council until this single road access was resolved. I was shown the then existing plan to extend Kerry Ave to Cardiff Road. I believe to is no longer possible. I believe that for safety / fire access there should be an investigation of other possible exits from this area before approving this proposal. If approved it would close off the Kerry - Robinia corridor. This option is the only viable alternate entry to this area..

    5. In Australia we have .78 cars per person (Australian bureau of statistics). With up to 100 persons in this development that equates to 78 cars. In reality it would probably be less than this, 50 to 60 is a possible realistic number. The plan shows spaces for 36?? I know this is all that is required by planing regulations (these must have been drawn up in the 1980's) but the remainder of homes in Melinda Estate have off street parking for at least two cars. However, there are always cars parked in the street. Where is the overflow of cars from the new development going to end up?? Parked up Nerigai Close?? This imposition of 50 cars will mean a heavy increase in traffic through Nerigai and Melinda of probably 100 plus movements per day. Additionally, the intersection of Melinda and Nerigai has sight limitations and should always be used with extreme caution.

    6. Unless a car is used there are no services available to the future residents of 18 Nerigai Close. The nearest bus stop is more than a kilometre away. The nearest shops are over 2 kilometres away. The plan of this development shows no grass, trees or gardens in the main area of housing except for a small strip behind the second r ow of terraces. Where will the children play? Nerigai Close?? This is pretty poor for 100 people.

    7. Road access for large trucks is very limited. There is no turning area currently available in Nerigai Close. Council garbage trucks come down the street and pick up bins from the left hand side of the road then reverse the 150 metres up the hill around the corner to where they can turn. Will the current residents be expected to put up with heavy truck movements and street parking during construction? This is a heavy impost on current residents!

    John and Heather Stephens

  28. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Kevin Barbie commented

    We have a number of concerns regarding this development.

    1. Traffic: Nerigai Close is only 7.5 metres wide & there is no way cars can pass safely when there is a car parked on the kerb.
    I feel the easier alternative would be to come in from Kerry Avenue, if this development was to go ahead.
    In 1997 an application for 9 dwellings was not approved for this site, because of the traffic flow in Kerry Avenue (also very narrow when cars parked on side of road).

    2. Garbage collection: Council already has to send a smaller garbage removal truck to Nerigai Close as it is unable to turn around, because of it being too narrow. This subdivision has no street frontage, how will they expect to collect 50 waste bins.

    3. The storm water runoff would be one of the main concerns. We have held three meetings in our street over this subdivision. Many of the residents were very concerned,as they have already experienced flooding in Croudace Road, Cheryl Close & Watkins Road.

    4. Emergency exit for the surrounding streets is already a concern as the whole area relies on Kerry Avenue, this was raised by the fire brigade back in 1997.

    5.Nerigai Close was built with strict building rules.Class 10, with minimum block sizes etc, this development does not meet these rules & goes against the existing infrastructure in this area. Also Robinia Close was also built under strict rules only ten yeas ago & having this development built at their back fences is very inconsiderate.Their back yards will never see the sun & their privacy will be taken away by this eyesaw.
    Single storey dwellings would be more suitable.

    6.Wildlife in this area, possums, frog mouth owls, bandicoots, blue tongue lizards , frilled neck lizards all have been sighted in this area.

    7. Parking: With 25 units all jammed into this small space you will see Nerigai Close full of parked cars.

    8. Future development was having Nerigai Close meet up with Kerry Avenue & go across to Cardiff Road. This development would not allow this.

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