Recent comments on applications from Mackay Regional Council, QLD

  1. In Midge Point QLD on “Change Application (Minor)...” at 1520 Midge Point Road Midge Point QLD 4799:

    Natalie Templeton commented

    The financial and environmental impact of the proposed application upon Midge Point and a number of surrounding suburbs would need to be considered. On balance, it is considered that the wider public interest would NOT be served by approving the proposal.

    In 2017 The management of the Travellers Rest Caravan Park as directed by the owners felled a strip of approximately 6 metres of older trees along the entire length of Jackson St. this strip was never safely maintained by the property owners and left to grow weeds for some time which invaded properties. Each year the only maintenance of this strip has been through the use of a concentrated pesticide to clear weeds creating safety concerns for young families in the area. Some property owners in the street at their own expense and time have been forced to maintain the strip of land left denatured.

    The forest that remained within the proposed development application is home to rare birds like the Proserpine Swamp hen and other wildlife who were considered when this application was first denied by council. Upon the second application for this proposed development these environmental impact considerations were then disregarded.

    During 2017 cyclone Debbie brought significant overland flooding and inundation.The native forests provided a sink for much of this overland water around the existing town. If this were cleared where would this water? What protection from worsened flooding events would Mackay council provide? Would new draining infrastructure measures be provided by the council? Who would be responsible for protecting the residents from water inundation caused by the removal of the natural water sinks such as the existing forest under threat via this development application?

    The financial Impact on land values would need to be considered when cheaper housing is made available. Would you want that in your backyard?

    In 2010 a mining bust occurred and many who bought property at Midge Point will never reclaim their previous capital investment. Further property slides due to COVID-19 regional impacts are only likely to worsen our already dire property situation. Local businesses have also closed e.g Lagunna Quays resort, Midge Point IGA, Midge Point hairdressing salon ect. Residents have very limited local services and lifestyle option now available which makes the realestate here difficult to sell.

    Given that the sales history of the area on will show you property values have gone backwards since 2005 the affordable housing proposed by the application would be ‘the last straw’ for many local working families. At Midge every 4th property has a for sale sign and this development application proposes direct competition through the availability of even cheaper and yet newer housing. Please consider a sea glimpse 4 bdm house at Midge Point went for $260,000 in June this year a similar properties would have been double that 12 years ago. The council would certainly be doing a disservice to the shire rate payers at Midge Point if they extended this development application.

  2. In Rural View QLD on “Change Application (Minor)...” at 41-43 Arana Drive Rural View QLD 4740:

    Victoria Chambers commented

    the service station and ancillary food and drink outlet opened for business 2 weeks ago

  3. In Bakers Creek QLD on “Combined preliminary...” at 1 Matsen Street Bakers Creek QLD 4740:

    Chris H commented


    I am interested in knowing when this project will commence.

    Chris H

  4. In West Mackay QLD on “Multiple Dwelling Units (5)” at 21 Milne Lane West Mackay QLD 4740:

    Jeremy Clark commented

    I am the owner of the property 20 Mile Lane, and have just discovered the information about the proposed property at 21 Mile Lane on your website.

    This proposed development will have a direct impact on me, my family, my lifestyle, and those of us in the surrounding area.

    I wish to register my comments in relation to this proposal.

    How do I do this, and who do I speak to?

    Thank you.
    Jeremy Clark
    Mob: 0417 767 977

  5. In Balnagowan QLD on “Preliminary Approval for...” at 9 Van Moolenbroeks Road Balnagowan QLD 4740:

    Garry Taylor commented

    The application is very unclear on the size of the proposed residential block size we and all the people in the area live on 5 acre and larger blocks hence the country living if We wanted to live in suburbia we would have bought a block in town also water is very scarce with a lot of our bores running dry the added pressure on this resource would be very costly as town water will never be supplied The roads are gravel and dust being a issue with increased traffic .If the blocks are no smaller than 5 acres we do not have a problem the roads bitumen ped and water supplied guaranteed

  6. In Netherdale QLD on “Rural Industry (Meat...” at 6452 Mackay-Eungella Road Netherdale QLD 4756:

    Winifred Arnold commented

    I am requesting why no notification was sent to other owners in the area of this application. What is the due process in regards to this?
    This application also refers to a piggery but there was no further information included in regards to the piggery. Where can this information be sourced from?

  7. In Rural View QLD on “Home Based Business...” at 29 Bjelke Circuit Rural View QLD 4740:

    Sally Pots commented

    I would like to discuss the conditions of this application.

  8. In Rural View QLD on “Home Based Business...” at 29 Bjelke Circuit Rural View QLD 4740:

    Sally Pots commented

    I would like to discuss the conditions of this application.

  9. In Bakers Creek QLD on “Permissable Change - Change...” at L 391 Beachwood Circuit Bakers Creek QLD 4740 L 392 Beachwood Circuit Bakers Creek QLD 4740:

    Lesley Keegan commented

    I believe this development and any others planned for the Greater Mackay Region should be put on the backburner indefinitely due to the depressed state of the property market in the area.

    I understand this development, plus others, were probably approved prior to the free-fall in property values caused by the end of the China boom but the fact remains that going ahead with these developments will only compound the problem.

    I believe the problem we are currently experiencing has been caused by mismanagement at the local and state government, and most probably at the federal government level also.

    It needs to be urgently addressed at all three levels for the Greater Mackay Region to get back on it's feet. We need to cease our total dependency on coal. We need to re-invigorate the tourism sector which has suffered because of our focus on coal. We need to kick start a more diverse agricultural industry, our soil and rainfall could support a vast range of agriculture.

  10. In Erakala QLD on “Residential Storage Shed” at 2-4 Sunset Drive Erakala QLD 4740:

    Neale Thornton commented

    Large piece of ground - needs a shed to make it look less empty.
    Build as big as he wants!!!!!

  11. In Shoal Point QLD on “Request for Extension of...” at 268 Shoal Point Road Shoal Point QLD 4750 270-294 Shoal Point Road Shoal Point QLD 4750:

    Glenn Fridey commented

    To Whom it may concern,

    As i own a neigbouring property should i have been notifyed of this proposed change,
    an could i find out more please.aspecally about zone 21

    Glenn Fridey

  12. In Blacks Beach QLD on “Hotel (Extension)” at 1-33 Slater Avenue Blacks Beach QLD 4740 L 241 Slater Avenue Blacks Beach QLD 4740:

    kenneth griffin commented

    i agree with the comments about this extension (definitely not required)though i will bet money Councilor Perkins was the first to put this hand up for this proposal, it appears to me our council is only interested in what businesses want to do, we, the people don't have a say about the quality of life we should be able to enjoy, in the suburbs in which we live

  13. In Blacks Beach QLD on “Hotel (Extension)” at 1-33 Slater Avenue Blacks Beach QLD 4740 L 241 Slater Avenue Blacks Beach QLD 4740:

    Philip Green commented

    We wish to oppose this extension for the liquor barn as we feel this will be unnecessary, unsightly and dangerous.

    One of the exits of the bottle shop is coming out onto McAlary drive, and this in itself will make the neighbourhood a dangerous place as the exit comes out on a blind corner into a suburban area with the addition of alcohol makes this lethal.

    There is already glass bottles broken on the streets around the tavern as it stands, and we don't wish for this to increase.

    There are also numerous bottle shops within a 5km radius of the existing bottle shop including at each Woolworth and Coles.

    At any time if you visit the current tavern and bottle shop, it is significantly empty, and we don't see the need for these extensions.

    The addition of trucks in our area will cause noise issues, and with the possibility of trucks using McAlary drive, once again, dangerous with young families and a hindrance.

  14. In Marian QLD on “Service Station” at 219 Anzac Avenue Marian QLD 4753 247 Anzac Avenue Marian QLD 4753:

    PD@HF DUDLEY. Caltex Marian commented

    Dear sir,
    Concerning the application for another service station in Marian we would like to formally object to this application .In the original application for a shopping centre/service station in Anzac av. the applicant stated that there was no Service station in Marian, however there has been one here since 1962 and has been upgraded over the last ten years.We are freehold and are supplied by Caltex, we do not get any help for discounting from the oil company at all and can not compete with Woolworths service stations. Originally the applicants plan for the servo was being built at the rear of the block, similar to racecourse , now they want to build it on the highway. The danger here is to school children, is there red lights for them.? The population of the Pioneer Valley is not enough to supply two service stations, we still are growing and it will be several years before we aquire full growth.. Most of the people in the valley work in Mackay daily and if they need discounted fuel they can get it at three Woolworth/ Caltex sites and three Shell /.Coles sites. however to put in a Woolworth site in Marian with a limited population living in the Valley this would most likely effectely wipe out most fuel outlets if not ALL in the area .Major bread companys will not deliver bread to the Valley any more because of lack of sales . We employ ten staff and know from experience that at least half of them will be laid off due to lack of sales, we would prefer to keep our staff and not Woolworth shareholders.

  15. In Blacks Beach QLD on “Multiple Dwelling Units (69)” at 34 Bourke Street Blacks Beach QLD 4740:

    Petrina Frankham commented

    I am writing to oppose the development application submitted for 34 Bourke Street, Blacks Beach Qld 4740.
    The reason that I am opposing the prospective development is due to the current road infrastructure of Bourke Street and concerns associated with the safety of residents!
    Key concerns are as follows:
    * The Seawind Caravan Park is currently completing their refurbishment, however, no parking provisions have been put in place or enforced by Mackay City Council. As a result up to 20 - 30 vehicles per evening park on the roadside. This then causes issues for the School and Public Bus system that attempts to manoeuvre their way through the street each day (in a safe manner), not to mention residents attempting to make their way to work.
    * The second issue is that there are no footpaths or curbing along Bourke Street, the increased traffic and construction of this proposed development (along with current developments) will certainly pose a safety issue for pedestrians, locals, children and visitors alike.
    * Another factor to take into consideration is the already commenced development of Carroll Street (which stems off Bourke Street). I would assume that the development of this land alone (without even taking into consideration the construction of homes) will take up to two years. Bourke street residents have already witnessed an increase of traffic, such as trucks and work vehicles (Bourke Street appears to be the main access point for this development) which are already causing further traffic congestion and at times (due to the size of the trucks) are physically blocking people's homes for small periods of time.
    * I also do not believe that adequate parking facilities have been provided in the development and as anyone can physically see upon inspection of the site - there is NOWHERE to park if the existing parking facilities are full (except back on the street, again congesting traffic and causing safety issues for people attempting to enjoy the neighbourhood.).
    * And finally, to add to the congestion and poor infrastructure, Mackay City Council's work trucks and vehicles enjoy having their lunch at the Blacks Beach Park - which is lovely but with the already existing heavy traffic, I believe that it is too much for the road infrastructure to support.
    I have already noticed the obvious impact of the current state of Bourke Street, Blacks Beach by way of the decrease (in fact total abandonment) of international tour groups such as Contiki and Australian Scenic Tours enjoying day trips to Blacks Beach Park! It's sad that a beach that is world renown cannot be comfortably accessed by the world's citizens!
    I would also like to point out that upon completion of the very small portion of development that the Mackay City Council did at Blacks Beach Park a few years ago, ALL residents who lived in that section of the developed road were threatened with Parking Tickets should they park on the footpath or in front of their homes! These residents have (unwillingly complied) only to witness the Council allowing the monstrosities (listed above) to transpire before them! This is unfair, unjust and hypocritical to say the least!
    Bourke Street is a lovely piece of paradise that is quickly aesthetically beginning to resemble a third world nation, although after my recent visit to Morocco I can testify that their roads (yes, in a 'developing' country) are in fact better and safer than the road that I live on here in Bourke Street, Blacks Beach, AUSTRALIA!
    I would hope and appreciate that from a professional, social and safety standpoint that the above concerns are taken into consideration in the application of this development and any further developments that may be put forward for Bourke Street!

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