Recent comments on applications from Light Regional Council, SA

  1. In Gawler Belt SA on “Verandah attached to...” at 5 Atyeo Road, Gawler Belt SA 5118:

    Mick commented

    Seriously ?? For a verandah ??? I'd just knock one up anyway. Seems like over regulation is out of hand in this country. Dog control is a far bigger issue. I can own a dangerous dog but cannot own a semi auto firearm. No background checks on the dog owners suitability with light penalties. How can they own so many yapping mutts ?? No consultation with adjoining or adjacent land owners. Had property her since 1965 and the area is turning ferral.

  2. In Gawler Belt SA on “Change of use from domestic...” at 16 Clancy Road, Gawler Belt SA 5118:

    Ali Eberhard commented

    I believe the area around the proposed kennels is too densely populated to site kennels. The noise produced from the 25 dogs housed will be detrimental to the area and the ambiance which currently supports small farmlets but all in very close proximity to one another. 1 hectare is not enough room between a house and a kennel. It has the potential to stir up the sheep and horses already in the area.

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