Recent comments on applications from Kingston City Council, VIC

  1. In Moorabbin VIC on “Develop the land for the...” at 1 420 South Road, Moorabbin, VIC:

    Katrina wrote to local councillor Steve Staikos

    This building is becoming a joke! Residents move to this suburb because of the space. Stop thinking of short term & allowing these mega block to be built!! South Rd is bumper to bumper now with traffic & you might let another 550 apartments with what - 1 carpark per apartment! Where will all of the residents visitors park! No wonder families are moving out of Bentleigh & we are getting so much violence/robbery!
    Wake up & stop losing sight of what our area is beautiful for!!!

    Photo of Steve Staikos
    Steve Staikos local councillor for Kingston City Council
    replied to Katrina

    Hello Katrina,

    Thank you for your email relating to the planning proposal at South Road, Moorabbin.

    I regularly visit local residents in Kingston to discuss their concerns and opinions on the various planning, community, sporting, roads and traffic and other matters that relate to our operations.

    I would be happy to discuss there with you, please let me know if you wish to meet? Please email me directly on

    Kindest regards

    Steve Staikos
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  2. In Edithvale VIC on “Develop the land for the...” at 38 Northcliffe Road, Edithvale, VIC:

    Mike Eising commented

    Block is only 736sqm. As a result, three lot subdivision represents gross over development for a site of this size.

  3. In Moorabbin VIC on “Develop the land for the...” at 57 Matilda Road, Moorabbin, VIC:

    Max commented

    I'm concerned about the two large trees in front of the house and the neighbour character

  4. In Moorabbin VIC on “Develop the land for the...” at 57 Matilda Road, Moorabbin, VIC:

    Max commented

    I'm concerned about the two large trees in front of the house and the neighbour character

  5. In Highett VIC on “Subdivide the Land into...” at 1 Oaklands Court, Highett, VIC:

    Louise Field commented

    What is the land size of the block/s to accommodate 25 units?

  6. In Parkdale VIC on “Develop the land for the...” at 40 Herbert Street, Parkdale, VIC:

    Ian Millar wrote to local councillor Tamsin Bearsley

    Sorry Peter, it's happening everywhere in Kingston (and elsewhere) but no-one seems to have the will to do anything to change our current and future gridlock. The State Government is the only authority able to change this dismal future.
    Currently, State Planning Regulations only require one (1) parking space for each dwelling (even 2 bedroom dwellings). Any VCAT hearing confirms this and the Local Authorities have no say in it at all.
    Developers continue to push the fallacy that a person purchasing a property relatively near public transport hubs will not want or even need a motor vehicle, they'll be using the public transport.
    The only way any change to that thinking will occur is when Kingston Council introduce street parking permits to ratepayers (a-la the beach permits) and make it clear to developers and potential buyers of their developments that these street permits will not be available for their multiple dwelling properties.
    Parking by-laws are the ONE power the Local Authorities have in these areas and, it's a long bow but, the thinking behind this may 'possibly' work if the developers then have great difficulty selling their dog boxes.
    Ian, Mordialloc

    Delivered to local councillor Tamsin Bearsley. They are yet to respond.

  7. In Parkdale VIC on “Develop the land for the...” at 40 Herbert Street, Parkdale, VIC:

    Peter Dykas commented

    Our street is getting more and more congested with cars parked on the roadway. At times there is not even 1 space left outside my own house. Please ensure that there is 2 car parks on site for each bedroom provided in the dwelling.

  8. In Edithvale VIC on “Develop the land for the...” at 67 Rae Avenue, Edithvale, VIC:

    Jeff McLachlan wrote to local councillor Ron Brownlees

    I think it is starting to get ridiculous in this part of Edithvale now. 4 units on a block is over the top. Every week-end there are 40-50 cars parked in Keith & Rae Ave's making driving difficult to drive. We will get another 80 or so cars when the RSL site is developed, maybe another 8 when the corner block on Rae & Kinross is developed, we get traffic going up and down our streets because cars are trying to miss parts of Edithvale road, and Lochiel has chicanes. I hope the council has some positive views of the local residents concerns before Edithvale becomes unbearable.

    Delivered to local councillor Ron Brownlees. They are yet to respond.

  9. In Dingley Village VIC on “See links:...” at 57 - 59 Tootal Road, Dingley, VIC:

    MM commented

    This application drawings have not taken into consideration the in development townhouses located at 53 Tootal Road. I believe there will be some significant privacy issues as the existing dwellings will overlook into the adjoining property backyards. There are also concerns around available parking as the existing (in construction) dwelling only has x1 visitor car park when means there will be a lot of cars parked on the street, causing a safety issue but also the aesthetic of the suburb will be impacted. I understand that these building permits are likely to be approved but Id like to see council take the above into consideration and also get involved in the exterior designs so that it does not look like a major complex of units that all look the same. Help us protect our investments, we are worried these properties will de - value our house prices.

  10. In Highett VIC on “Two (2) dwellings” at 1193-1195 Nepean Highway, Highett:

    Ashley commented

    I've heard of a development of appartments was brought up in the past. Totally disagree any multi story complex going up!!

  11. In Moorabbin VIC on “See links:...” at 16 Schofield Street, Moorabbin, VIC:

    Adam and Loretta South commented

    We neglected to add that safety is also a major concern for us. As parents of 3 young children who, like most children in the area frequent the park on Linton st, which is around the corner from Schofield st, we are concerned about the implications of increased traffic that would be associated with 19 new apartments. The sizeably increased local traffic would be a risk to the many young children who travel to and from the park each week, as well as the risk to children retrieving balls and other play items that have accidentally gone out of the park.

    We really hope this development does not go ahead.

  12. In Moorabbin VIC on “See links:...” at 16 Schofield Street, Moorabbin, VIC:

    Adam and Loretta South commented

    We are alarmed by the proposed development of a 3 story apartment block at 16 Scofield Street. We are residents of Dactyl Rd which is local to Scofield street. We do not wish to see a high density housing development like this, go forward. Apart from the loss of the garden suburban character of this area, which is a very real and major concern, increased density living will result in:

    * Loss of open space
    * Loss of vegetation
    * Increased traffic
    * Increased noise
    * Increased congestion
    * Parking issues (while residents may have parking under the building, where do their visitors).

    The above listed concerns are real issues for residents like us who are local to this proposed development. We moved to Moorabbin as it is a quiet, sleepy garden suburb with lots of space and park area and is ideal for a young family like ours. Allowing development of high density living so close to us, destroys all these attributes and will result in our family moving away from Moorabbin.

    Approval of this proposal would clearly indicate that Councils' emphasis is on providing a fast housing option to allow for population growth and that the needs of current residents in this electorate are very secondary, if not unimportant.

    We trust that you will consider our comments, and comments from others like us, and will decide not to go ahead with the development of a 3 storey apartment block on Schofield street Moorabbin.

  13. In Carrum VIC on “Develop The Land For The...” at 1 6 8 Valetta Street, Carrum, VIC:

    Sharon Grace commented

    Will create more parking problems to an already problem parking in this street

  14. In Mentone VIC on “Develop The Land For The...” at 165 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Paul O'Brien commented

    This is too large a development surrounded entirely by commercial developments. I am surprised that this is even zoned as residential. Located at a very busy junction at lower dandenong road and the nepean highway, this will only worsen the traffic problems during peak hour.

    Additional parking from this development will spill over into the adjacent thrift park shopping Centre, which is already inadequate for parking.

  15. In Mentone VIC on “Develop The Land For The...” at 165 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Richard commented

    Thrift park is difficult enough to get parking. Any approval should have at least one on site car park per unit and thrift park will have to monitor car parking

  16. In Mentone VIC on “Develop The Land For The...” at 165 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Dominic Godwin commented

    I do not believe this application should be approved. There are far too many apartments which will put stress on parking and local roads.

  17. In Mentone VIC on “Develop The Land For The...” at 48 Como Parade West, Mentone, VIC:

    Lesley Hunter commented

    Regarding the development at 48 Como Parade West, Mentone; what a complete visual disaster this would be in this area. Surely better use can be made of such a prominent site. If the City Council is unable to find a appropriate leasee, would it not be possible to use this space for the benefit of the community. The Mentone Garden Committee have done a wonderrful job around the station and it is now a pleasure to look at. Could not something be done in collaboration with them to enhance ouir shopping strip, or use it as a museum for the history of Mentone.

  18. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Robert Peck commented

    Professionally ran, and very safe,a great place to relax at the end of the week.
    Two thumbs up.

  19. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Juni Bence commented

    Put simply I love Bar One Fourteen, I am a resident of Kingston and look forward to coming along every weekend to see the bands.

    Julie, Lou, Daniel & the bar staff are to be commended on the running of their business. The improvements are enormous compared to the previous owners and deserve to have the license application approved.

    Please don't disappoint all the patrons.

    Juni Bence

  20. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Lynn and David Peters commented

    Recently we attended OneFourteen in Mentone. I have a disability and use a wheel chair which can make it very difficult at some venues. We went to watch live music performed by Mae Parker and The King Beats as we've followed them for sometime now. We knew nothing about the venue prior to attending. We decided to go as a group of four and arranged to have dinner on the ground floor. We'd made several phone calls about access to the building, whether they would accommodate my special needs, the dress code and had found ALL staff that we spoke to extremely friendly and helpful. As we were coming from Yarragon we needed to be sure about entry and suitabilty as it's such a long way ( an hour and a half to two hours drive ). We looked up online the menu and looked at the positive remarks. The four of us were made very welcome and enjoyed delicious meals at a very reasonable price with larger servings than we'd expected, which was a bonus.
    The service from all staff was of a very high standard. The venue was spotless and very inviting. The crowd that attended were extremely well mannered and behaved. There was no-one out on the street and certainly a low level of noise when people left the venue. We noticed that the venue was frequented by a vast age group and that everyone was there to have a good time. The dance floor was packed all night with people mingling and dancing the night away.
    We believe it would be of great advantage to allow the well behaved patrons to have a drink in the outside area. This would also be a great place for people to eat as well and open up the area to make it more accessable to people who have difficulty with stairs for dining.
    The security staff were very polite and made their presence felt in a quiet mannered way, which helps make people feel secure and safe.
    We have no hesitation in recommending that this venue gets their permit approved. They certainly deserve it as the management work hard to provide a great venue for people to attend and have a good time. Great food. Great service. Great entertainment. Great, clean and bright venue. They're on the right track and deserve a fair go.
    Thank you.

  21. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Chris Steele commented

    Oh dear. An obvious case of astroturfing (If you're not sure: going on here. Kingston Council isn't stupid.

    Frankly I don't care either way - approve it please, but the comments are CLEARLY seeded by the management of the bar. Pathetic really.

  22. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Concerned commented

    I personally do not attend this venue any more having witnessed an act if violence by a bar staff to a patron. The response I received from management was that he supported the violence. It is my understanding that the staff member is still employed there.

  23. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Aly Jakz commented

    We travel across town from the western suburbs on a regular basis to this venue.
    Why ? because there is very little in the way of live music venues on my side of town, however there are plenty of Pokie venues !
    114 is a great venue, professionally run, with a great selection of live music.
    Friendly professional staff, lovely good value meals, where you can socialise with friends and feel safe and comfortable.

  24. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Soozie Pinder commented

    This venue is a credit to the owners. Extensive renovations have created a stylish venue for mature adults to enjoy a night out wine and dine in safety, and enjoy some local live music. We need many more venues such as this where we can enjoy a night out.I hope the City of Kingston are wise enough to value this vital contribution to the local economy. I travel from the Eastern suburbs to frequent this venue; a rare place a woman can go on her own and know she will be safe.

  25. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Steve Morris commented

    As a residence of Gnotuk Avenue I am very familiar with childish behaviour and excessive noise and after hours hooning that the city of Kingston has to try and control, One Fourteen is a different story this NOW this would have to be one of the most professionally run and operated by the book venues I have seen in action. The outside red lined area provides a space were mature minded adults can sit down have a meal, then later in the evening sit back and relax with friends while having a drink and a smoke at the same like isn't this the Australian way . In a world that has gone mental with rules and regulations thr must be some things left and this is one I believe must never change... As your aware our beautiful bay after hours isn't really all that safe now and like we need outlets in our are to be able to unwind

  26. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Kristen Davies commented

    I wish to add my support for the owners, management and venue that is OneFourteen regarding their Planning application for an extended area in which to serve alcohol.

    I was introduced to this venue by my Bayside dwelling friends and via Southern FM radio promotions. I live in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and actually travel across town to visit this quality venue. It is professionally run, caters for the more mature age patron and as a woman I feel comfortable and safe visiting this venue. The management and security staff attempt to minimise the noise impact on the surrounding residential area by quickly dispersing patrons homeward once the venue has closed of an evening.

    As many of Melbourne's live music venues are under threat from both increased population density through property development and the installation of the dreaded pokie machine, I was thrilled to find this venue that supports the local music industry.

    I hope the City of Kingston will recognise OneFourteen's economic and cultural contribution to the Mentone area by approving the Planning application.

  27. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Michele O'hanlon commented

    I am a regular patron of 114 and as a single woman,enjoy the atmosphere, the security and the professionalism this venue has to offer.

    Since it's conversion with the new owners, it has become a safe haven for us mature, music loving folk who enjoy to catch up with friends, share some chat and a dance or three!
    There has never been any violence since I've been going, and i am particularly secure in the knowledge that as I vacate the premises that the staff and security have my best interests at heart,offering often to escort me to my car if I am on my own. I now reside in Seaford and am happy to travel to Mentone weekly to see live music.

    I also like the decor and the fact that there is a designated area for those who wish to smoke outside and also that the venue has been overly courteous to the neighbors in ensuring tight closing times to eliminate noise. It is clean, vibrant the food is fantastic.

    I have made some great friends by going here and would hate to see any change to its format. It has supported local musicians, staff and patrons alike, and definately adds value to the Kingston area when it is open.

    Please consider all these facts when making decisions about a venue like 114, and not listen to a disgruntled minority who have a grudge to bear.
    If you are not sure, why not visit for yourself as I'm sure you too will experience the magic that is 114.

  28. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Ann and James Rodis commented

    My husband and I are middle aged residents in the City of Kingston. We work hard and so look forward to social outings where we can relax and have fun. Sadly, there are not many venues where we feel comfortable and safe. We discovered 114 about a year ago and we are now regular patrons. 114 provides that atmosphere where we can simply relax and have good clean fun with other people of our age and maturity. 114 provides an entire package. If we choose we can enjoy a fabulous meal, a variety of music and dancing applicable to our age group, a few drinks and conversation with friends. I have many single friends (many female) that go there too because they feel safe. Even as a couple, it is important for us to feel safe. 114 is a very friendly, peaceful environment as everyone is there for the same reason. The age group of the patrons tends to attract people of maturity and respect.
    I believe 114 is a huge assett to the City of Kingston and its rate payers. I can't think of any negatives. No food or drink is allowed out of the premesis and I have never seen litter inside or out. The owners are quite conscientious about abiding by rules and regulations and respectful of safety, cleanliness and neighbours.
    I have had situations where I have chosen to catch a cab home as well as times when I drive. I have always found parking easy and when I do catch a cab there has never been more than a few minutes so I have never seen many people waiting outside at the end of the night. The staff of 114 play a controlling role in ensuring all patrons leave their venue quietly, safely and efficiently.
    I believe that the hard work and respect shown by the owners of 114 should be supported and embraced for the wonderful service they provide to the residents of the City of Kingston.
    To approve this application would further enhance not only this venue but the facilities available in the City of Kingston.

  29. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    John Clapton commented

    I have been going to One Fourteen for over one year now.
    Before i live in whittlesea, over 1 and half a hour away.
    And now i have moved back into the area.
    I go to One Fourteen alot now and enjoy dinner there as well.

    Its a place i feel safe in, and no violence ever at this venue.

    Its a great place and this local community should be proud of
    having a place like One Fourteen.

    I think the owners Lou and family have done a great job
    improving the venue for ratepayer of the council the City of Kingston.
    I am now a member of City of Kingston

  30. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    elizabeth trapani commented

    I have moved back to Melbourne after over twenty years living all over Australia and the world. My concerned family informed me that Melbourne night life was far too dangerous for a single woman to be safe. After six months of not going anywhere a friend took me to 114.

    I have become a regular customer since that night. I not only feel safe but enjoy the music and the people who patronise this venue. Lou and his family have created a wonderful nights entertainment that is both enjoyable and relaxing. Unlike many other venues I have had the misfortune to visit 114 holds a very special charm. The restaurant produces wonderfully sublime meals that melt on the pallet and the clientele, the majority middle class working, local homeowners and rate payers come to relax and socialise in a genuinely refreshing environment.

    There has never been an incident of an unsavory nature at anytime that I have been there. At the end of the evening security have arranged more than enough cabs to transport patrons and rarely is there a long wait.

    Never have I seen litter or the like around the venue as it is always kept extremely presentable. In fact the question of litter is a mute point as there is a council bin outside the premises and by licencing regulations nothing of that nature can leave the premises.

    I strongly appeal that this proposal be granted as it would be a blow to your rate payers who frequent the venue to loose it as there is nothing like it in the city of Kingston that I have found that is a safe and enjoyable as Club 114.

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