Recent comments on applications from Huon Valley Council, TAS

  1. In Franklin TAS on “Change of use to Food...” at 3445 Huon Highway, Franklin TAS, Tasmania:

    Zainab Clark commented

    It will be so good to see this lovely character venue come back to life and return to taking it's place in village life. Petty Sessions was a favourite to take guests to after a walk along the foreshore and was a tourist and visitor destination in itself. Wishing the new owners well with this venture.

  2. In Huonville TAS on “Storage units, laundromat,...” at 59 Wilmot Rd, Huonville TAS 7109, Tasmania:

    ATHELDA PANTON commented

    To the Huon Valley Council,
    An alarm system should be installed either separately or individually.
    sincerely Miss Athelda PANTON

  3. In Strathblane TAS on “Upgrade existing gravel...” at Tylers Quarry, Tylers Road, Strathblane, Tasmania, Australia , Tasmania:

    Robyn Francis commented

    I have recently purchased a block of land covering 62 hectares at Tylers road Strathblane (Vol 124000 Fol 1 & 2). The property is in a secluded area, off the main roads and has excellent views of Adamsons Peak and Port Esperance. As a result, I was intending to build a residence and tourist accommodation (subject to Council approval).

    I believe that there is a real need for tourist accommodation which is close to Dover amenities but still in a rural are which is quiet and feels remote. (ie. Holiday retreat.).

    Unfortunately, the proposed extension of the Tylers Quarry will result in considerable industrial noise and greatly increased traffic on Tylers Road (which is unmade and only gravel). This will have an adverse affect on my plans for a residence and any tourist accommodation and likely result in me selling the land and seeking another outside the Huon Valley.

    Whilst, there is some road noise from Huon Highway, this is not evident in lower areas of the property and close to the rivulet.

    I understand that there may be an need for some industrial operations but the Dover area is such a beautiful and unique environment for tourism in the Valley, which seems to be unappreciated or recognised.

    For the reasons mentioned above, I firmly object to the extension of the Tylers Quarry operations.

    However, if it absolutely must proceed, the opening hours need to be reasonable. This is not a major operation and it does not require ridiculous extended operating hours - especially after 5.00pm and on weekends. It needs as a minimum, to be restricted to Mon to Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm plus not operating on public holidays.

    If we are going to encourage any tourism businesses/developments in the Dover area there need to be an understanding that industrial development needs to be tightly regulated so that such a valuable tourism asset is protected and encouraged.

  4. In Ranelagh TAS on “Visitor Accomodation (six...” at North Huon Road, Ranelagh, Tasmania, Australia, Tasmania:

    Robyn Leyshon commented

    I am concerned about the amount of traffic that uses North Huon Road. Visitor accommodation will add to the amount of traffic. The road has already taken on trucks from Huon Aquaculture recently and there are more properties being added along this road. The road is narrow, winding, with no edges on dangerous parts of the road; not really a decent road for people not familiar with it.

  5. In Upper Woodstock TAS on “Upgrade existing gravel...” at Pelverata Road, Upper Woodstock, Tasmania, Australia, Tasmania:

    Joshua Dean commented

    Is there any consideration to the extra traffic that will be on the pelverata road?

  6. In Mountain River TAS on “Visitor Accommodation, 518...” at 518 Mountain River Road, Mountain River, Tasmania, Australia, Tasmania:

    Brett Carson commented

    Once again further development with no upgrade to road infrastructure. This unsealed road already struggles from poor condition due to constant increasing traffic. The surface deteriorates rapidly after grading (within a week) with the existing residents being subject to noise and dust! The only way further development should be approved is with an upgrade to the road - that being tar sealing to the bridge at the Yabby Creek junction.

  7. In Dover TAS on “Dwelling, 2 Fritton Drive,...” at 2 Fritton Drive, Dover, Tasmania, Australia , Tasmania:

    Rebecca Stevenson commented


  8. In Crabtree TAS on “Private campground, 18...” at 18 Sharpes Road, Crabtree Tasmania Australia, Tasmania:

    Denise & Ken Nixon commented

    Objection to proposed camping ground at 18 Sharpes Rd
    We moved here in 1995 for a better quality of life away from the noise and hustle and bustle of city life. We have a caravan and have spent many holidays camping throughout Tasmania so we are not opposed to camping or tourist development. We think the site proposed is unsuitable for the following reasons
    1. DECLINE IN PROPERTY VALUES. Because of the close proximity to surrounding houses, the camping ground is too close and will adversely affect residents of the valley. We have been informed that a property valuer has stated that property values will decline by 15 - 30% if a camping ground is approved.
    2. NOISE: Generators, parties, music and barking dogs - Crabtree is a narrow valley and sounds tend to carry far and echo around the hills.
    3. ROAD WIDTH: Sharpes rd is a very narrow dirt road. Crabtree road becomes a dirt road commencing before Sharpes road and campers will want to see what is further up the valley. The road ends in a dead end with no turning circle and a steep drop over the side. With an increase in traffic, dust can be a problem in dry weather.
    4. DOGS: Dogs are to be allowed in the camping ground. Having previously been a dog owner myself, I know that dogs are great escape artists. Last year we lost 3 heavily pregnant sheep to dogs plus our ram was injured and later died. 6 lambs were then aborted from the pregnant ewes in the next 4 days. There is also an abundance of wild life and city dogs not used to the wildlife would be barking at all hours.
    5. SUBDIVISION: We are unable to do a subdivision of our 4 hectares to allow another family to live here but less than 400 metres away there is a proposed development for an indefinite number of people.
    6 SMOKE: Being a narrow valley, there is the problem of an increase in residual smoke from campfires. Crabtree valley can also be a very windy valley and there is the possibility of embers escaping from campfires and thus the threat of bushfires.
    7. SHOWERING AND WASHING FACILITIES: the non provision of showers and washing facilities would see the rivulet being used for that purpose.
    8. WASTE AND GREY WATER PROVISIONS: The rivulet floods in heavy rain over the ground near the proposed site of the composting toilets making them completely unsuitable so near to the rivulet.

  9. In Crabtree TAS on “Private campground, 18...” at 18 Sharpes Road, Crabtree Tasmania Australia, Tasmania:

    Selina Heywood commented

    Objection to proposed Camping Ground at 18 Sharpes Road

    Tasmania relies on attracting tourists to maintain its economy and stimulate growth. If however a campground initiative to attract and cater for tourists such as this one disdvantages the local community’s lifestyles, peace and quiet, privacy, security and safety, then it is a development proposal that is inappropriate and should be rejected. It seems rather obvious that this is a campground desperately seeking a better location suitably distanced from other residents. Regardless of whether the Application ticks the Planning boxes from an operational perspective, I am confident that Council will recognise that it is the local people who must come first in any decision-making when it impacts on their lifestyle and wellbeing. I have always had high regard for Council’s willingness and ability to consult directly with its community to gain perspective on local issues and gauge local sentiment. With regard to this proposed development I am confident that community voices will be heard, acknowledged and responded to accordingly.

    Key points of objection are:

    > does not conform to aspects of the Huon Valley Planning Scheme
    > too close to neighboring properties
    > value of neighboring properties will drop – I have been advised by a property valuation firm that my own property may lose $170,000 value and nine others affected
    > invasion of privacy for neighboring properties, who are sufficiently close to view and hear activities at the site – also a security risk
    > no showers and only two composting toilets are inadequate
    > large numbers (thousands) of campers Sept-April exploring/swimming/bathing in the Crabtree Rivulet (opposite) will potentially degrade the river and its bank, and cause littering and pollution
    > platypuses are in the river and endangered Tasmanian Devils and quolls close to the site – local wildlife will relocate due to continuing disturbance by campers
    > thousands of additional vehicle movements on Sharpes Road and along Crabtree Road will impact on road safety for drivers and pedestrians – the ‘two single track bridges’ on Crabtree Road and junction with Mountain River Road are a particular concern being an accident waiting to happen – Crabtree Road is a school bus route with a drop-off point at its ‘blind’ junction with Sharpes Road
    > single track access road (Sharpes Road) and single track bridge are the only escape route in a bushfire situation for local residents and campers – high risk
    > 24/7 operating hours are just not acceptable – potential for RVs, caravans, 4WDs driving along Crabtree Road at all hours
    > there are sewerage concerns relating to the campground’s location in close proximity to the river, water flow into the river and absence of a dump point on site for RVs/caravans, particularly when flooding occurs
    > site would better suit two or three holiday cabins

  10. In Crabtree TAS on “Private campground, 18...” at 18 Sharpes Road, Crabtree Tasmania Australia, Tasmania:

    R. Weber commented

    i object to this on the following;
    1. the property devaluation
    2.. safety concerns as the current bridges over Crabtree rivulet and Mountain river are dangerous currently with the low traffic volumes.
    3. impact on wild life, we have seen Spotted Quolls on the road having been hit by cars, their numbers would be further impacted by additional traffic
    4 Rubbish
    5. noise from additional 24/7 traffic
    6. Pollution in the river, there is no showers o site so people will no doubt disregard and use soaps and shampoos impacting the pristine river ways.
    7. concerns around the sewer system proposed, would think there could be sewerage washed into the rivulet in a large storm event.
    8. the intersection of crabtree road and mountain river road has extremely poor sight visibility, large campers could cause accidents trying to make the right turn out.

  11. In Crabtree TAS on “Private campground, 18...” at 18 Sharpes Road, Crabtree Tasmania Australia, Tasmania:

    P. Weber commented

    I would like to object to this application
    My wife and i walk Crabtree road every morning and the extra traffic generated by this development would impact on our and other walkers safety at the twin bridges on crab tree road (There is no dedicated footpath on the one lane bridges)
    Campsite borders Crabtree Rivulet concerns on amounts of waste ending up in the waterway, not just in the immediate vicinity but getting carried down river impacting wildlife and other properties
    Concerns around sewerage from the campsite leeching and polluting the waterway
    Noise concerns both in increased road traffic but also campsite noise for surrounding neighbours
    If this application is successful the road speed on Crabtree road should be reduced to 60 kmh with a further reduction of speed to 40 kmh on the 2 bridges

  12. In Crabtree TAS on “Private campground, 18...” at 18 Sharpes Road, Crabtree Tasmania Australia, Tasmania:

    K. Bawden commented

    Moving to the area and object on the following:
    1. An increase in wildlife fatalities due to no street lighting on Crabtree Road and increased traffic at night-time
    2. Campsite borders Crabtree Rivulet concerns increase amounts of waste would end up in waterway, not just in the immediate vicinity but get carried down river impacting the environment
    3. Concerns around sewerage from the campsite leeching and polluting the waterway
    4. Crabtree road infrastructure is not geared up for an increase in traffic
    5. Two one-way bridges travelers would not be aware of and may increase the risk of accidents
    6. Noise concerns both in increased road traffic but also campsite noise for surrounding neighbours

  13. In Crabtree TAS on “Private campground, 18...” at 18 Sharpes Road, Crabtree Tasmania Australia, Tasmania:

    B. Annakin commented

    I object to this application;
    1. it would increase traffic numbers on Crabtree Rd and the surrounding network on a constant time frame as the campground is designed for short term stays.
    2. it would increase noise on Crabtree Rd especially at night
    3. it would increase the danger to wildlife as the facility will fun 24/7 and most animals are out during nigh time hours.
    4. the existing bridges at Mountain river and Crabtree Rivulet are are give way system as they are not wide enough for two way traffic, new people who dont know the area might not give way and cause accidents.
    5. the existing road intersection at Crabtree and Mountain River road has insufficient sight distance and long vehicles would find it difficult to maneuver safely out of Crabtree Rd thus causing accidents.

  14. In Cradoc TAS on “Dwelling, Outbuilding and...” at 1728 Cygnet Coast Road, Cradoc, Tasmania Australia , Tasmania:

    Fred Daskern commented

    This application will bring 10 cars to the site, the shed is huge at 270m2, way above the 80m2 stated on the Huon interim planning scheme. The building is very high at over 10.7 m for the visitor accommodation. Seems like a lot of vegetation would need to be cleared.

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