Recent comments on applications from Griffith City Council, NSW

  1. In Hanwood NSW on “Increase poultry production...” at 126 Kidman Wy, Hanwood 2680 NSW:

    Greg salvestro commented

    I have no real objections to the expansion of a thriving local business,as it's great for our economy,but I urge G.CC to ensure that their quite pungent smell control measures are adequate to cope with the increased production.
    The Hanwood residents had dozens of times after the last increase of production of bad odour from the processing plant .In the long run it affects all so stay on top of this please.
    There's nothing worse than going out for a walk on the lovely new walkway you built & having to put up with an unpleasant smell.
    Thankyou Greg Salvestro 19-21 Sangster cres Hanwood

  2. In Griffith NSW on “Change of use to boarding...” at 44 Marcus St, Griffith 2680 NSW:

    Community member commented

    The property 44 Marcus Street, Griffith has been and still is being used as a boarding house since purchased by the current owned in September 2016. The occupants are primarily international persons of Chinese background who are believed to be employed at Baiada Poultry, Hanwood NSW. The dwelling house is at times is occupied by up to 8-10 persons with the same amount of vehicles parked at the dwelling and curb side location at times. Shift work is often around midnight, with vehicles coming and going from the location making noise.

    Advertisemens have been made on online site Gumtree where the beds and bedrooms m have been offered to be rented out for 3-6 month periods at a high fee. The house and gardens are often neglected and unkept, lowering the standards in the neighbourhood and deterring new home buyers. It may even contribute to lowering he areas real estate value. This current setup is a cashflow for the owner and has been operating as a halfway house without council approval. I oppose the application for the above mentioned reasons which I hope are considered.

  3. In Griffith NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 Heath Cr, Griffith 2680 NSW:

    Jane commented

    Good to see removal of damaged properties.
    What about the unfenced dwelling that has remained a safety hazard for three years?

  4. In Griffith NSW on “New Community/Public Building” at 80 Benerembah St Griffith, NSW:

    Bill Lancaster commented

    The Development pertains to the site of the first Griffith Police Station and any demolition or other than conservation works should be subject to public scrutiny in an open Council meeting.

    I would ask that the application be referred to Council to determine what if any conservation policy or conditions of approval should apply.

    Thank you

  5. In Griffith NSW on “Advertising signage - one...” at 2-12 Burrell Pl , Griffith, NSW:

    Douglas McWilliam commented

    Attention CEO, Griffith city Council

    Dear Sir, I wish to make my objection known to the proposal for additional external signage on the new Woolworth Supermarket located on Burrell place. To add further commercial signage to this precinct only further denigrates the heritage value of the area. The current activity, occupancy and purpose of this building is blatantly obvious to all and still stands as a eyesore to the otherwise domestic, religious and heritage value of the local vicinity. Any addition signage is totally unnecessary.
    Doug McWilliam

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