Recent comments on applications from Mid-Coast Council (Greater Taree), NSW

  1. In Black Head NSW on “Subdivision - 2 Lot” at 21 Greenview Drive, Black Head NSW 2430:

    Steven Taylor commented

    I would suggest that the sub-division of this lot into two will place even more strain on the already poor infrastructure in the estate. We note that the current entry to the estate is by no means safe or satisfactory for the amount of traffic already in our area. Nor the Col de sac at the bottom of Hillside Terrace (now fenced off) How many more lots until the developer who is the applicant in this will provide a more permanent and safe access to us residence.

  2. In Taree NSW on “Multi Residential - 11 Units” at 9 Fuchsia Drive, Taree NSW 2430:

    Lorrie Jones commented

    I am so very dissapointed that the Council is allowing this type of residence in an area that has people that have lived here for many years and care about each of the neighbours and their privacy.
    The road access etc will be a major concern and the difficulty of the collection bins, I could go on.

  3. In Taree NSW on “Multi Residential - 11 Units” at 9 Fuchsia Drive, Taree NSW 2430:

    Mark+Shannyn Pennings commented

    The construction of an 11 unit two story dwelling will create substantial social impact
    on the surrouding neigbourhood. Situated on a blind corner on a steeply sloping block the influx of some fifty residents with only minimal off street parking alloting only three visitor car spaces will prove problamatic. As a long term owners and ratepayers we feel
    confident Midcoast Council will oppose the development.

  4. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Bill Kennedy commented

    I dont belive this is in the public interest to have such a large development.
    The current infrasture does not support it nor can the council support the increase load on the area.

  5. In Harrington NSW on “Multi-Unit Development” at 39 Josephine Boulevard, Harrington NSW 2427:

    martin stephens commented

    why should they allow 4 storey development in harrington when all others are 2 storey make it two storey only we don't need buildings of this size here

  6. In Taree NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 34 Manikato Place, Taree NSW 2430:

    Lynette Matheson commented

    I would like you to note that if 2 vehicles are parked either side on Manikato pl there is only enough room for 1 car to pass(ie driving along the middle of the road) I believe the road needs to be widen if this is going to be the only entry/exit point. Also as this is a quiet neighborhood I query why there is not another entry or exit point onto Bushland drive only via Manikato place. I believe that 2 entry/exit points would better suit this type of development. I also query noise issues with so many houses with no age restrictions (ie families with children can take up residency)I would of supported it more if it was an over 50's type village. I believe there will be increase in noise affecting current residents as this is a quiet neighborhood most people purchased for this reason. when I looked into this area before purchasing i was told only 16 more properties would take place not 50. I believe this is over populating this area.
    I would like to Thankyou for considering my objections to this development without changes in road entry/exit points and also on noise.
    I look forward to your reply

  7. In Harrington NSW on “Residential Alterations and...” at 15 Huntress Street, Harrington NSW 2427:

    Terry Tamplin commented

    This is called progress you will have to accept it. Agree with you comment regarding open space, however, development means increased growth and increased benefits for Harrington.

  8. In Harrington NSW on “Residential Alterations and...” at 15 Huntress Street, Harrington NSW 2427:

    helen anderson commented

    More open space areas need to be planned for Harrington. It is being swallowed up by housing estates/developments so that Harrington looks just like every other small community on the eastern seaboard. Enough is enough. Set appropriate realistic land aside for the future.

  9. In Taree NSW on “Multi Residential - 11 Units” at 9 Fuchsia Drive, Taree NSW 2430:

    Jane Dargaville commented

    I prefer this kind of medium density development in town to any urban spread into bush or agricultural land. We can't keep mowing down trees and other vegetation to provide for human residences. Concerns about privacy can be met by ensuring the developers meet (improved) requirements to properly landscape: i.e. ensure developments are landscaped and that trees and shrubs are planted along borders and maintained to maturity. A similar two-storey townhouse development exists between Wynter and Little Wynter streets in Taree (and has been there for years) where fully mature trees provide more than adequate privacy for neighbouring properties. The major issues for me as this kind of medium density becomes more popular are: design, they need to be more energy efficient and social cohesion needs to be promoted with the creation of better community services and neighbouring green spaces.

  10. In Taree NSW on “Multi Residential - 11 Units” at 9 Fuchsia Drive, Taree NSW 2430:

    Glenn Maddox commented

    the concentrated two story units on one boundary has a profound influence on our privacy as 3 to 4 units will have direct view looking down into our back yard .

  11. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Retirement village (staged)” at 361 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Anne Mayne commented

    No, this is not 303 Black Head Road, but 361 which is immediately next door on Black Head Road, and supposed to be a Retirement Village (staged). 303 was rejected initially by Council, but delayed so long with the decision the owners now have the right to go to the Land and Environment Court to have it approved. It seems we may have not only 202 manufactured homes approved, but now another development raises its ugly head right next door. Literally hundreds of dwellings of whatever kind with a lousy road, lack of transport, nowhere near shops or beach - GO FIGURE!!
    I have not made any donation or gift to a Councillor or Council employee.

    Anne Mayne, Tallwoods.

  12. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Retirement village (staged)” at 361 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Clare Taylor commented

    Is this the site of the Gateway manufactured homes estate which was previously rejected by Council?

  13. In Wallabi Point NSW on “3 x Townhouses” at 18 Walter Fay Street, Wallabi Point NSW 2430:

    Mr Gary Jones commented

    We reside at 3 Howard St, which seems to be adjacent to the proposed construction of 3 terrace houses. We already have one two-storey construction adjacent to our property, about which we received no opportunity for consultation. Because we have no other information about this new development, we are concerned about the height of the development, and how close it will be to our boundary. We would appreciate any further information about this development that you could provide. Our contact phone number is 0459 925 045.

  14. In Old Bar NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate...” at 119 Forest Lane, Old Bar NSW 2430:

    Christina Gibbs commented

    Forest lane needs to be completed to reduce traffic in Wyden Street. This was meant to be completed when Ocean Links was approved. This area needs two safe roads to exit, in case of an evacuation.
    The regrading that continues, only lasts for a couple of weeks. Given the traffic and additional rates that council is collecting. Now is the time to seal this road, once and for all.

  15. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Saxon Williams commented

    PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT - 1303 Black Head Road Tallwoods,

    For me, when I saw the plans I was agog. Has the developer looked around the area?

    So many beautiful detached homes on large blocks. So a project that shoves as many shoe boxes into one site as possible is just wrong and must not be entertained by Council.

    It is that simple.

    The roads within the estate are so narrow... why? So the developer can maximise their return. There is no thought about the beautiful area the community has built. Just build a slum, bag the money and run.

  16. In Diamond Beach NSW on “Subdivision - 89 Lots,...” at 310 Diamond Beach Road, Diamond Beach NSW 2430:

    Col Lynch commented

    Creating a new beach access is part of the DA . The issue of parking, that has not been addressed.

  17. In Diamond Beach NSW on “Subdivision - 89 Lots,...” at 310 Diamond Beach Road, Diamond Beach NSW 2430:

    Kaye Matthews commented

    It would be beneficial if the application included creating a separate additional access to the beach so that more strain isn't placed on existing car spaces at the main access to Diamond Beach.
    No one wants to see arguments about cars blocking driveways and this would help to avoid that situation.

  18. In Old Bar NSW on “Multi unit development x 40” at 32 Lewis Street, Old Bar NSW 2430:

    zona brown commented

    totally agree with Christina Gibbs Forest Lane is in a disgusting condition for the traffic on it . the developer needs to complete it no more land development .

  19. In Old Bar NSW on “Multi unit development x 40” at 32 Lewis Street, Old Bar NSW 2430:

    Christina Gibbs commented

    Forest Lane needs to be completed by developers before further land is developed. There needs to be alternative access for safety and if the area needs to be evacuated.

  20. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Krunoslav & Julie Lovrak commented

    We are submitting our objection to the proposed manufactured home estate at 303 Black Head Road Tallwoods, Application No 99/2019/DA on the following grounds:
    - A high density manufactured home estate at this location does not fit in the environment of current large residential blocks estate at Tallwoods Village.
    - The lack of infrastructure does not support this large development on that site because there are no shops, public transport, hospitals, doctors and the roads are not developed and maintained to cope with extra traffic.
    - The possibility of having 400 extra cars, caravans and trailers will cause major problems with traffic and parking on surrounding streets.
    - We are planning to invest $800k on our new home at 16 Augusta Point, Tallwoods and do not want our investment to decrease in value due to this low affordability housing development.
    We strongly urge the Council to reject this development as it is totally unsuitable for this location.

  21. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Alice & Ray Reisberger commented

    The arrogance of this development application, which is pretty much identical to the previous one, is beyond belief!!!

    We hope that all the Councillors who objected to the last application will do the same to this one. Let's keep our area beautiful and attract the right people and professionals to our region instead of allowing some greedy developer supported by a few narrow-minded officials to destroy the beauty and harmony of Tallwoods Village and its surrounding areas!

  22. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Donna Ball commented

    I would like to strongly object against the development proposed for 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point. - Proposed Manufactured Home Estate (DA99/2019) for the following reasons.
    Firstly, the infrastructure at Hallidays Point is insufficient to support 200 homes on a small parcel of land.
    Parking will be a major problem and will spill out onto Coastal View Drive and surrounding roads. There is no pedestrian crossing for children who catch buses to and from school at The Boulevard. With so many more cars in the area this will be a major safety issue.
    Public transport is almost non existent, one bus per day to Forster and return to Hallidays Point, also taxis cost a fortune from Hallidays Point to surrounding areas.

    In the event of bush fires, escaping will be more hazardous as so many more cars will be trying to exit one escape route.
    I cannot believe that the Council would be willing to lose money on this proposed development, as each manufactured household does not have to pay rates.

    The proposed development will be a construction site for 10 years which will affect the communities daily life.
    Manufactured homes are not even inspected by the Council on completion, and may not be built to the correct standard like all other homes in Talllwoods Village.

    Koalas are a protected native animal in Australia and koalas live in this area, so they will lose their habitat.

    I am not against development at 303 Blackhead Road Hallidays Point, but it has to be an appropriate development for the area, NOT manufactured homes.

    I attended a meeting last year at the Council Chambers in Taree, where most Councillors voted against the Gateway application of manufactured homes and supported the wishes of the community. Nothing has changed, so why should this new proposed development application succeed.

    Finally, I can only hope that the Mayor and all the Councillors vote against this new proposed development application, as they are supposed to be acting on behalf of what the community wants in this area and it is NOT manufactured homes.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Donna Ball

  23. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Leonard Lawrence Hagan & Joan Yvonne Hagan commented

    We have read the proposal and make the following comments:
    Zoning RE 1
    The proposal does not allow public access as it is to be signed “private property” at all points of access. Essentially it is designed as a gated community. It will not comply with the zoning objectives.
    The zoning objectives require the proposed land use to be open public space. The residential development is further required to provide a range of recreation settings and activities with compatible land uses. As a MHE catering to the older demographic (although not advertised as over 50s), there is unlikely to be any range of activities or cultural uses demanded.
    The dedication to Council of some land set aside for recreation cannot achieve the objective either as it puts the onus back on to Council to develop and maintain the land, i9ncluding parking for the wider community. The proposed development in its location is also unlikely to appeal to outside recreation users. Tallwoods Village already has a golf course appealing to its residential users and its access is open to the general public. The existence of two developments so close by (i.e. the adjacent caravan park as well) is likely to confuse the public and negatively impact the existing recreation area and its club facilities. Any recreation area in the gated MHE community is likely to provide private benefit to that closed community rather than a public benefit to the wider community (who are essentially not invited).
    As a staged development, there is also no assurance it will proceed as designed.
    The Hallidays Point Development Strategy adopted by Council in June 2000 set as basic principles:
    1 Maintain physical separation of each village
    2 Provide spatial limits
    3 Appropriate land uses in the areas between villages

    That Strategy proposed the development site be released for urban use but compatible with and as part of Tallwoods Village. If Council approves the development application it will be contradicting its own strategy.
    SEPP 36
    The MHE must be situated only in suitable locations and not on land having important resources such as scenic landscapes and ecologically valuable qualities. The current mix of the village of larger tree landscaped blocks with operating wildlife corridors will be disturbed. The MHE will contrast markedly with that existing development. As a high density residential area of narrow streets with minimal separations (no wildlife corridors), it will detract and with it and itself fall short of its own appeal. Over the road is an uncertain development – a caravan park – yet to be finished that is already asking questions of compatibility. Council rightly rejected that original proposal for an MHE.
    There are better locations. The development needs to be sited in suitable areas. If required in the local Council area at all, it should be away from existing developed residential sites, particularly of the Tallwoods Village style. If sited west of the Pacific Highway on less expensive land, it is more likely to be more viable, less intrusive and less conflicted.
    Further Issues
    There will be associated infrastructure issues with such a dense land use such as water and sewerage on the low level near existing roads. There will be a rating impact. The area may not be officially flood prone. However, it does flood and is swampy as indicated by the numerous water fowl in the vicinity.
    There will be issues of fire, police and emergency access. There will be traffic flow issues with an inundation of the Boulevard and Blackhead Road intersection already affected by the roundabout (still to be completed).
    There will be an increased demand for services and there are few nearby medical services and facilities. There is no dental service. There is no service station. There is no local police surveillance and probably no real need given the established community which currently enjoys a low crime rate.
    There is likely to be a negative effect on wildlife as already indicated. That wildlife not only enjoys the wildlife corridors offered between residences but also that offered by the golf course where visiting fauna is often seen (e.g. parrots, cranes, wild ducks, water hens, koalas, wallabies, kangaroos).
    The incompatibility of development will cause issues for existing residences. MHEs and caravan parks attract lower socio-economic groups and itinerants. Whilst accommodation is indeed required for those groups, it must be suitable for them as well as their neighbours. By putting opposites together, there is the potential for conflict.
    Affordable housing will clash with the established housing character and style. It may well impact on future growth of the still developing village. According to the 2016 National Population Census, 85.9% of the existing homes in the Tallwoods Village are free standing on large blocks compared to the 66.4% national average. The vast majority have three or more bedrooms (93.4%). The building covenants in Tallwoods are rendered useless by the relatively unfettered MHE minimal size lots and inferior building construction.
    The village atmosphere and entry to Tallwoods will be destroyed by the immediate location of the MHE. It will be visible from the main road. Together with the caravan park, it will have the effect of announcing Tallwoods Village and indeed Hallidays Point, Redhead and Blackhead villages, as a low socio-economic area, thereby deterring holiday makers and potential real estate buyers.
    The proposed on-site facilities will not benefit persons outside the complex. This affects the viability of those facilities especially in a staged development.
    It will be short-sighted planning if the MHE is approved in this location. Development should be a considered process and not a process dictated by a first-in, only present option, exercise. A longer term approach would preserve the character of Tallwoods Village and offers further consistent expansion of Tallwoods Village with mutually compatible residences and a potentially more valuable rate base. The marginal cost of services will be lower when development is allowed to naturally and incrementally build on existing roads and services.
    There will be stark contrasts in block sizes. It will be a confusing sub-division that asks more questions of Council’s planning processes than it will solve. There should be better options considered.
    Population Issues
    The 2016 National Population Census shows an average age of the 705 Tallwoods residents as 57, against the national average of 38. There is already an aged population. There is a recent trend towards younger working families moving into Tallwoods Village that should be encouraged. This trend is likely to be reversed by making the existing development unattractive to those younger residents.
    The 2016 National Population Census found that an average Australian household has two cars. In the MHE, this could translate to 400 vehicles not including boats, caravans and trailers, significantly impacting the existing streets and roundabouts. The MHE development allows parking for only one vehicle per household. The narrow streets of the MHE and the limited entry points will not assist.
    There is a lack of public transport and a marked shortage of services for the existing population, noting the likely needs of the MHE residents. Those existing services are already stretched and unlikely to increase significantly, given that the development is a staged one. Further, new businesses are unlikely to set up in the area given the lower economic viability of the proposed MHE residents.
    The 2016 National Population Census showed a population in the MidCoast region of 92,569 people with an average age of 51.3, and smaller family size of 2.2 people. The vast majority of households already had at least one spare bedroom (23,342), with a further 5,046 having sufficient bedrooms. Only 812 households stated they had insufficient bedrooms. Of the occupied private dwellings in Tallwoods, 93.3% had three or more dwellings. The Tallwoods average household size was 1.8 people, with 60.6% households having two or more cars. The MHE allows only one car space per lot.
    Research and projections show that population growth is limited in the MidCoast region so there is no need to create pockets of high density accommodation to meet any increase.
    If aged care is required in the Tallwoods village, a less congested and better quality facility is preferable.
    Environmental Impact
    The proposal has vague references throughout as to impacts. This is perhaps because the impacts it describes as "not significant" or "not expected to create adverse impacts" or "small increase" or "likely to be marginal", are subjective assessments. They offer no assurance. A promise to control erosion by "controls will be installed" is simple gainsay without substance.
    The assessment identifies two threatened species to be effected but then says "not likely to have significant effect". There is no species numbers indicated. There is no spatial impact or habitat assessment. Any decline in threatened species is of concern. The report is dismissive. How it concludes there will be "no significant clearing" for the densely populated MHE beggars belief.
    Likewise the traffic assessment "not expected to create any adverse impacts" requires that the Council trust the developer's opinion. However, Presuming an average of two persons per household, an increase of 202 households or 404 people to a traffic system currently accommodating 705 Tallwoods Village residents (according to the 2016 National Population Census) is an increase of well over 50%. The expectation would be significant and the assessment that the impact would not be "adverse" seems odd as it would hardly be positive.
    It does attempt to estimate flows as 61 trips in the morning and 61 trips in the evening. Again, this needs to be tested for Tallwoods rather than assumed. Given the lack of immediate facilities and leisure activities, trips are likely to be more frequent.
    Of noise impact, "some small increase in long term noise" is again vaguely suggested. This is said to be mitigated through a "comprehensive" landscaping program and "appropriate" boundary fencing. Assuming there will no planting of advanced trees, years will be required before any mitigation occurs. That is presumably what is meant by "long term". The boundary fencing asks more questions than it answers. To be truly noise blocking, the boundary fence would need to solid, and the impression given of the gated community is even more unappealing. It would also impact negatively on wildlife.
    The visual screening is also said to be covered by landscaping in the boundaries.
    Air quality impact is "not expected to be significant" with all exposed area to be restored, revegetated and landscaped. Again, with plantings of saplings and seedlings, the exposed areas may remain exposed for some time. Just as foresters suggest that for each tree cut a replacement sapling is planted, is no real solution when the forest itself is taken down.
    The socio-economic impact is said to be positive because housing stock of an affordable pricing point is provided. Ghettos also achieve cheap accommodation, but that is no justification for building them when there are better alternatives. Quality housing is to be preferred if there is the demand. The demand in the area supports the current quality of Tallwoods-type designs and construction materials. There is new building work in Tallwoods and it is of a consistent quality. That trend will cease once lower quality housing is introduced on its doorstep.
    There is an implied admission of an adverse impact on the existing sub-division, when it is promised that the "visual impact will be mitigated to some degree via landscaping along perimeters particularly the northern boundary at the interface with the existing residential precinct".
    As for crime prevention, again the vegetation along the boundaries is said to assist prevention. However it also offers opportunities. The "signage” at entry points into the site will be erected stating "private property" is hardly convincing either. Indeed, the signage is more likely to attract criminal activity.
    Future commitment
    Even with conditions, there is nothing to really ensure compliance with the objectives. The difficulty with MHE developments is that they have no potential alternative use should the economic demand fall short. As a staged development, it carries the risk of a minimal start without any future assurance, and once installed has no other alternative use( except perhaps as a caravan park opposite the one across the road). Thus the proposition "likely to be alternative development on the site at some stage if it is not used for the MHE" is perplexing. Once the MHE is installed, even by stages, it is hard to see any alternative use remaining for the balance of the land. If on the other hand the development application is refused, the developer's warning that there will be an alternative development sooner rather than later, is actually more inviting, as any other development (other than another caravan park) is likely to be better for the community and more closely meet the zoning objectives.
    In relation to promised recreation reserves and community facilities, these will of course depend on an economic threshold being met to justify the expense. In relation to the playing fields, this is likely to be a "Trojan horse" for Council, who will inevitably be called upon to develop, maintain and create usage at its expense. There are already a number of MidCoast Council projects that are yet to commence e.g. the water park at Tuncurry, to replace the popular but closed Tuncurry pool, numerous replacement rural bridges and so forth.
    Finally, we have read several of the submissions opposing the MHE development, and confirm that we are in agreement with the vast majority of those comments. We strongly oppose Council approval of the current Development Application.

  24. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Erin Coulson commented

    I own 7 the Bridle Path, Tallwoods which is directly impacted by this submission. currently drawing plans for the block, i have no problem with the development - only with the size and quality. I have had to allocate an additional budget to cover the requirements of Talwoods to meet a certain quality . So - wy directly over the fence can these homes be built?

    it's a NO from me.

  25. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Colin Lynch commented

    I object to the MHE proposed for this site
    The resident of Tallwoods Village should not have this high density development thrust upon them at the entrance to their peaceful village. Should it go ahead, the massive blot on the landscape will be there forever.

  26. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Jan Mooney commented

    I would like to add my objection to this new development at Tallwoods. I’ve read previous comments and agree with those already expressed. Tallwoods is a beautiful golf course estate with quality homes and spacious gardens.

  27. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Cherilyn & Richard Leckner commented

    As residents of Tallwoods for 18 years we absolutely love the ambience of the Village and the whole of Hallidays Point. The current Application lodge with Council is almost identical to the previous one except that (we have been informed) some other company is trying to "bring down" our piece of paradise..

    We concur with all the reasons given by previous objectors, the road and the problems that would be encountered should there be a fire (only one way in and out), the traffic, lack of public transport, no permanent doctor, etc. the inadequacy of Taree Hospital (only public hospital in case of emergency), no service station which would be preferred by many to the proposed MHE.

    There is so much construction taking place at Tallwoods and the whole of Hallidays Point it is clear that people are coming to the area because of its beauty and wonderful community spirit , young people realising the advantages of bringing up their families here, others building their dream homes for their retirement it is obvious in speaking to locals that this type of overcrowded low socio economic development whether it be for over 55s or everyone is not wanted or warranted. The occupants of the new private homes are already adding to the flow of traffic without the addition of 202, no doubt many more, cars causing congestion at the Tallwooods roundabout for one. We have one already at Red Head and that is enough.

    Council please stand up against this development and give the residents of Tallwoods and Hallidays Point (your ratepayers) peace of mind. We do not want our "hidden gems" ruined!!!!

  28. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Peter Quinlivan commented

    In supporting the generality of the arguments objecting to the development application upon 303 Blackhead Road - Manufactured Homes Estate. 99/2019/DA; I do so having regard to Council’s responsibility to assess the application cognizant of optimum planning outcomes and the balanced interests of all stakeholders. It is fact that the basis of rejection of the prior application has ongoing validity (which of itself might negate any prospect of approval of the moderately revised current application); however, it is also fact that the applicant has recourse to the Land & Environment Court. More critically, it has the funding resources that “could”, with the effluxion of time, see the Court make a determination that delivers a compromise development. Whether stakeholders view a compromise as a “win win” or a “loose loose” situation is largely irrelevant , as the costs, angst and energy expended during a protracted campaign will be overwhelming to those of us that have an emotional imperative, compared to a developer that is largely commercially motivated and able to pursue a strategy with relative aloofness.

    Gateway Lifestyle is a brand that is 100% owned by the Hometown America Group (having recently acquired the Australian business for approx. $700 million). Their aim (like that of any Real Estate Corporation) is to optimize the value of their assets. This is achieved by selling prefabricated homes (a profitable enterprise as the company is vertically integrated and profits from the manufacture and profits from the sale of each home); recurrent income via ground rent/management fees ($200 per week for 200 homes equates to a weekly cash flow of $40,000.00) - with the combination of income growth and capital growth delivering an attractive Internal Rate of Return (IRR). It is incumbent upon Council to understand that the development is focused primarily on a lucrative commercial business strategy; affordable aged living facilities is simply a means to an end.

    Suffice to say, the proposed development intensity is at the core of my objection. I cannot proffer as a legitimate objection the likelihood that the development will attract a socioeconomic clientele at odds with the Tallwoods Village status quo. Indeed, diversity is welcome and healthy. However, in advocating diversity for Tallwoods Village generally, this must not be at the expense of ignoring diversity's benefits upon the subject land. Put simply, the proposal is in essence a caravan park type development on steroids and has appeal to a niche demographic. While that niche market may add to Tallwoods Village, a modest niche should not be a full scale ghetto, and this is best achieved via appropriate density management which limits the number of dwellings, the implementation of robust management requirements, and incorporates a landscaping and layout regime that integrates with the broader village to which it can be a part. Not an inferior second rate adjunct to be scorned.

  29. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Bob Bray commented

    Bob Bray, Tallwoods Village
    We too object to this "Dolly the sheep, clone application" which seems to be exactly the same as the previous application which Council REJECTED. It appears that this U.S. company should be in the sardine manufacturing business instead with the motto,
    ...."We can squeeze more into a can than you!"
    I could be wrong here, but If there is to be 202 app. homes built in a closed gated community, with no direct access to Blackhead Road, except a locked emergency bushfire exit, this of course means there will be a huge traffic movement through the Tallwoods Village entrance.
    As most couples especially who live in Tallwoods have two motor vehicles then at a rough mathematical guess....202 homes X 2=404 as the norm possibly means an extra 'pick a number' extra vehicles using the Village's internal roads?
    Then there are the 'relos' who visit our beautiful area over the holiday periods during the year plus long weekends etc. If the closed community has off street parking for the relatives only..........where do these visitors park?
    In the original application we were told at the then Gateway proposed developers meetings that there were an allowance for 25 vehicles parking OUTSIDE the gated premises.........yes 25!

    Does that mean that even if only half the residents family visit over these times, that could be an extra 100 odd cars parked on the outside of this gated community on the surrounding street, or streets, as I imagine all of the internal parking spaces would be full.
    The congestion will be horrendous in our local area,
    (not forgetting the horse friendly caravan complex across the road from Tallwoods using there funded roundabout at the entrance to Blackhead Road as well).

    I would dare to say if the residents of Tallwoods wished to live in an over developed area/environment like this, than they would have built, retired, or moved in to Surry Hills, Pyrmont, Ultimo, or even into Sydney city itself to live this ' in your face 24/7' type of lifestyle.

    What amenities are available for people here, bus transport, Blackhead Road footpaths, even bicycle none, or irregular bus services to Forster & Taree at this time.?
    Is it a case similar to the Kevin Costner movie 'Field of Dreams' when it was stated in the movie.............."Build it & they will come" (the Services that is)
    As well the closest petrol station to Tallwoods Village is at Rainbow Flat!

    Is this beginning of the "ol' one, two?" if this is approved the other company wishing to develope the land at the bottom of The Pulpit is sitting there observing all this, so as to go in on this American companies coat tails if their application is approved, just a question?
    It is up to the Council to AGAIN REJECT this inappropriate development application, because if it is approved
    ................. lookout, Hallidays Point, Blackhead, Redhead, Diamond Beach & all places south of Forster.

  30. In Hallidays Point NSW on “Manufactured Home Estate” at 303 Blackhead Road, Hallidays Point NSW 2430:

    Ian Tomes commented

    Dear Sir / Madam
    The last DA application was refused on 7 points in 2017,
    Negative effect on water and sewer infrastructure has not changed.
    The Proposed Asset Protection Zone on land has not changed.
    Equitable increased financial burden on existing Rate payers has not changed.
    The evacuation of the elderly in an Emergency has not changed..
    None of the above has changed in the Public Interest and still fails to satisfy the requirements of SECTION 79C1
    Also Tallwoods property values will suffer if this Development is approved.
    We as residents of Tallwoods strongly oppose this application.

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