Recent comments on applications from Mid-Coast Council (Great Lakes), NSW

  1. In Bundabah NSW on “Single storey dwelling and...” at 7 The Point, Bundabah NSW 2324:

    Jennifer Little commented

    I have no objection to the plans deposited by Steve & Lisa Car for their development on No.7 The Point, Bundabah.

    I do however have concerns re the drainage/storm water run off from the property at No. 9 The Point. This is not vacant land as indicated on the plans.......It is a home currently half way constructed. While I do not object to the building itself, my concerns have always been about drainage & storm water run-off. I received no notification re this development & have not been able to obtain any information re same re drainage issues.

    The reason for my concern is that this property is in the path of natural springs which abound throughout Bundabah. While No.9 was vacant (with trees) much of this drain off was handled by my existing drains or diverted onto No.7 & so to the foreshore.
    My main concern is that the retaining wall at the back of my property has now been compromised over the last few months by the excess runoff caused by new construction. I am wondering why I have received No Information from Council how this is to be handled in the future.

  2. In Forster NSW on “Hungry Jacks Restaurant” at 82 The Lakes Way, Forster NSW 2428:

    Dee commented

    Looking for a job !!! 🍔

  3. In North Arm Cove NSW on “Convert existing double...” at 43 Eastslope Way, North Arm Cove NSW 2324:

    Jenny Little commented

    Am confused - Am being informed re this DA which is across the other side of the bay yet did not receive any such notification (which I was waiting for) on the property behind me next door. Main concern was the proposed drainage plans -& what is already going into the bay - not the building itself.

  4. In Blueys Beach NSW on “Alterations and additions...” at 4 Samuel Street, Blueys Beach NSW 2428:

    Cathy Shugg (Director, Wilmar Enterprises) commented

    Builder at 4 Samuel St Blueys Beach has dumped soil and rocks on the neighbouring rural property (23 Boomerang Drive, Blueys Beach, owned by Wilmar Enterprises). This has been done without Wilmar’s permission and may divert natural runoff over Council land and into other adjoining neighbours’ property.
    Excavation for this development has been undertaken to the boundary with 23 Boomerang Drive. Has this application addressed drainage correctly on 4 Samuel Street’s property, considering their excavation and the natural flow of surface water?

  5. In Forster NSW on “Hungry Jacks Restaurant” at 82 The Lakes Way, Forster NSW 2428:

    Ma Marlina Abberton commented

    I’m so excited! Can’t wait to open ! I love Hungry Jacks especially my kids !

  6. In Forster NSW on “Service station,...” at 32-36 Head Street, Forster NSW 2428:

    David Kilshaw commented

    This proposed site for a gas station can only serve north bound traffic.
    It will create traffic congestion as customers stand in line in Head Street to access the site.
    The site is too small to accommodate these 3 types of service.
    Not an attractive addition to the area.

  7. In Forster NSW on “Cemetery, Chapel and Tea...” at 85 The Lakes Way, Forster NSW 2428:

    David Mills commented

    David Mills
    Why do we have to have a funeral home in the centre of town across from a major shopping centre of Forster. This type of Bussiness would be better suited to a industrial area

  8. In Forster NSW on “Two lot subdivision” at Lot 602 The Southern Parkway, Forster NSW 2428:

    Rodney Taylor commented

    Appears from the location photo to be almost an extension of the Grange development. My objection based on the appalling behaviour or the current developers. Their efforts at dust suppression are laughable and we certainly do not appreciate trucks arriving as early as 5.30 am. One would also have to wonder why it is necessary to dump an enormous amount off fill and the unstated reasons.

  9. In Forster NSW on “179 lot residential...” at 1 The Southern Parkway, Forster NSW 2428:

    Rodney Taylor commented

    Very interesting. What happened to the agreement that this lot would remain as wetlands and wildlife refuge. I am quite sure some would remember the previous meetings and protests from the last attempt. Further, we were informed that GLC had purchased this parcel of land to retain as green space. Can the “new” council provide any explanation or reasons why this development should be considered

  10. In Forster NSW on “Hungry Jacks Restaurant” at 82 The Lakes Way, Forster NSW 2428:

    john may commented

    As long as landscaping is done better then the other HJ restaurants around NSW it should be good, put a condition on the consent so that they maintain landscaping in accordance with plans otherwise it will become run down and trashed as they dont like spending money on it.

    Good opportunity for kids to work.

  11. In Forster NSW on “Hungry Jacks Restaurant” at 82 The Lakes Way, Forster NSW 2428:

    Judi Wilson commented

    I will be relocating to this fantastic area next year and I wish there was a Public Hospital also coming .........

  12. In Forster NSW on “Hungry Jacks Restaurant” at 82 The Lakes Way, Forster NSW 2428:

    Kathy Bates commented

    Very excited for hungry jacks
    Can you let the town know what else is coming to forster.

  13. In Forster NSW on “Hungry Jacks Restaurant” at 82 The Lakes Way, Forster NSW 2428:

    Prescilla ferris commented

    Please come to forster

  14. In Boomerang Beach NSW on “New Dwelling” at Lot 55 Karnang Drive, Boomerang Beach NSW 2428:

    Ariel Johnson commented

    I would like to express my concern that yet another piece of our valuable local bush is going to be developed and add to the considerable amount of hard surfaces now proliferating at Karnang Drive and elsewhere in Pacific Palms (and the rest of MCC). There is surely no need for more expensive dwellings built almost to the boundaries of all these residential blocks. This will only heat up the atmosphere further and won't add to the beauty of the area. Don't children of the local public school deserve the best air quality possible? I understand that you are getting applications to develop in the bush - exceptional and cooling habitat - between Red Gum drive and Karnang along via the Boomerang Tennis club. Please consider refusing this DA. Thank you

  15. In Failford NSW on “Dual occupancy and 2 lot...” at Lot 405 Angus Drive, Failford NSW 2430:

    Peter Cole commented

    The Dual occupancy and the strata subdivision in torrens title area of Large Rural Residential area in not in the public interest for this area of Failford.
    I cannot find lot 405 on plans available to me.
    Issues of Strata subdivision of a lot that may have lots of a smaller size lot than the lots designated on the original deposited plan may be of legal question.

  16. In Charlotte Bay NSW on “Use of unapproved building...” at 13A Coomba Road, Charlotte Bay NSW 2428:

    Scott Pearse commented


    My name is Scott Pearse and I am Vice-President of the Bungwahl & District Progress Association and resident of Smiths Lake.

    I am writing in support of this DA on community grounds. We who choose to make the MidCoast our home and create businesses to support ourselves, while providing services to the local community need support from council (usually only in the form of development consent). Palms Bakery is a perfect example of how with a little passion making a crust (pun intended) while living on the MidCoast full-time, contributing to the local economy year round is completely possible.

    We choose to live here. We want to create businesses that allow us to take advantage of the magnificent lifestyle offered on the MidCoast. Please do all you can to encourage and support local entrepreneurship and innovation.

    Scott Pearse

  17. In Smiths Lake NSW on “Use of existing dwelling...” at 91 Amaroo Drive, Smiths Lake NSW 2428:

    Gabrielle Shaw commented

    I strongly oppose this development application. As a neighbour to this property, I object to the continuous, extensive and obtrusive use of the house at 91 Amaroo Drive for large group holiday rentals (which advertises accommodation for 16 guests and at times we've seen up to 8 cars parked at the house). My understanding is that the zoning is RU5 Village and that the only use of land permitted without consent is agriculture and home occupations. A full time commercial rental property with accommodation for 16 guests does not classify as typical home occupation. If the owners never use the house and want an income they have an option to rent it out permanently. I don't object to holiday rentals at all, we short term rent our 3 bedroom house out from time to time but stay at the house a lot of the time ourselves in between work commitments elsewhere. The owners of this property very very rarely visit it is purely a commercial enterprise for them. They are not part of the community and have no idea of the impact the constant holiday groups have on neighbours. Many neighbours are continually distressed due to the noise and intrusion. Each group that stays at 91 Amaroo if asked to be quiet says 'but we're only here for a week, or one weekend'. The property manager also says we can call. However there's a new group every week. The use of a residential property in this way conflicts with the village environment. If they wanted to own a hostel/backpackers/bed and breakfast, they would have to pay fees and follow regulations. It is unfair that large scale holiday rentals (size of groups and unlimited days per year) are permitted. Holiday rentals should be limited to a certain number of nights per year and limited to 4 bedroom maximum.

  18. In Pindimar NSW on “Quarry (with all excavated...” at Lot 101 Bundabah Road, Bundabah NSW 2324:

    Jenny Little commented

    As Great Lakes Council no longer exists - Mid Coast Council Take Note: Whatever pics are on the application they are false - locals know what was there before the land was sold to private interests. Over the last 17 +yrs, Unapproved works have already taken place by some of these owners. Re: the current owner's endeavours - the latest studies are erroneous having been done after unapproved desocration of the environment. This includes the fact that the Natural habitats of protected & endangered flora & fawna species have been anialated, some species themselves have disappeared or been severely deleted, & historical & (in particular) native heritage sites have been destroyed & their previous existance ignored - let alone our Aussie early historical significant occurrences . These cannot be replaced. So what is going to be done to stop further descecration of our heritage in the name of big bucks for the few?
    Council Elections are soon due in September 2017 - Not One Candidate has supported our issues - Why Not?

  19. In Coolongolook NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 21 Bengal Street, Coolongolook NSW 2423:

    Janice Dance commented

    I totally agree with Neryl. Especially as there will soon be 2 servos's at Nabiac.

  20. In Coolongolook NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 21 Bengal Street, Coolongolook NSW 2423:

    Neryl Gordon commented

    I wish to comment on the above application for development of the Service Station in Coolongolook.
    I have lived in this community for over 46 years and have been actively involved with this community for many years. I am very concerned about the extra traffic turning on and off the highway in the township, The entrance to the services station is very close to the underpass where young children of the town enter to cross to the park to play and walk home, the exit is very near to the bus stop where school children also have to walk past to get on and off the bus.
    The extra noise, lights and pollution would create disturbance to the surrounding residents.
    The local school use the underpass to take the students to our Community Hall and Oval for different events.
    Coolongolook has two large Service Stations (Caltex and BP) both with food outlets as well as Cherry Pie Shop, Salty Dog, Pie Shop and The Village Cafe', Do we need more!
    The most important factor is the safety of the citizens of this town.

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