Recent comments on applications from City of Gosnells, WA

  1. In Thornlie WA on “Development Application - 9...” at 9 Jooleen Way, Thornlie WA 6108:

    LUTFUN NAHER commented

    8 Leybourne street Thornlie has 827sqm of land. Is it possible to subdivide this block for 2 lots?

  2. In Orange Grove WA on “Planning Development...” at 16 Stephen Street, Orange Grove WA 6109:

    Dianne and Peter McNally commented

    This proposal is clearly not in line with the "Objectives of The Zones" as written in TPS 6 of the City of Gosnells for the General Rural Zone which this site is located in. The use is not a permitted use by the Scheme" as shown in the Zoning table. It is an "X" use under that table ("means a use not permitted by the scheme")
    The site has already had an "industrial like" fenced area created on it recently with Cyclone mesh fencing and shade cloth screening. The entry and exit are sign posted in the road reserve and two demountable structures plus bitumen hardstand have been installed. This use is a mining related use and should be built on the quarry lease area.
    Truck movements are at odds with vehicle, pedestrian and equine movements in this area and should be managed to restrict their impact on approved uses in the area.. Past history of trucks in the area suggests that early morning movements and late afternoon movements are at odds with the uses we have mentioned and dont take any account of the school children movements in the area.

  3. In Huntingdale WA on “Residential - Planning...” at 1 Lynford Gate Huntingdale WA 6110:

    Aaron commented

    Hi my name is Aaron Womersley I own 2 pilot road huntingdale and was inquiring about the block sizes. Thankyou

  4. In Orange Grove WA on “Change of use for...” at 5 Canter Court Orange Grove WA 6109:

    Elena Valentine commented

    Totally against any development plans for this location as this area is rural
    in nature with many small properties purchased by people for this purpose.
    A Community Purpose Facility is not suited especially on a corner location
    next to an already busy Kelvin Road. The Keswick Community Centre exists
    up the road and maybe this centre can be utilised instead. I agree with the
    sentiments posted by Kerry.

  5. In Thornlie WA on “Joint Development...” at 125 Murdoch Road Thornlie WA 6108:

    Sandra Kovacevich commented

    This area already has to put up with the antisocial behaviour, littering and noise the Lakers Tavern brings to this area, without adding a 24/7 7Eleven convenience store/petrol station.

    There is a number of convenience store/petrol stations in and around Thornlie already.

    Would impact hugely on the Deli at the Forest Lakes Shopping Centre that has pretty much contributed to this area since its beginning.

    Consider your ratepayer/residents City of Gosnells, and those businesses already here.

  6. In Orange Grove WA on “Change of use for...” at 5 Canter Court Orange Grove WA 6109:

    Kerry commented

    Religious gathering place is what they are doing. So many times you drive pass and the property is packed with cars and people. The property is not capable on holding all these people and a health risk. Keep Orange Grove Rural not turn it into a church on each corner.

  7. In Beckenham WA on “Certified building permit -...” at 44 Camberwell Street Beckenham WA 6107:

    Leslie Grob commented

    What is the point in requesting feedback when the property was already advertised for the sale of apartments at the time this notice came out?

    We are very concerned about the number of apartments going up in the area. Adequate resident and guest parking is not being put in place. One spot per apartment is not realistic as most families have two cars, even though we are close to a train station and the thinking is that people moving into the area have 1 vehicle per household. We have seen an increase of cars parked on the verges, cars parked on the road facing the wrong direction, increase in traffic and speeding on residential streets in the area, etc. It is a concern as what once was a nice quiet neighbourhood is now being overtaken by apartment blocks.

  8. In Southern River WA on “Certified building permit -...” at 21 Memuru Street Southern River WA 6110:

    Andrew commented

    This application and any others by multi built homes should NOT be granted. They have made a mess of this area including the value of southern river. This estate is now known as the detention center.

  9. In Southern River WA on “Residential - Planning...” at 369 L Barnevelder Bend Southern River WA 6110:

    Dhara Thakkar commented


    This is a very quite residential street and does not have adequate road safety measures implemented on the southern river road. I have written to and discussed this with the City of Gosnells and its councillors. My husband recently met with an accident on southern river while crossing the road to reach home. The bus stop across the road is often used by children to get to school. Having a fuel station at the corner of leslie st and southern river road will only increase this traffic tenfold.

    I am not against the convenience store - we need them. However, I strongly oppose a fuel station to be established at this location prior to having adequate road safety measures in place on southern river road.


  10. In Canning Vale WA on “Commercial - Planning...” at 89 Fraser Road North Canning Vale WA 6155:

    Jay Hylands commented

    I have heard that more ugly transportable classroom may be going in at Caledinia Primary School. I was once looking at a nice oval, Now i am already looking at 6 cheap trasportable classrooms and they may be putting more. This is ridiculus. the school was only designed for a certain number of kids and should not exeed these numbers. Instead time should be put into investigating all those people from outside the boundaries. This is a nice area and cant be spoilt with cheap ugly buildings which reduce open space for the kids.

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