Recent comments on applications from Campaspe Shire Council, VIC

  1. In Echuca VIC on “Use and development of the...” at 31 Menzies Road Echuca VIC 3564:

    Glenda Castles commented

    I wish to put in an objection for the Back Planning application permit for a group accommodation on 31 Menzies Road, Echuca.

    - My objection is that if this application is approved it will take the number of dwellings to 4.
    - There is already two portable homes located on the property as well as the main house. Over the previous 3 years the two transportable dwellings have been rented separately and there is nothing to prevent this from continuing. I believe the permit for the two transportable was for ONE dwelling and it isn't being used as one dwelling. Having 4 dwellings is outside planning guidelines.
    - This is the second time that a Back Application for a dwelling has been sought for 31 Menzies Road, Echuca. Nothing is preventing or deterring other property owners from doing the same. The land owner is being rewarded for NOT following due process. I believe, as per council regulations, there should be penalties imposed.
    - Negative impact to our amenity. We live in this location due to the distance from our neighbours and peaceful surrounds. With the increased density of dwellings comes increased noise and disruption. Holiday makers are far more likely to be partying with loud music.
    - Negative impact on our ability to use our property for what we have developed it. I earn my income from training and breeding horses and coaching riders. I have just recently invested in an expensive and well bred mare and as a primary producer I will be impacted by more dwellings permitted at 31 Menzies Road, Echuca. More people mean more dogs and an increased risk of injury to my livestock.
    -A motor cycle track has been illegally built adjacent to my paddocks and there is nothing preventing residents or visitors from the group accommodation from using the motor cycle track. Every time dirt bikes are ridden on the neighbouring properties I have the risks of my horses being injured. The noise and dust from the motor bike track is a disturbance and impacts the amenity of the neighbourhood.
    - Insufficient sewage system. A sewage system installed for one dwelling cannot possibly handle 4 dwellings with the potential of 16+ people residing on the property at one time. During floods, the Campaspe River sometimes floods backwards from the Campaspe up the floodway towards our property. If the sewage system is beyond capacity it could overflow it into the floodway and flood back onto our property, polluting our main water source with raw sewage.
    - Protection of Native Flora and Fauna. The Campaspe River is a significant wildlife corridor with many endangered species. Steps are needed to actively prevent development by individuals that go against the intentions of the planning guideline regarding the preservation of our endangered species. This area is the home of living squirrel gliders and azure kingfishers. If individuals are allowed to build whatever, where ever, the only squirrel gliders and azure kingfishers we will see will be on the silos at Rochester.
    - Potential for increase in campers. If the property is allowed to have group accommodation surely this means that the property will allow campers too. Already there have been instances of people, known to visitors in the guest house, parking their caravan in front of 31 Menzies Road.

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