Recent comments on applications from Bathurst Regional Council, NSW

  1. In Bathurst NSW on “Three business...” at 34 William St, Bathurst, NSW 2795:

    Mick Whittaker commented

    Is this a conflict of interest? Am i correct in saying council own scallywags and the building the business is in? Also how do 5 signs cost nothing?

  2. In West Bathurst NSW on “Detached habitable additions” at 27 Commonwealth St, West Bathurst, NSW 2795:

    Bhakti Manning commented

    Why are there no documents posted here for this DA?

  3. In West Bathurst NSW on “Two storey alterations and...” at 2 Parnham St, West Bathurst, NSW 2795:

    Joshua commented

    Hi, I'm the neighbour across the road of this project at 2 Parham st and I have just become aware of these ridiculous plans to build two stories and development, I have had no input from these people doing this and it has given me some major concerns on the project for which it will cause me to lose my view of sight to the view I already have, it will also develop bad relations with each other, I urge the Bathurst council to look more into this matter please.

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