Recent comments on applications from Albury City Council, NSW

  1. In Hamilton Valley NSW on “Modification of Consent -...” at 2/46 Hanrahan St, Hamilton Valley 2641 NSW:

    Adam Morris commented

    Six properties on a block originally for one. The cars parked in Hanrahan Street with the dual occupancy properties is bad enough already. Across the footpaths, on the nature strips etc.

  2. In Thurgoona NSW on “Modification of Consent -...” at 52 Fairway Gardens Rd, Thurgoona 2640 NSW:

    Simone Creek commented

    I would feel that 3 townhouses is excessive, as it is situated opposite an intersection on the Main Street of Fairway Gardens Estate.
    The rise and bend on Fairway Gardens drive at that intersection where the majority of traffic cross unmarked sides of the road. This would present a hazard to the possible number of vehicles,entering, living , parking or visiting that address. In close proximity to the future proposal of a roundabout and Day are Centre on what is the primary entry road to the biggest development Estate in the highest developing area in the region.
    This area is also not at the moment a high density housing area which adds to the Estates attraction. I feel that this will impact on the value of neighbouring properties.

  3. In Hamilton Valley NSW on “Subdivision - Residential” at 499 Urana Road Lavington NSW 2641:

    Peter Davis commented

    I was wanting to get in touch with the owner of the property as they have a number of old cars on the property to which I was interested in purchasing

  4. In South Albury NSW on “Subdivision - Residential” at 455 Ebden St, South Albury 2640 NSW:

    Ordette Mannering commented

    Hasn't this already been approved and construction completed??

  5. In Albury NSW on “Residential - New multi unit” at 595 Kiewa St, Albury 2640 NSW:

    Roma Freeman commented

    I am really disappointed that Albury City Council might be considering approving the demolition of this Historic building in Kiewa Street. Many babies [including my brother in 1941] were born in this establishment from Approximately 1913, It was built in the late 19th century by one of Albury's forefathers who resided there until it became a Private Hospital, Long before this it should have had a heritage assessment and should be preserved. Too many of Albury's buildings of any significance are being replaced with unattractive multi residential structures... I am sure the building could be developed keeping the original structure. It seems to me that Albury City is approving too many developments inappropriate to the asthetic surroundings in which they stand.

  6. In Albury NSW on “Residential - New multi unit” at 595 Kiewa St, Albury 2640 NSW:

    Deb Macleod commented

    I believe this property was once the stately Meramie Private Hospital in the grounds of which once stood a massive liquid amber tree, glorious in autumn, sadly removed along with all the other beautiful trees that once lined our streets.

    Kiewa Street was once a particularly beautiful street which showcased stately old homes on spacious blocks but is now, sadly, unrecognisable from the 1970's, along with the majority of Albury.

    I also strongly object to this and hope Council reconsiders this before we lose the last remaining vestiges of our beautiful past, to be replaced by boring monotonous square pre-fab concrete blocks called buildings.

  7. In Albury NSW on “Residential - New multi unit” at 595 Kiewa St, Albury 2640 NSW:

    Linda Powell commented

    595 Kiewa Street- isn’t this a heritage listed property? How can it be removed for units? If it is I object strongly.

  8. In Table Top NSW on “Subdivision - Residential” at 26 Samantha Court Table Top NSW 2640:

    Dean & Jane Miller commented

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to object to the proposed 2 lot Torrens title subdivision. We are adjoining landholders and like other adjoining residents purchased our land some years ago and built a single dwelling in accordance with the building covenant. One of the lifestyle choices in this area is acerage and space amongst residences. If the proposal goes ahead then a precedent will be set in terms of that choice we made.

    I would expect we will be receiving some formal notification in terms of the proposal. I also note the applicant canvassed a similar proposal about 3 to 4 years ago through council and again then most adjoining landholders raised an objection in terms of single buildings per block.

  9. In West Albury NSW on “Residential - Alterations &...” at 562 Spurrway Drive West Albury NSW 2640:

    john sanders commented

    This will cause more problems in this community. Local residents want local residents. But this will further provoke the problem. Mad thing to approve

  10. In West Albury NSW on “Residential - Alterations &...” at 562 Spurrway Drive West Albury NSW 2640:

    James Rainsford commented

    This is only been built over a dispute about them, driving and parking on the nature strip, Even where the requested site is, it will make little to no difference to there view, which they have had for 18 years, so the only other reason for such a screen, it to block my view, which have been found illegal by the courts, in other such applications. So if the structure does go ahead, it will only end up in court, This can be verified, by photos I have sent about the applicant driving on the nature strip, parking on the nature strip, which the council has warmed them before about this, but they still do it to harass an intimidate me.

  11. In East Albury NSW on “Modification of Consent -...” at 301 Norfolk St, East Albury, NSW:

    kate mathews commented

    I am the grandaughter of Mr Reginald Mcfarlane who was the home owner and built the property that is having renovations at 301 Norfolk Street East Albury, as this was my mothers family home we were curious as to whether the property will be demolished or retained i would appreciate if you would let us know.

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