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  1. 10 Stonecutters Road, Portsea, VIC
    3 minutes ago

    Amending by secondary consent the plans endorsed under the permit by generally involving: • removal of the ramp on the north-east elevation and extending the length of the stairs from the studio verandah. • internal dwelling alterations. • extension of existing kitchen and bedroom 3 (under existing roofed structure on deck) and associated changes to the location and placement of windows. • changes to the design of the windows of bedroom 4, studio, ensuite 2 and the gallery. • removal of a hedge along the southern boundary.

  2. 4 Kooyonga Grove, Mornington, VIC
    3 minutes ago

    Amending the plans endorsed under the permit generally involving: 1. Reduction to the front street setback of the garage to dwelling 1 from 8200mm to 7200mm. 2. Increased ground floor and first floor western boundary setback of dwelling 1. 3. Increased setbacks eastern boundary for dwelling 2. 4. Reduction to building height of dwelling 1 and 2. 5. First floor finished floor level of dwelling 1 and 2 increased by 50mm. 6. Deletion of rear deck of dwelling 1 and 2. 7. Deletion of first floor front balcony of dwelling 1 and 2. 8. Addition of a pergola to the rear of dwelling 1 and an alfresco to the rear of dwelling 2. 9. Modification to windows of dwelling 1 and 2. 10. Alteration to colour and material schedule. 11. Internal alterations.

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