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  1. 230 Normanby Avenue Thornbury VIC 3071
    3 months ago

    Proposed amendment of internal layout of Offices at the North Eastern corner of the Church undercroft (Plan A), Outdoor Area/Balcony to the South East corner of the undercroft (Plan B) and small addition to a book Shop to the South West of the Church Podium Level as shown on the plans accompanying the application. Use and development of the land for the purpose of a church and community centre (restricted place of assembly) and a reduction of the car parking requirement in accordance with the endorsed plans.

  2. 189 Bell Street Preston VIC 3072
    4 months ago

    A medium density housing development comprised of the construction of four (4) double-storey dwellings; alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1, subject to the following proposed amendment: 1. Alterations to access to a Road Zone Category 1 modified 2. Modifications to landscaping and hard paving in the front setback 3. Addition of a high fence within the front setback Amendment A: Retrospective amendment -Pave front yard with exposed aggregate and to provide foliage in predominantly large pot plants and planter boxes; -Fence the area with metre colorbond fencing order to provide privacy, security, noise reduction and to minimise the amount of rubbish being either dumped or blown onto the property; -To provide security access gate from the existing driveway; as shown in the documentation accompanying the application

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