51 Rosenthal Street, Campbell, ACT

EXTENTED PUBLIC NOTIFICATION TIME PERIOD FOR AMENDMENT TO DA201833326 AND RENOTIFICATION OF DECONCESSION APPLICATION - PROPOSAL FOR DECONCESSION OF CROWN LEASE, VARIATION TO PURPOSE CLAUSE AND 8 DWELLING MULTI UNIT HOUSING DEVELOPMENT. Amendment to development application for proposal for deconcession of crown lease, variation to purpose clause and 8 dwelling multi unit housing development which is still under consideration - the amendment is additional landscaping to eastern boundary, improved fencing at eastern boundary to ensure privacy, increased on-site visitor car parking. Additional information provided regarding deconcession of Crown lease.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: ACT Planning & Land Authority, reference 201833326)

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  1. Tanya Morgan commented

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    As the owner/occupier of the home directly opposite the proposed development, I would like to submit the following information for consideration.

    The proposal to develop eight two storey townhouses must be seen for what it is, a way for the Anglican Church to raise funds to pay victims of abuse by members of that organisation. Hence, it is wholly a commercial venture driven to ensure maximum profit for that purpose. A Minister of the Anglican Church in Canberra provided this fact to me.

    The proposal will clearly impact our leafy, quiet neighbourhood in several ways but of primary concern is the fact it will result in overcrowding and is totally out of character with this part of Campbell, a suburb that has already been the subject of significant infill projects.

    The good folk living in this part of Campbell have worked hard to afford to have homes in this beautiful neighbourhood. One of the major impacts the proposed development will have is an expediential increase in traffic on what is already a dangerous section of Rosenthal Street, Whilst I understand the Planning and Land Authority base traffic on the National average, I feel this is an unfair measure. If we wanted to live in hectic Sydney, we'd do just that. Instead, we choose to live in Canberra, one of the world's most livable cities. Purdon's estimated traffic increase is quite laughable and fails to account for the fact that the proposed development will accommodate 16 vehicles in lockable garages, two visitor car parks, which is somewhat inadequate if this is to be assisted living with carers coming in and out, not to mention other friends and relatives visiting occupants. The statistics only focus on the average daily increase to traffic but what's far more concerning is that most of this will occur at peaks times.

    The proposed development will also have an enormous impact of some of Canberra's most beautiful wildlife. We are fortunate to have Gang Gang parrots living in the established trees situated in Block 14, Section 42 Campbell as well as other birdlife. The proposal will see a number of their habitats destroyed and it will take decades for the replanting to reach maturity and for the wildlife to return.

    The plans reveal an intention to build accommodation over two levels with three bedrooms in each townhouse.

    If this is truly a development for assisted living purposes, one questions why it would have stairs when many of the occupants will likely have physical limitations to traverse these as they age and become less mobile. One also questions why they'd include three bedrooms given the targeted market group, people who generally live alone or with a partner. The two storey proposal will also result in a loss of privacy to certain homes on Rosenthal Street.

    The palette is, in my view, distasteful and out of character to the area. Purdon points to it being in keeping with the War Memorial extension however; this is a non-residential building, not a private residence. There is nothing on this side of Campbell that comes even close to the proposed style and materials for these townhouses and it would be the only multi unit development in the area.

    In reviewing the proposed plans, I can see no community section for the development. If this is genuinely assisted living, it should include share amenities for residents who chose to live in such an arrangement as it provides contact and support, something ageing people often sight as a positive feature to their wellbeing.

    I implore you to give serious consideration to these matters and thank you for your time.

    Please feel free to contact me by email or on 0421 057828 if I can be of assistance or should you require further information.

    Kind regards

    Tanya Morgan

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