34 Victoria Road and 13-55 Edinburgh Road, Marrickville, NSW

Marrickville Metro - 34 Victoria Road and 13-55 Edinburgh Road, Marrickville - The modification request seeks approval to modify the Major Project Approval for the redevelopment of the Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre including: • Internal and external modifications to the approved building in Stage 1B (Edinburgh Road site) and Stage 2 (the existing shopping centre) including a redistribution of gross floor area; • Construction of a new pedestrian bridge over Smidmore Street between Stage 1B and Stage 2; • Changes to the road alignment and operation of Smidmore Street and public domain/landscape works; • Introduction of signage and public art zones; • Extension of hours of operation for limited ground level retail premises until midnight, daily; • Redistribution of car parking and installation of a paid parking scheme and associated infrastructure.

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  1. Mike Williams commented

    The expansion of the Metro is not unexpected - after all we do want to see even more jewellers and nail salons crowded into this space. (No?)

    Seriously though this is a time to look at the public transport infrastructure associated with this major development, in particular to reduce traffic. Will there be provision of local bus loops to reduce the need for cars, and the dumping of shopping trolleys in a kilometre radius around this centre? How do changes to road alignment affect existing traffic flows and what is the modelling based on the St Peters exchange dumping cars nearby and the new Sydenham Metro station added to the mix? What road needs have been considered for heavy trucks supplying an expanded centre?

    Is there a provision of green public space around and/or above the development? The Greater Sydney Commission is looking at ways to use flat roof space etc for public amenity.

  2. Jennifer Killen commented

    I will start by saying that I am totally opposed to any extension of the hours of operation. Even the airport closes at 11pm, most public transport has shut down by then, we do not need this.

  3. Tony jurisic commented

    Public transport and bus routes need to be improved to link the centre to Sydenham and marrickville stations. Links to newtown station seem ok. Extended hours are good. But, how do they plan to manage construction traffic while westconnex and metro construction is ongoing?

  4. Garry, st peters commented

    With the influx of dozens of new apartments in the area, the need to expand the metro has to happen, there is no variety nothing new. There is already too many banks, jewelers, butchers and hair cutters. I also travel regularly to eastgardens just for variety, big W target and the reject shop. I have waited 18 years for something to happen at metro

  5. sue commented

    We don't need an enclosed footbridge at our local shopping centre - please don't let the Metro become the inner west Bondi Junction.

  6. Amanda Whittaker commented

    I am concerned about proposed changes to Marrickville Metro.

    The site is currently nestled in away from major roads. The surrounding area is heavily residential on the eastern side and is often mayhem for cars, pedestrians and bicycles.

    The environmental impact assessment provides a short sentence of information only regarding bicycles, it states that the site is currently positioned on “on road” cycle ways, these roads such as Alice st, Llewellyn st and Victoria rd are already difficult to navigate as a cyclist and should not be considered as a safe cycle path option particularly with increased traffic proposed.

    For pedestrians both the intersections of
    * alice / Llewellyn #streets and edgeware rd
    * Victoria rd and edgeware rd
    Are currently dangerous and difficult to cross

    The traffic modelling in the environmental impact statement provides significant differences in the impacts for alice/Llewellyn streets than it does for Victoria rd/edgeware rd and yet the intersections are only meters apart. I express concern that each intersection is being considered independently and not taking into account it’s effect on the next intersection.

    The crossing at Victoria rd on edgeware rd crosses 2 lanes of traffic in each direction. This is a significant danger to pedestrians who are reliant sometimes on making visual contact with 4 cars at the one time in order to cross the road. The proposals do not appear to offer and alternative to this and the proposal to remove edgeware rd parking on the east side at busy periods will likely increase the vehicle demands to make the turn into Victoria rd quickly.

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